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Thursday, May 31, 2012

You can walk or deny 018

In Egocentric Universe: Web Wanderings 004, I finally resigned myself to a fact, “This blog has become little more than a series of links,” and I have another truth to except.
OK OK OK, because I do try to cite my sources, I am not as half as bad as those aggregators described in the linked article. Because I am not as sophisticated, I am also not guilty.
my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Ye Almighty Rainbow Dash Hath Spoken!
see more My Little Brony
America’s Worst-Dressed People
“Dressed to impress? Not in these cities, which Travel + Leisure readers voted the least stylish in ...”
Although I have OPINIONS on the internet, one should not expect a transforming essay from me on such libertarian views.
Cato Institute Starts National Police Misconduct Reporting Project
The Cato Institute’s new program, the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, could assist enemies of local police departments’ independence. by Bob Adelmann ...”
Should we be so critical of the work of the police in Miami?
Bath Salts
“Jonah Goldberg writes on NRO: The drug that allegedly caused a man to eat another man’s face is called ‘bath salts’ or ‘the new LSD.’ If true, obviously the first thing we’ve got to do is legalize it! (Yes, this is troll bait. Let’s see what we’ll find in the traps in the morning).”
In the opening minutes of NCIS on USA Network, my mother said, “Oh, he’s going to die,” and she enjoyed the Undercover Boss with NASCAR, “What?”

Source: Hipster 6 (Friendship is Magic) via cat girls
Why ‘The War on Drugs’ Has Failed | Psychology Today
“It’s time to develop new thinking and new policies about drugs. By Ray Williams...”
If one often reads this blog, then one likely knows Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, which I sometimes confuse with RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack or Papa Bob’s BBQ, and one will find in most of the promotional literature of the area, “Kansas City has more barbecue restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world.”
Why Older Wood Stoves Pollute - Mazzeo’s Chimney and Stoves
“Traditional fireplaces and old-style wood stoves and inserts tend to smoke excessively because their burn methods do not produce complete combustion. The smoke associated with these appliances is essentially unburned fuel - potential heat energy sent out of a chimney instead of being put to use.”
Twitter / Martin G.: “Maserati creating simulated exhaust note
through stereo speakers = Really hot chick stuffing her bra.”
internet memes - I don't always plot the death of humans
see more Memebase and check out our Troll Face lols!
Maserati developing exhaust-note simulation system for upcoming diesels
“If you watched 2011’s The Dilemma and thought there’s no way automakers would actually pipe artificial engine notes into their cars, think again.”
Project: Fallout Glow
“My last post resulted in a lot of emails and discussions about what to do if this mess goes down; if you are reading this because you remembered reading this at some point in the future and are ...”
“Yeah, be prepared!”
What If This Guy Liked Your Music?
“Have you ever had a song or band ruined for you? When you discover a band, and then everyone else starts to like them, they play them on the radio, and it’s no longer you’re little ...”
“My name is Pinkie Pie,
and I am here to say,
Welcome to the Herd.’”
“Smile Song (Come on Everypony Smile, Smile, Smile)”

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where was this 018

Always read the newsletter from John, and check for new editions; that is the lesson. » Lauren Faust: Help The Bronycon Documentary
“Many of you My Little Pony fans may have heard the amazing news that John de Lancie, who played the infamous Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and who I ...”
Planned network upgrade set for May 31
“Access to the internet from any of the JCCC locations will be unavailable from 10 p.m. to midnight Thursday, May 31. In addition, if you are trying to access college networks from off campus during those hours, the networks may be unavailable.

This upgrade will provide improved network performance and supports important initiatives like phone migrations to the new VoIP system. Please contact the help desk if you are experiencing any difficulties connecting to the network after Thursday night’s planned activities.”
To review, the Roving Imp held no class yesterday, but I forgot and drove to Bonner Springs; although I gained a medium pizza from Pizza Hut for six dollars, the Conference for Motorists of Defective Mentality was in town...
Proof Positive: Nearly 1 In 5 Drivers Unfit For the Road
“If you’re like me, you take great delight in complaining about other drivers. There’s a guilty pleasure waiting for those of us who snipe, snarl, and generally criticize and complain about the driving habits of others. Now, we may have empirical proof that our superior driving skills...”
When Real Life Gets in the Way of Your Start-up Plans [VIDEO]
“In the start-up world, nothing happens in a bubble. In this episode of TechStars, one team faces a big decision because of a co-founder's personal issues.”
I am not sure if we have quite found one with what
the New Kids on the Block would call, “The Right Stuff.”
The Winner of Our Discontent
Conservatives have a choice: get behind Mitt Romney in his quest to evict Barack Obama from the White House or impale ourselves on our principles. The latter course is what some conservatives are advocating...”
Kansas City Ranks 29th on Fitness Index
“KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City usually ranks near the top of fatness rankings, and near the bottom of fitness...”
This week, the weather could advocate more walks for me.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Web Wanderings 029

