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Friday, July 30, 2010

Christopher Hurt thinks this is cool!

Christopher Hurt is looking forward to seeing the performance of Denise Robison in “The Vagina Monologues” tonight at The Barn Players Community Theatre, like your girlfriend. I wish I could remember that joke by Caroline Rhea; I saw her routine in 2003, when Stanford’s Comedy Club was located in the Metcalf South Shopping Center. Christopher Hurt thinks this is cool!
FUNimation Prepaid Cards | The Official FUNimation Blog
“With the growing trend of buying anime from online retailers like Amazon and Right Stuf, it becomes more inconvenient for those without credit cards. Get you own FUNimation prepaid card instead.”
But I also realize that I have no money for either a prepaid card or anime. Christopher Hurt now has two entries, “MBH - my brain hurts 005,” and one is not valid, so he apologizes to anyone who follows him on NetworkedBlogs or a web feed. Oops, before publishing that, I should have deleted that older post.
The 24 Types of Libertarian | Progressive Political Cartoon by Barry Deutsch
“Too much Heinlein.”
Christopher Hurt intones the dismissed Rod Stewart, “’re so far away,” in reference to next payday, August 13.

MBH - my brain hurts 005

Christopher Hurt has found another reason why he will personally not be seeking public office:
Basil Marceaux : The Next Governor of Tennessee
“The White Alvin Greene speaks one run-on sentence.”
So Christopher Hurt begins, “MBH - my brain hurts: the first incredulity edition.” Once again credit goes to Craig Newmark for creating that expression, or least for making me aware. Yes, I expect further incredulity editions to follow, at the very least until January 20, 2013, when a new President, with my hope, is inaugurated. Before I continue with my diatribe about this ‘administration’, I will interrupt with a kind interlude:
That is why you are cool, Sheri! I like that my friends have a diversity of political and religious views.

Actually, “Whatever happens, happens,” not only summarizes my religious views, the quote is by the character Spike Speigel from the English translation of the anime series Cowboy Bebop. Besides any obvious connotations, I placed the quote there because I had no more room in the text box with my other quotes.
Of course, my having a lot friends leads to the inevitability of my friends to have a diversity of political and religious views. Yes, that was a very pleasant interlude. I am experiencing at least as much incredulity to this ‘administration’ as my friends with liberal politics experienced to the Bush administration.
If Denton does not and cannot understand, then, “there is no hope, no hope, no hope, no hope at all...”
Now pleasantries are at an end. Kitto I have been incredulous about the Bush administration as well, but I should not have been threatened with being unfriended for a sharing a link in the following way:
Christopher Hurt wonders, “Where are the priorities of this ‘President’? How about you create some jobs? Perhaps reduce the debt? Idiot is spelled O-B-A-M-A!”
“I’m trying to find 6 people in the next half-hour who want to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ I just added my name to the growing list of Americans in support of repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’”
Yes, I am harping on that again, however briefly. When the ‘President’ appeared on the show, one of my friends observed, “There was a lot more hot air on The View than usual today.” I have neither watched that episode, nor clips from that episode. Some “dick riding” surely occurred, although not explicitly.
White House Touts Detroit ‘Success Story’ - The Early Show - CBS News
The Early Show: White House Touts Detroit ‘Success Story’ - With Big Three Showing Profitability and Adding Jobs, Obama Admin. ‘Surprised’ by Outcome of Auto Industry Bailout”
Christopher Hurt counts less than twelve hours to payday! Mainstreet Credit Union will be a happy place for me again! Christopher Hurt no longer thinks that creating a sandwich is too labor-intensive for him. Socialization of the U.S. health care system is coming, like your girlfriend...


I would like to copy my audience on the following, like your girlfriend:

U.S. community colleges are expected to train 10,500 students each year for the next five years to meet requirements by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act1, which mandates that every U.S. citizen have an electronic health record by 2014. JCCC is posed to do its part.

JCCC received $292,247 as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (aka stimulus act) from April 2010-2012 to implement two components of the health information technology workforce training that will be needed in physician offices and medical centers to meet the 2014 deadline.

Starting in September, JCCC will offer six-month training for two career roles: technical/software support staff and practice workflow and information management redesign specialists.

JCCC is one of 17 community colleges in the Midwest consortium, headed by Cuyahoga Community College, responsible for delivering HIT training. Each consortium across the United States will be required to deliver training in six career roles that will serve to implement and support electronic health records. In addition to the two roles listed above, designated career roles are clinical/practitioner consultants, implementation support specialists, implementation managers and trainers.

Eventually coursework in all six career roles will be available to community college students nationwide through the regional consortiums— either online or in the classroom. As the only Kansas community college to be part of the Midwest consortium, JCCC is partnering with Hutchinson Community College and also with Metropolitan Community College on the Missouri side to deliver training this fall.

This fall, JCCC will offer its two training programs through Continuing Education, with credit available in spring 2011, according to Dr. Bill Osborn, associate vice president, Instruction. Right now there are no prerequisites, although HIT is expected to attract people who have either an IT or health care background.

The greatest need for HIT workers will be in office-based physicians and rural medical centers.

The community colleges are considered “deliverers.” The five universities who received stimulus funds to create curriculum are “developers.”

JCCC students who complete either of the two six-month programs will receive a certificate of completion. In the meantime, Northern Virginia Community College has been awarded a grant to develop a competency examination.

Deb Elder has been hired as JCCC’s HITECH grant program director by a committee comprised of JCCC faculty and staff, representation from MCC and Hutchinson, and the Kansas regional extension center for support. To find out more information, contact Elder at 913-469-8500, ext. 4270.
Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Web Wanderings 005

Christopher Hurt cannot seem to escape Porsche while watching BBC America, and is more than okay with that. Christopher Hurt and Jeep shared a link, like your girlfriend.
Twitter / Jason Pollock: Facebook is for friends ...
“Facebook is for friends that are now strangers. Twitter is for strangers that should be your friends. /@damnitstrue
Christopher Hurt reminds the covent, “Saint Paul was a predestinationist.”
Twitter / Facebook: Searching for Answers? Ask ...
“Searching for Answers? Ask Facebook Questions:
Go Nekomimi! Meow!
Twin Turbo Temptresses - 2011 Mercedes-Benz CL63, CL65 AMG -
“AMG 5.5-LITER V8 BITURBO ENGINE Performance, innovation and efficiency in perfect harmony July 24, 2010 increased performance and torque.”
Everyone sleeps through the alarm, “9 Do-Nots of Professional Blogging.”