Report: Miami police shoot naked man chewing on victim’s face
“A Miami police officer fatally shot a naked man chewing the face of another man Saturday afternoon on a downtown causeway off-ramp, officials said. The Miami Herald reported that the naked man chewed off half the face of his victim, who is struggling for his life.”
Monday night I met a friend at Talk of the Town Grill and Bar.
22 Fictional Characters Whose Names You Don’t Know - Mental Floss
“Did you know the Comic Book Guy has a name? What’s on Barbie’s birth certificate? Store these tidbits away for future trivia nights.”
Professors of language hate him, I hear.
Free Presentation: How to Learn a Language in 10 Days
“Use the Pimsleur Approach to learn any Language in only 10 days! Pimsleur courses took over 40 years to develop and perfect. Just sit back and listen while the audio does the work for you. Each CD has been scientifically sequenced to rapidly lock language material into your brain after just one list…”
They left a card on my car; this must be good,
because inside every letter is a five-pointed star.
Dancefestopia- Kansas City Ultimate Music Festival
“Dancefestopia is Kansas City’s first annual high energy music festival loaded with Top 40 artists and electonic DJs. The two day festival is June 1 and 2 2012 and located downtown Kansas City at the Berkley L. Riverfront Park.”

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day, 2012

Memorial Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed annually in the United States on the last Monday of May.  Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War.”

Why be outside getting a sunburn when you can enjoy a Top Gear marathon all day followed by an all-new episode at 8:30 p.m. only on BBC America.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I like cheese

Like any good Pony fan, I enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for its charm, which is what I told my female friend on Tuesday en route to the Argosy Casino Hotel and Spa, “where everybody knows your game with over 1,700 slot machines,” of which I played three.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “Some linguists make a distinction between colloquialisms and ‘slang-isms’ (e.g., slang words),” so this post must begin on an etymological note, before one concludes that this writing is about food or dining.No one must know that Rarity is part marshmallow”
Pinkie Pie in ‘marfhmalloth... mmm...’ by ~dm29 on deviantART
In our last conversation via telephone on Thursday, May 17,
Allen and I had tentatively decided to Friday see Men In Black 3.
Men in Black 3 will erase all meaning in your life
“Will Smith has starred in lots of formulaic movies. And he knows better than anyone that there’s something comforting as well as exhilarating about a movie that plays out according to a set of steps.”
Based on that review, I had decided to not see Men in Black 3, yet my tweet above shows that I did otherwise, so I better answer her question, “I like cheese,” or the cheesy (e.g., slang-ism).
What is the word for someone who says one thing and does the opposite?
“Hypocrite. A hypocrite pretends to be something he’s not. I think a better definition is ...”
Tonight at the Roving Imp, I spoke with Steve A. We talked about Allen and his passing. Because I am already off work for Memorial Day, I will not be able to attend the service; I cannot take off two days this week.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Take my identity, please

The only way to see my history of credit positively, I must imagine the number in my credit score as being measured in cubic inches, and this number is in turn converted into liters, a large enough displacement for a turbocharged BMW.

Natural History Tour by ~ModeratelyDeviant on deviantART
Please steal my identity and take my relatives by Patti’s Primitives
“Pictured in black with cream lettering. If you would like another color combination please let me know. All of my signs are sprayed with a clear...”
The group, which was comprised of friends of my sisters, was smaller at Arby’s, and with no laptop, I was more vocal. I set out my example of Rarity, and they were cool.
my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Introspection and Shrugs
see more My Little Brony

Recognizing that one cannot always scratch oneself in public is part of becoming an adult, ignoring such is being male.

Friday, May 25, 2012

that‘s my starting issue 017

Whose name I have previously misspelled, my friend Allen passed away last weekend, and leaves behind a one-year-old tom named Joey. Allen had just been hired to a better paying position at Nebraska Furniture Mart and was looking to study languages at The University of Kansas.