“First he got old, then he got senile.”
Missing man, Larry Schnackenberg, found near Shawnee trail -
“A Lenexa man missing for three weeks has been found alive wandering along a trail in Shawnee. Larry Schnackenberg, 58, has been taken to a hospital for observation. He may need to be treated for exposure to the elements, police said.”
I would cry, too, if it happened to me. Ba Ba Ba BA BA.
Bar Patrons Dismayed By Sight Of Band Setting Up
“ATLANTA—Patrons of Valentine’s Tavern were visibly crestfallen Tuesday when their pleasant evening of drinking and conversing with friends was suddenly derailed by the sight of a few people plugging in instruments.”
Sheri Strykowski once asked me what application I used to share the content which I find on Twitter:
I only use the Twitter portal, right-click on the link for time-stamp, copy the link address, and paste the URL in the “Link” field here on Facebook.
What I did not say is that in order to create the link on my blog, I copy the text from the two fields in the “Link.” Christopher Hurt wonders, “Why would one seriously want to buy a dressed-up Camry anyway?”
Twitter / MotorWeek: Another stint of bad luck ...
“Another stint of bad luck for Toyota...more than 400,000 Avalons from 2000-2004 will be recalled beacuse of a...
Again Christopher Hurt says, “Go! Go ! Nekomimi! Meow!” Yes, I was being catty there.
The Cat in the Hat crashes his Plane in Wisconsin
“The Cat in the Hat, better known as Jack Roush and owner of Roush-Fenway Racing and respected Ford Mustang guru, crashed his Raytheon Beechcraft Premier 390.”
Actually I have not been listening to his show, and for me personally he is, “speedy ChapStick.”
Twitter / Adam Barrera: Do you think the rest of ...
“Do you think the rest of Rush Limbaugh’s reporting is as accurate as his auto analysis?
That is speedy, as in Rush, and ChapStick, as in lip balm. I cannot watch cable news, including shows that mock news shows: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
Twitter / The Manga Critic: Best weird news story of ...
“Best weird news story of the day: Bear breaks into home and steals... a stuffed bear. How meta of him!
Mama, don’t take my Pikachu away!

Briefly, on slacking

Once I am home from work, I have to be considered one of the laziest people.
The Stats on Slacking
“How much do you slack off at work? Compare yourself to the rest of America.”

The Stats on Slacking
Via: Online Schools
Why does this info-graphic have Mississippi shown in red, like your girlfriend, when the text to the right is referring to Missouri?
Twitter / sheri strykowski: Passing The Holy Milestone ...
Passing The Holy Milestone: How To Meet Deadlines (Smashing Magazine)

Now who is slacking?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Personally I have no hints

Personally I have no hints, and I usually do not have a clue. Both of my screens lit up, one for a comment and one for the division meeting! Whoa! At work I have a system with two monitors.
Why Liberalism Is Dangerous - William Voegeli - National Review Online
“In early June, George Will devoted one of his syndicated columns to a favorable discussion of my book, Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State. Three weeks later, Michael Lind of the New America Foundation devoted his weekly column in Salon to attacking Will for endorsing Never Enough and ...”
Christopher Hurt cheers for the Zeta platform from General Motors; the platform is shared with the Chevy Camaro, and Holden, including Holden Special Vehicles.
Chevrolet Caprice police car to patrol America’s streets beginning April, 2011 [w/video] — Autoblog
“Chevrolet Caprice PPV - Attention perps: You’ll have a new patrol vehicle roaming the streets come next year.”
Christopher Hurt is going to stop following Pollock if he keeps sending this message every three minutes:
Twitter / Jason Pollock: 600,000+ Have Joined ...
“600,000+ Have Joined @Jamie_Oliver’s #FoodRevolution! Have you? - Get Involved & Pass This On!”
Yes, I did as I was told and re-tweeted the message. Christopher Hurt is being told by the Science Channel and The Simpsons, showing on 38 the Spot, that he needs an astrolabe.
England Plans to Decentralize Healthcare
“Even as the United States is further socializing and centralizing its healthcare system, England plans to decentralize its healthcare system because it has never been able to contain costs and provide universal care for all. by Raven Clabough”
I might have found a centrist political page Facebook, My dear America. Christopher Hurt has an analysis in progress.
Twitter / Matt Singley: What do you get if you ...
“What do you get if you sneak onto the set of Transformers 3? How about 56 high quality pics!
Christopher Hurt says, “That’s awesome.”
Twitter / natalie: Inception last night was ...
Inception last night was just OKAY. A world of hurt is about to unleash itself to those who said it was the best thing ever.”
Christopher Hurt agrees.
Twitter / Scott Frye: Its time to go to sleep. ...
“Its time to go to sleep. Hopefully Star Craft 2 will be downloaded by tomorrow.”
For someone who routinely drank from the garden hose during the summer while growing up, I turned out okay, like your girlfriend.

Awesome sauce?

I just remembered that lost episodes of Top Gear America began airing on BBC America last night!
Twitter / Sylene Senna: Finally watching the new ...
“Finally watching the new TopGear. God, they did a feature on Ayrton Senna, the racer whose last name I took on. Kinda getting glassy-eyed.”
Awesome sauce...I have no idea what that meant, but I hope that that implies food with yo’ party on August 15, Julie.
Twitter / Brandon Mendelson: President Obama will ...
“President Obama will appear on The View this Thursday giving the program credibility it doesn’t deserve”
Of course, lack of credibility is spelled O-B-A-M-A. I also dispute that the show should be called The View, instead of A View or A Collective View. Yeah, that show has always been ‘stupid’.
2011 Audi A7 Sportback Officially Unveiled in Munich [video]
“The 5-door, fastback coupe is Audi's own unique foray into the sport coupe segment with rear passenger doors. Audi describes the car as a combination of elegant coupe, sport sedan and practical wagon.”
“I usually only get this excited when they say the title of the movie in the movie.”
Yes, I just watched some Family Guy on the Official - [adult swim] on the on-demand. I lost 2 to 1 at Monopoly to David at the Roving Imp Coffee House, and I was inspired by the iTunes library of Julie to more notably belt out “Koi no Mikuru Densetsu”, “God knows”, “Lost my music”, and “Hare Hare Yukai” on the commute home.
The City of Overland Park suggests that you get out your GPS and map a new route that avoids the intersection of College Boulevard and Antioch Road.

Starting Saturday, July 31, and continuing for 10 days, this major intersection will be closed as it is reconstructed as part of the Antioch widening from 108th Street south to 120th Street. The four-lane divided thoroughfare is being widened to six lanes.

The Antioch Road and College Boulevard intersection will be closed starting at 7 a.m. Saturday, weather permitting. It is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, Aug. 10.

This work is part of the $8.3 million Antioch Road widening project. Completion is set for late fall.

Alternate routes are I-435 for eastbound and westbound traffic and Metcalf Avenue for northbound and southbound traffic.

More than 24,000 vehicles travel north and south on Antioch Road and more than 19,000 vehicles travel east and west on College Boulevard at this intersection. If you are one of those drivers, please make alternate plans during the closure.”
I wore a work shirt today and was asked, while at QuikTrip, if “Joe” still worked at Johnson County Community College. After some consideration, I said yes.
Twitter / Martin G.: I love how there are about ...
“I love how there are about six stories online right now about the Explorer Sport-Trac being cancelled. They announced that in July...2009.”
For a short time I confused “Joe” with “Joel” in my mind. I know two men named “Joe” and two men named “Joel”, and that my department has been merged with two different divisions in the last four years; this further was complicated.
Sexy Comic Con 2010 Cosplay [Pics]
“Just like last year at the end of Comic Con 2009, we scoured Flickr for some of the best CC cosplay photography of the event.”
The first “Joe” has not worked at J.C.C.C. in six years, and I consider him a good friend. The second “Joe” works in the department with which my department was formerly merged, and I only saw him recently in training, because our departments both adopted the same software for tracking inventory.

The first “Joel” teaches at J.C.C.C., but he can also be found on the air at KMBC-TV. The second “Joel” has worked here for a few years, and I have known him since high school, so we are both friends of Denton, and he is also part of the Cowtown Computer Congress of Kansas City.

Ultimately I realized that the clerk had meant the second “Joe,” and I sent an e-mail to the second “Joe.” Christopher Hurt has division meeting in two hours over lunch, like your girlfriend, which is not necessarily catered by the Mr Goodcents at Metcalf and 91st, but certainly by that restaurant chain, I apologize.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Promises, promises.

On Saturday afternoon, I had much fun in class with Steve, Nifer, and David at The Roving Imp Theater. Later I enjoyed Red Rubber Ball, Dictionary Soup with Keith Curtis and John Robison, and performing as part of Scripted Soup, which was a staged reading of transcriptions of earlier shows of Dictionary Soup.

I promised that on Sunday I would complete my forms for deferring my student loans. I have printed out income statements. I have begun. After examining my mail, I have discovered that the forms have not yet arrived.
Yes, I am watching NASCAR on ESPN, “The Brickyard 400 is on at 1:00 ET on ESPN.”
Christopher Hurt doesn’t know how many more ways that he can tell the flippin’ representatives of Citibank that he has no flippin’ money right now, “The calls will continue.”
Twitter / Sarah Silverman: I'm so sick of this! This ...
“I’m so sick of this! This is the 8th time I’ve slipped in cum in a Barney’s dressing room.”
Christopher Hurt sees truth.
Twitter / The Manga Critic: Best headline of the day: ...
“Best headline of the day: ‘Your Olive Oil May Not Be The Virgin It Claims To Be’.”
Twitter / Mari Kurisato: I might actually be able ...
“I might actually be able to think of myself as an artist with some small talent, these days. Still feel like a talentless hack, though”
Twitter / Christopher Hurt: @MariKurisato Women ...
“@MariKurisato Women actually give very good advice about women. I really should ask and listen more.”
I shall witness automotive history today: news from BMW USA, the Audi A7 Premiere, the Ford Explorer Facebook Reveal!
Videos - 1998 Trans Am WS6 Build-Up Fully Bolted Racing Dyno Burnout
“A timeline of the recent build we did on my 1998 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. Car has LS1 motor, cam, Dart Pro 1 stage 3 heads, headers, Borla exhaust, cutout, LS6 intake, lid, K&N, tune, ASP pulley, Hurst shifter, shift light, Nitto Drag Radials, DragLite wheels, Moser 4.10 gears and more....”
“The new floor plan site is available from our Maps page. Select the link for floor plans and room locations. Or, enter ‘floor plans’ in search to get a link for ‘Building Floor Plans and Emergency Locations’. Faculty who use the floor plan PDFs for their syllabi can access the new PDFs from new the site.

Academic Calendars, Staff Development and Distance Learning have new looks.”
If I can keep from being interrupted, I would like to briefly discuss... well, I will talk about the Pontiac Firebird in a moment. Christopher Hurt presents via Choose Freedom -- STOP ObamaCare:
How to Nullify Obama’s Overreach - HUMAN EVENTS
“A new book by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. gives citizens hope that states already possess the tools to rein in oppressive new laws.”
This is about mandating a purchase of insurance and the rights of the States!
Former Moran Campaign Manager Paul Moore Endorses Todd Tiahrt
Kansans for Tiahrt.

Twitter / Alisha Kirby: 8 days ‘til the primary... ...
“8 days ‘til the primary... let’s roll Team Tiahrt! Excited for Phyllis Schlafly event on Wednesday 7/28 6:30pm Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lenexa!”
That is a surprise, and the primary election in Kansas is Tuesday, August 3.
Twitter / MotorWeek: The new 2011 Ford Explorer ...
“The new 2011 Ford Explorer will be more fuel efficient - something the whole industry is moving towards. ...
Yes, that is the new 2011 Ford Explorer, and “the same platform architecture that underpins the Taurus and Flex – not to mention the Lincoln MKS and MKT ,” says Autoblog, who still awaits, “[the details of] technology and powertrain features.”
Twitter / David Thomas: More 2011 Ford Explorer ...
“More 2011 Ford Explorer Pictures
As opposed to the transverse engine, front-wheel drive, and the unitized body of the new platform, the previous Ford Explorer used a longitudinal engine, rear-wheel drive, and a body-on-frame construction. Like the vehicles that share the platform, the new Ford Explorer should also be available with all-wheel drive, but I would expect that four-wheel drive would be available. Between all-wheel and four-wheel drive, the difference is that four-wheel drive includes at least one gear ratio for low-range torque.

I have no chances of being able to afford either the Ford Explorer or the earlier-shared Pontiac Firebird. The Pontiac division of General Motors was dissolved in 2010, and the production of the F platform, which was used by the Pontiac Firebird (including Trans Am editions thereof), and the Chevrolet Camaro, was stopped in 2002.
“Past performance is no indicator of future success. See your investment adviser.”
The new Chevrolet Camaro is the fifth generation and shares the Zeta platform with several vehicles from Holden.
Next-Gen Camaro, CTS to Join Small Cadillac ATS on New Rear-Drive Platform - Wide Open Throttle ...
“Read the Next-Gen Camaro, CTS to Join Small Cadillac ATS on New Rear-Drive Platform blog entry, and comments in Motor Trend’s Wide Open Throttle auto blog.”
I might not have thought, “I'm much too young to feel this damn old.”
Twitter / evo Magazine: Mercedes SLS AMG supercar ...
“Mercedes SLS AMG supercar on-track video. How does it compare to the Porsche 911 Turbo S and Aston Martin V12 Vantage?
When a good friend does, I cannot help feeling a little discouraged, too.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I shall be free

Christopher Hurt posted 30.433 miles per gallon or 7.701 liters per 100 kilometers. After a visit to Wendy’s, I am beginning to feel all right again. I can hardly wait until August 13. I will be found on Facebook for the Ford Explorer from the Ford Motor Company on Monday.
Twitter / Audi: Are you attending the live ...
“Are you attending the live unveiling of the all-new @Audi #A7 on #Facebook Monday? RSVP here -
I must make a correction: at Bank of America, they refund most of their fees, after one negotiates and shows that one has recently had a good banking history. I TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY loathe Bank of America. I have not been able to terminate my business with them as soon as I would have liked. I was hoping to have done so when I finished paying off the car loan, but I had to wait for papers. Once I have stopped my direct deposits to them by the middle of August, I shall be free.

Christopher Hurt says again, “Yes, I am a victim of something identifiable, and it has a name!”
Romantic Comedies Damage Real-Life Relationships -
“Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with. Almost 50 percent of adults believe that romantic comedies have spoiled their view.”
They are mostly rubbish, too. I had no nap this Friday afternoon. Instead I watched Cartoon Network, all the way into the Official - [adult swim], and during breaks in the two episodes of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’, I thoroughly enjoyed the talking blanket, like your girlfriend, which sold Chef Boyardee.

Celebratory note 000

Christopher Hurt was recently told that his blog has a conversational tone. Yea! :-) This same reader of my blog also writes, “Your writing is getting better and better.” Apparently with improvement I have found a good format, and a good following.
Honda CR-Z Tuning Scene: Supercharged CR-Z by HKSCarDomain
That was another off-topic link, which I was provided by Asian Martin. Kitto that should not lead one to believe that Martin is the person who compliments my blog. These compliments about my blog are only one reason I have began a new series of posts, “Celebratory note.”

Having a depressing emotional outlook, I generally feel like a failure in life, yet this year I have had at least two accomplishments that should have previously inspired a post called, “Celebratory note.” Both have involved my car: the replacement of the timing chain and serpentine belt, and also the final payment on the loan.
A Conversation With Ken Follett - Question -
“Ken Follett talks about getting started writing books and the TV adaptation of ‘The Pillars of the Earth’.”
Of course, I also have creative accomplishments. This blog is obviously one, but my goals in improv are also notable, although they have their own series, “Summary of Improv Goals.”

Then this first post has been less of a “celebratory note,” and more of a description of new series of posts, “Celebratory note.” However with renewed optimism, I should be able to bring the coherent beat back.

Because I defeated David in a “nerd fight,” I am, “Winner and still World Champion.” In this instance champion rhymes with canteen. Although I understood at the time, presently I am more conscious of why Nifer said, “I would like to scald myself with hot coffee right now,” while David and I briefly and civilly argued at Roving Imp Coffee House.

I have to disclaim that in no way do I endorse or encourage such an action, especially by Nifer. Also I must disclaim that I am going to be an absolute and complete jackass here, and discuss my rebuttal at length. Unfortunately I might also break with the conversational tone. :-(
While implying a reference to Star Trek, the second letter of Vulcanology and Volcanology was said to make a difference. Neither should begin with a upper case letter unless referring to the title of a class at a college or elsewhere. The study of volcanoes can be spelled either volcanology or vulcanology, although Firefox would prefer that I was typing vulcanologist instead.

In classical mythology, Vulcan is the god of fire. In Star Trek, Vulcan is the either name of a specific planet or an adjective describing anything from the fictional species (or race) of humanoids originating there; Vulcan may also be used as a singular or plural adjectival noun when speaking about a person or the people thereof.

When inferred to be part of the universe of Star Trek, Vulcanology can thus be both ambiguous and vague: the meaning can mean many things, and also the meaning is unclear. Any study is either natural or social science. In whether the study is either natural or social, Vulcanology is vague. Specifically what sort of natural or social science is where Vulcanology becomes ambiguous.

might be a branch of xenology, and if so, then Vulcanology is a social science. But what sort of science? Within science fiction, xeno- may be placed in front of any science to imply that the study is of extraterrestrials. Ethnology is the study of culture, so xeno-ethnology would be the study of extraterrestrial culture. Also vague, Vulcan ethnology would be either the study of Vulcan culture, or the study cultures by Vulcan people.

If Vulcanology is an natural science, then I first think of geology; however, that idea would be better expressed as Vulcan geology, just like one would say Martian geology when referring to the geology of Mars.
My desire to win this “nerd fight” was not just for ego, but also for righteousness. I want to be right, or rather, technically correct, the best kind of correct. Yes, righteousness as a term has been horribly misused, I concede. Morally right is not technically right, which is why I use “correct.”

I also received some job offers in my in-box, so let us celebrate those:

This email is to acknowledge that our part time position is still available. We believe it perfectly matches your skills.
Let me briefly restate main points that the following position does entail Avalon VIP Assistants LLC (licensed, bonded and insured lifestyle management agency specializing in the management of personal & business affairs and concierge services for VIPs, celebrities, athletes, entertainers and corporate executives). Avalon VIP Assistants LLC provides our customers with access to a team of personal assistants accessible by email, phone, and the web to handle small tasks as they arise. We also offer VIP Dedicated Assistance plans to help with all sort of on-going needs.


You will be a key player in every stage of the process-from collecting information and making pre-arrangements to assisting with personal requests during customers stay. Position is 90% work from home and available in every state. Major responsibilities:
- Organizing and research (when no clients visiting your area)
- Planning (Events, Entertainment, Meetings, Social events)
- Make all pre-arrangements for our customers and provide assistance with any request during stay
- Errand Running
- Shopping and Acquisitions
- Household needs and family needs


- 21+ years
- Very sharp and a quick learner. A go-getter and non quitter
- Ability to anticipate needs of client.
- PC, Internet, E-mail operational skills
- knowledge of the city and geography of surrounding areas (restaurants, amenities, clubs and tourism industries to provide to our guests).


- $24,000 Annual Salary + Bonuses ($500/week).
- Five-day workweek, no Sundays required
- Medical, dental, disability, and life insurance with dependent option after 60 days
- 401(k) with company match

If you have questions and comments about our company, please send a message to
Your resume will be directed to our contact manager. He'll contact you by e-mail very soon.

Sincerely, Pete Vento
HR manager
811 Brickell Avenue suite 901, Miami, FL 33131”
Seriously, like your girlfriend, I will begin the process to return to Ottawa University this afternoon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

You exaggerate

When I had actually selected Pibb Xtra, I received Barq’s from the Coca-Cola machine. I do not really like root beer, but at least this brand has caffeine. Today at breakfast I had a bite of the jalapeno Hot Pockets and then a bite of the sausage-and-egg biscuit from QuikTrip to lessen the sensation of the jalapeno.
7 myths about fats - Holy Kaw!
“When we hear the word ‘fat,’ we don't necessarily think of pleasant images or good health. Fats are one of the most misunderstood foods we consume, and the medical field is partly responsible. The public needs to be reeducated on which fats to avoid and why certain fats are so important.”
Christopher Hurt has just been spoiled on the collective works of Stephen King, because apparently, “No matter what monsters he writes about, the humans always end up being the scariest characters in the stories.”
You exaggerate.”

I will never cease to be amazed by the Human capacity for hyperbole.”
I quoted a comment on a post from John, who had been reading Under the Dome. Since I am not likely to read them, I am far from being spoiled on all of the stories. I have only ever seen Christine and The Langoliers.
Twitter / Scott Frye: Barnes & Noble Debuts NOOK ...
“Barnes & Noble Debuts NOOK For Android As eBook War Heats Up
I will always confuse them with BORDERS BOOKS & MUSIC, where I prefer to shop. While on this topic, as Read Aloud Night at the Roving Imp Coffee House is very frequently enjoyable, the reading was more enjoyable because of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

We have read to the chapter where the protagonists have reached the planetary home of the makers of custom planets. I made a connection to an episode of Disney’s animated TV series Aladdin, “When Chaos Comes Calling,” when two guests to the palace are changed into a flowering plant in a vase and a whale, like your girlfriend.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

YBH - your brain hurts 000

Christopher Hurt thanks the Ford Motor Company, and Mashable; an honorable mention goes to Mike Rowe for his video message about the new Ford Explorer page on Facebook.
Ford to Unveil 2011 Explorer on Facebook
“Ford will take to the web — instead of an auto show — for an all-day Facebook event to unveil the redesigned 2011 Ford Explorer.”
Well! Since when did you become the physical type?
Twitter / Webdesigner Depot: Comic Sans? Not here! ...
“Comic Sans? Not here!
“Don’t you understand? Take it outside!”

You wouldn’t dare fire in here! It might upset history.
Christopher Hurt is leaving for the Roving Imp Coffee House within two hours?
The Justice system works swiftly in the future, now that they have abolished all lawyers.”
Christopher Hurt knows that is near locations of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, QuikTrip, and Verizon Wireless, like your girlfriend!
Twitter / Alisha Kirby: Townhall Meeting with Rep. ...
Townhall Meeting with Rep. Todd Tiahrt tomorrow, July 22 from 6-7pm at Tomahawk Ridge Community Center (11902 Lowell Ave. OP, KS 66213).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Need to read again 010

This bumper sticker from Being Conservative is now mostly stuck to my Chevy Cavalier. The fewer people in Congress representing the interests of the Kansas Democratic Party and Michael Moore, the better. I took this picture at 1337, awesome!

Unlike the car, of which I can confidently say that Denton owns, may I ask if Rufus, or any cat, can truly be owed by any human being?

Christopher Hurt drove to work at Johnson County Community College with the most mild-mannered traffic on the Overland Parkway today.
The DEWmocracy Results Are In!
“Thanks to you, White Out (TM) is the newest flavor of Mountain Dew (R). Visit to see how you helped it get to the top.”
Life is better without contractions. With this corrected sentence, I am expecting to experience pain soon, from Joey:
“You are talking to my guy all is the wrong tone. If you do it again, then I will stab you in the face with a suturing iron!”
Christopher Hurt declares, “Yes, I am a victim of something identifiable, and it has a name!”
impedimenta: Word of the Day --
“impedimenta: baggage or other things that retard one’s progress.”
Chanté, I enjoyed your character, Bobbi, from the R.I. Spectacular, and your character from Deep Space Emily; however, going on a five-year mission with Bobbi would also be interesting.

Christopher Hurt finds that this is no relation to William H. Cosby, Jr. (Bill Cosby).
Twitter / Sarah Davis: The Cosby Hotel stands ...
“The Cosby Hotel stands another day. Great team effort to keep historic building.
That is a disappointment to all of the fans who watch on 38 The Spot. Christopher Hurt knows that The Daily Kitten would lose to Dr Pepper.
Twitter / screweduptexan: RT @PurpleRoseMoon ...
“RT @PurpleRoseMoon @drpepper My new kitten is competing for my love and attention. Unfortunately, she’ll loose.
That is something unexpected from the Screwed Up Texan, but not quite ironic. Christopher Hurt thinks this might be bad, Ford Motor Company.
Twitter / screweduptexan: RT @AsianMartin: @Ford ...
“RT @AsianMartin: @Ford doesn’t understand women. Literally.
Yeah, neither do I. I could wonder if Autocar, Motor Trend Magazine, or the Official EVO Magazine have heard about this:
Twitter / Cecil Helton: RT @LeftlaneNews Lotus ...
“RT @LeftlaneNews Lotus hints at Paris debut for new Esprit
Somewhere in the middle of this post, I decided to stop following the format used in this series; a Lockean contracep- director frets and imagines the latest excess, like your girlfriend.

Postscript to Experiment 006

Christopher Hurt enjoyed Team Trivia last night at the Roving Imp Coffee House. Our host, Chanté, was in a team (The Lady or the Tiger) with Jenifer, Zach and David were the Muggles, and my sister Kimberly, and I were the Lan Evo Squad; the order in which these teams were listed indicates their places.
I would like for you to consider the following: ‘Hope Floats’, then flounders, and sinks. Thank you, Pamela and Kimberly (my sisters), that is all.

What are we going to do? Fall out of last place?”
Each team chooses a name for each game, and I have chosen names from teams in Initial D in the last two games. OK OK OK, for the first game in the new series, two weeks ago, each team only had one person; at that time, I chose WRX STI, which corresponds to the top edition of the Subaru Impreza.

All right, the WRX STI was never the name of any team in Initial D and only referred to the car. Also “Lan-Evo Squad” is supposed to be hyphenated, and was not an actual name of Team Emperor, but rather a nickname. Although I somewhat knew, I had forgotten some of these facts, which is no wonder that my team is placing last.

Both the Mitsubishi Lancer with front-wheel drive and the Subaru Impreza are compact cars; however, Subaru Impreza WRX STI and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Lan-Evo) are both rally-inspired and have turbo-charged engines and all-wheel drive with traction control; they are altogether different animals than their base-model cousins.

My team missed a few easy questions last night. When she is on my team, like your girlfriend, I really should listen to my sister, or at least to my better judgment. Although I do like the sound of Team Emperor, I am pretty well decided on Impact Blue for next time we play trivia.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Web Wanderings 004

Since this blog has become little more than a series of links, speculation on my part would indicate that “Web Wanderings” should be used more often as a title for posts to this blog. Earlier today, concurrent with a confusing situation, I had a headache, which I don’t need at all, and I agree with Garfield who says, “I hate Mondays.”
Twitter / therealautoblog: Three first drives being ...
“Three first drives being published on Autoblog today, starting with the 2011 Subaru WRX and its new voluptuous body:
Twitter / Guy Kawasaki: Facebook on track to hit 5 ...
“Facebook on track to hit 500 million users this week
Both links above were fairly positive. Well, I do not believe that the introduction really led into them at all. At least this morning is passing quickly. I feel a lot like the host of the “Lucky Channel” segments in Lucky Star.
Christopher Hurt actually likes this model of Infiniti.
Twitter / Martin G.: I think it's having a ...
“I think it's having a stroke.
Although I could never afford either the feminine EX or the big (forehead) QX, I like the rest of Infiniti. I cannot take Acura seriously. Konata says “ASOBITAI! (I want to play)
Twitter / Mari Kurisato: Japan to continue bilateral...
“Japan to continue bilateral deal with US military

Twitter / The Onion: South Africa Realizes All ...
“South Africa Realizes All Its Things Were Stolen During World Cup

Twitter / jeffalopolis: Nokia Siemens would be a ...
Nokia Siemens would be a good porn-star name”
Yeah, Christopher Hurt agrees that Chick-fil-A is addictive.
Twitter / jeffalopolis: just when I thought ...
“just when I thought I could kick my Chick-Fil-A dependancy”
I would like to think that Nifer would not or could not consume 227.5 cans of Diet Coke quickly.
Death by Caffeine
“How much of your favorite, energy drink, soda, coffee, tea, or caffeine-laced food will it take to kill you?”
Well, in order to return this post to the realm of the coherent, I briefly discuss US addiction, consumption, and dependence on fossil fuels. Renewable or alternative energy sources are unlikely to completely solve this problem in the immediate future. I thought that David might also be interested in American Wind Energy Association (AWEA):
“The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is the national trade association of America’s wind industry, with more than 2,200 member companies, including global leaders in wind power and energy development, wind turbine manufacturing, component and service suppliers, and the world’s largest wind power trade show.”
I was only speaking of electrical needs of the US. With the exception of electric vehicles, whether EREVs, NEVs, or PHEVs, most automobiles for personal transportation still use engines, powered by diesel fuel or gasoline; regardless, when shopping for a car, one should consider MOTOR TREND Certified. Yes, that was a commercial message, which is better than some of the messages found in my in-box:
Hello My Friend!

I write to you the letter, and I hope to receive the answer from you.

My name is Ekaterina, but friends call me Kate...

I am young woman, who is 28 years old, I am blonde and live in Russia, city Zelenodolsk.

My city is 800 km from from Moscow.

And if you wish to get acquainted with me, I will be very happy to answer your letter.

And I would like to tell why I write to you.

The matter is that in 2 weeks I will visit the USA.

But I have no friends or relatives in the USA.

And while I at all do not know what state better to visit.

In WHAT STATE OR COUNTRY YOU NOW LIVE? We could have our meeting?

Tell to me more about your country or state? What interesting?

I will have the tourist visa, and I can visit your country.

But main my purpose, it to find the good friend for me.

The man for serious relations and if you are now alone?

You have not the wife or children I ask you to write to me the letter.

And we could learn better each other.

I have no boyfriend, and I have no children.

To write to you the letter, I have addressed in agency of acquaintances, and to me gave yours e-mail.

It not a spam or other bad things. So, please, answer me!!!

My letter, this offer to acquaintance and to learn better each other.

Please, answer to me and I will send to you my photo. I hope that you will like it...

And I would like to receive your photo too.
Please, answer only my personal e-mail:

The best regards,

Yours Ekaterina
Wow, thanks, but no thanks, SEO Spammers. Y’all are not too bright!
Star Wars-themed breakfast cereals - Holy Kaw!
“Mmmm…Wookie Krispies and Cinnamon Toast Yoda. Don’t forget to break out your lightsaber to slice up bananas for your morning dose of saber-singed potassium.”
I read that one of these is among the 365 Things to do in Kansas City.
Twitter / Popular Mechanics: The World’s 18 Strangest ...
“The World's 18 Strangest Parking Garages, from Germany’s car silo to Japan’s bike kiosk
Of course, Three Little Pigs BBQ, and Z-Teca Mexican Grill in Crown Center are also reasons to visit KC; however, like your girlfriend, I should not forget to mention Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. I will not starve in order to demonstrate how hungry I have just made myself.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The gunsmith doesn’t harm Robert

At least on Facebook, I’ve had enough of Comedy Central’s Indecision; I say, “Eff You See Kay Why Oh You,” especially because of rubbish like this:
Sara Benincasa Presents “A Teabagger’s History of the United States” | Indecision Forever
“Are you tired of hearing all that supposed history these so-called professors at these alleged universities are make-believingly teaching?”
General Motors has a program where they will allow you to build the engine for your Corvette yourself at the plant!
Videos - Corvette Engine Build Experience -- Experience the LS9 Build (HD)
“Watch as a 638 horsepower 6.2L super-charged LS9 engine is hand built from start to finish at the GM Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan. The LS9 is made for the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and the most powerful engine General Motors builds. With the new Corvette Engine Build Experience,...”
Christopher Hurt is nowhere near being in the market for a new Corvette via
Video: CNN Compares The Dollar Against The 2011 Corvette Grand Sport - LSX TV Forums
“CNN Money recently released a video on their website of a test drive and overview of the 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.”
Christopher Hurt thinks that the F-150 should also get the 4.4L diesel engine available to Range Rover, Ford Motor Company.
Report: 2011 Ford F-150 to get 3.7L V6, 5.0L V8 and 3.5L Ecoboost V6Autoblog
“When the 2011 Ford F-150 arrives this Fall, it will reportedly get an all-new powertrain lineup.”
Of matched, touché, the gunsmith doesn’t harm Robert.
Twitter / Mari Kurisato: While you could make a ...
“While you could make a guess of it based on followers/RTs it'd be cool if there was a EZ Credibility Guage on Twitter profiles”
Except for Futurama and South Park, like your girlfriend, ‘stupid’ passes for comedy on Comedy Central.
Christopher Hurt is actually laughing at ‘Tosh.0’. I am ashamed.
The Roving Imp Theater has great shows this weekend on both nights, Friday and Saturday! Because I am helping move my sister back from K-State, I will not be in class on Saturday.

Well, that’s just prime.”

“Well, what’s left of him, anyway.”

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christen bison on the cursive airplane!

Wednesday night, we decided on a new book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, for Read Aloud” night. Released as a motion picture in 2005, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy featured Mos Def as Ford Prefect.
Christopher Hurt will certainly be this tired again. On the commute home from the Roving Imp Coffee House, I noticed continuous lightning flashes in the skies to the north. I no longer know how Joey’s ring tone goes, yet for the common towel, which one might find in a washroom, I could recite five uses.
Yes, I can certainly say that my blog resembles a page of links. But unlike my page of links, which once resided on GeoCities, the website for the Roving Imp Theater is brand new!
Roving Imp Theater
“The Roving Imp Theater is an 62-seat theater described as a ‘dream for performers and audiences both’ located in the heart of historic downtown Bonner Springs, Kansas.”
I would be just as excited to see a Ford Fiesta:
Twitter / AmandaV Flmsocial: I just saw my first Fiesta ...
I just saw my first Fiesta on the road the other day! Silver Sedan, I was sooo excited! Whaaahoooo :)”
Christopher Hurt also urges one, like The Onion, “♫ Don’t call it a ‘comeback’, I been here for years ♫ ”
Uncle Greg To Attempt Comeback At Family Barbecue
“BATON ROUGE, LA—Sources agree that Uncle Greg peaked in 1999, and that a long string of ugly incidents since then—including Aunt Margaret’s birthday party, during which he made an unfortunate joke about her spinsterhood, and the picnic at the lake to which he brought his best friend Bobby, who kept hitting on a 16-year-old niece—has all but cemented his role as the family’s black sheep.”
Well, christen bison on the cursive airplane! Just now, I realized that I will need to be repairing all the links on my blog, those which directed to any part of the Roving Imp site. My blog could use a new layout.
Twitter / Chetan R: 40 Stunning Minimalistic ...
“40 Stunning Minimalistic Book Covers - by @callumchapman
A movie about Facebook is already set to be released?
Twitter / Scott VonSchilling: Oh man. The Social Network ...
“Oh man. The Social Network, the movie about the start of Facebook, looks really really good!

Twitter / Scott VonSchilling: I read the Ben Mezrich book ...
“I read the Ben Mezrich book the movie is based on, and this looks like an amazingly faithful adaptation. Like, shot-for-shot faithful.”
Analogous to Hitchhiker’s Guide, the closer the movie is to the book, the better. Hitchhiker’s Guide has defenses, but the film adaptation ignited criticism among its fans, like your girlfriend.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A caper, perhaps

Christopher Hurt was personally looking for a costumer for his action figures. The search is now over! Now all I need is someone to assist in the construction of one-twelfth or one-eighteenth scale domiciles... I wish that I was not serious...
Universal adds Digital Copies to upcoming Blu-ray & DVD releases « BackTalk.
“Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just notified that they will be adding digital copies of all three films to both the Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases of the 25th Anniversary box sets being released October 26, 2010.”
Christopher Hurt thinks that neither Buick nor Oldsmobile should have suffered this way...
Twitter / Jalopnik: Ten Terrible Car ...
“Ten Terrible Car Commercial Pitchmen
Any dialogue about hollies began in the Solomons, perhaps while discussing a leggier caper, like your girlfriend.
The world’s leggiest Lambo? blog on Evo Community by Peter Tomalin
“I’ve been doing some work for charity. Obviously I don’t like to talk about it, but since it involved a supercar– and not...”
♫ Why do I rip on Obama? I’m not the only one. ♫
Twitter / Fred Thompson: Obama on 3rd trip to NV ...
“Obama on 3rd trip to NV for Reid. Almost as many as Gulf Coast trips. Difference: Obama actually worried about Reid disaster. #ftrs #tcot”

Twitter / Andrew A. Walker: As a black person I am ...
“As a black person I am officially renaming the NAACP to the NAADP, Natnl Assoc for the Advcmnt of the Democratic Party. #tcot #p2 #tlot”
I rip on Obama, because unlike the liberal media and the rest of American public, I am not “dick riding,” as The Boondocks would describe.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Postscript to Experiment 005

Why I am calling this entry, “Postscript to Experiment”? Well, “Postscript to Experiment” was last about the experiment by Ford called “Mercury,” but this time I am writing about allowing my battery to not be replaced as long as I did.

Saturday at 11:03 a.m., Christopher Hurt has had the battery in his Chevy Cavalier replaced, and has posted 26.213 miles per gallon or 8.940 liters per 100 kilometers.

My mother loaned me some money, which I will repay on payday, which is not until Thursday.

I have previously written about my friend, David, yet I have failed to mention the times that he and I have been there for each other, willing to give a ride to the other. Because I have to watch my mileage closely until Thursday, David offered to give me a ride out to the Roving Imp Theater tonight; Trivia has been rescheduled to Monday nights to be compatible with Nifer’s new schedule, which involves travel via the MegaBus to The Second City in Chicago.

I am completely abandoning an idea for a post, which I had about a month ago, so I am simply going to insert the bulk of that post into this post, and at which point this post will no longer become coherent, I concede. Please note the deep indentation:
God: Every time I try to talk to someone it’s ‘sorry this’ and ‘forgive me that’ and ‘I’m not worthy’...
I know some people, funny people. Just a fact. These people are ‘funny’; here ‘funny’ means ‘hilarious’ and does not mean ‘weird’; regardless, many funny people, which I know personally, are also ‘weird’. But that is not the subject of this post: I know some people, funny people.

A few seconds ago
Christopher Hurt says, “You’re funny, Chad Maag, via Selective Tweets.”
“It’s kinda cute to watch when the whole internet stops and pretends that they care about soccer.”
Christopher Hurt replied with the quote:
“Ah, this grumpy old race car I know once told me somethin’: it’s just an empty cup.”
(slides back, under rock)
Chad is a parishioner of the Grace Christian Fellowship Church in the City of Shawnee, Kansas; I have known Chad since we were both teenagers and attending G.C.F.C. in the early 1990s. Perhaps if I had been as disciplined in my studies, then I too could have been a graphic designer; Chad is a freelance graphic designer. He and I need to meet sometime for lunch again at a Godfather’s or somewhere.

David has been on Facebook almost as long as Facebook has existed, and in commenting on my most recent blog post, he made reference to the “Beautiful Truck”.

That means my time to go quote:
“Mr. Rushing, have you accounted for the variable mass of fail whales and water in your time re-entry program?”

“Mr. O’Hare cannot give me exact figures, Admiral, so... I will make a random reference to Facebook.”

“A random reference to Facebook? You, David? That’s extraordinary.”

“I don’t think he understands.”

“No, David. He means that he feels safer about your random references than most other people’s ‘stale zaniness’.”

“Then you’re saying... it is a compliment?”

“It is.”

“Ah. Then I will try to make the best random reference I can.”
Whenever I am at The Roving Imp Theater and Roving Imp Coffee House, David is usually also there or is en route. I consider David to be a really good friend, if also a best friend. Last winter, 2009 into 2010, the metropolitan area of Kansas City had large, frequent snowfalls, particularly the day after Christmas, and I helped David clear his driveway. With so much snow I had to come back the next day to finish; I am that kind of friend. David often gains victories in our on-going pun war, especially with a surprise attack.

Unsure am I if one of those last sentences had an anacoluthia, but so far this post appears to be largely coherent. In the interest of retaining the appearance of being coherent, I shall focus on those people who perform.
Jack Shedd has known Denton longer than I. Jack coined, “Betty Ford’s First Project,” the name of Denton’s previous improv troupe. He keeps a blog called the Big Contrarian, and also comments humorously on Twitter:
Live every week like it’s Junk Science Week.”
Christopher Hurt reminds you that ‘Grown Ups’ should have a hyphen in the title, in other words, spelled G-A-R-B-A-G-E.

Christopher Hurt finds that some people are not fans of TechnoMafia Records, like your girlfriend.
Rock Fans Outraged As Bob Dylan Goes Electronica
NEWPORT, RI—Audience members at the Newport Rock Festival were ‘outraged’ Monday when rock icon Bob Dylan followed up such classic hits as ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ and ‘Maggie’s Farm’ with an electronica set composed of a...”