“Approximately 375 million people speak English as their first language, in fact it's the 3rd most commonly spoken language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish) but interestingly enough it’s the number 1 second language used worldwide - which is why the total number of people who speak ...”
At gourmet burgers and premium-beer bottles destination Blanc, Allen commented “If my presentation would have been better, I would have become a chef,” after we had seen Marvel’s Avengers at Cinemark Palace at The Plaza on May 5. Our last conversation was via telephone on Thursday, May 17, and we had tentatively decided to today see Men In Black 3.
Source: Youngster Joey
MEN IN BLACK 3 Review -
Men in Black 3 review. Matt reviews Barry Sonnenfeld’s Men in Black 3 starring Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, and Jemaine Clement.”
Baz Luhrmann would like to Thank You for Smoking, the anachronistic music should remind one of A Knight’s Tale and Moulin Rouge, and Leonardo DiCaprio reprises his roles from Titanic and The Aviator.
“Subscribe to TRAILERS. Subscribe to COMING SOON. The Great Gatsby Official Trailer (2012) Leonardo DiCaprio Carey ...”
Before I stopped, however, the creative process visualized - Holy Kaw!April 25 was my ‘busiest day’ with 106 views
Common Facebook Annoyances and How to Fix Them
“I saw this several weeks ago when I watched my wife become so extremely frustrated with Facebook that she eventually deleted her account. Her reasoning was simple and was based on one out of control application. Yes, our daughter had asked her to check out this particular application, but once she …”
These online comics (i.e., SUBNORMALITY!), through which another friend once told me, “Hey, c’mon, your life isn’t so bad,” later showed that I may not be so mature.May 23 was my second ‘busiest day’ with 95 views

Being recently unfriended, I decided to ask my friend why in person, instead of wallowing and wondering why: he despises the Facebook Timeline, so he was going to give up Facebook, yet he is on there...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We apologize 008

The pollen, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The pollen is blowing in the wind. While I may have felt worse and suffered more, seasonal allergies are the one great equalizer. I made some Campbell’s® Chunky™ chicken noodle soup, and now feel much better.
Great Planes : The F-105A Is Born : Video : Military Channel
“With the capacity to carry a nuclear weapon in the internal bombay, it’s no wonder the F-105A prototype was given U.S. approval.”
We apologize, but due to illness, I was
not able to canvass Wednesday afternoon.
D’awws can be sad I guess, Wet Mane Rarity

by =LlamasWithKatanas on deviantART
If Mirrors Could Speak - Self-Image, Self-Esteem Video PSA
“In hopes of keeping kids’attention, some films would often use supernatural elements to make their points. In this film, we see a magic talking mirror that ...”
Yes, my listening in all realms could use some improvement, but I did hear when Denton recommended that I buy a generic, non-drowsy medication for my allergies.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MBH - my brain hurts 024

Tuesday, John was ill, and did not want to spread disease, so he wisely chose to cancel rehearsal. Yesterday, I also had an opportunity to test my recently speculated hypothesis:

“Moving the Roving Imp and the Roving Imp Training Center in weeks or months will effectively put my improv into hiatus. The price of the fuel to drive forty-five minutes and forty miles, one way, will once again make Tuesdays into my viewing night for NOVA on PBS.”
Source: Steampunk
Civilization: The West and the Rest,’ on PBS
“Niall Ferguson hosts ‘Civilization: The West and the Rest,’ on PBS, a program that explores why Western culture became dominant in the world.”
OK OK OK, NOVA did not air last night,
but the preceding was nonetheless interesting.
ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department
What speed do you read?
“Compare your reading speed to the national average.”
I read forty-four per cent slower than the national average; if I was to say, “Neither does that result bruise my ego, nor make me depressed,” I would be lying.
Learn More About Brain Tumors
“May is Brain Tumor Awareness month. Dr. Sarah Taylor with the University of Kansas Hospital is here to talk ...”
For the time being, my presence at the home of Denton is discouraged; I upset his significant other and was a little rough with Rufus. My chart is to blame for that.
How to Use Mercury in Virgo
“Mercury is the planet that governs your thought processes, the way you use your mind. Virgo is an earth sign and very good at thought and analysis. These can combine to make you a formidable scientist or researcher. You would also do well as a detective of any sort.”
Well, we are strange, but in no way hilarious.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebratory note 030

Joplin, a year later
“A huge tornado devastated Joplin, Mo., on May 22, 2011, killing 161 people. A year later, people rebuild amid the reminders of destruction and death.”
Groundbreaking ceremony for JCCC’s
new hospitality/culinary academy is May 22
“JCCC will conduct a groundbreaking ceremony for its new Hospitality and Culinary Academy at 1 p.m. May 22.

The new academy will be located on the eastern side of the college campus, just south of the Regnier Center.

In February 2010, the Johnson County Community College board of trustees challenged the JCCC Foundation to raise $3 million over 18 months to support the construction of a new hospitality/culinary center on campus. If the Foundation was able to raise $3 million in that time, the trustees pledged to give favorable consideration toward the construction of a new center on campus.

The incentive for this action came through the ‘Wysong Challenge,” a set of initiatives intended to distinguish JCCC’s hospitality program at national and global levels. Former Kansas Senator David Wysong and his wife, Kathy, announced in May 2008 a $750,000 challenge gift to help raise funds in support of JCCC’s hospitality program, which eventually included the construction of a new facility.

In July 2011, the Foundation met the ‘Wysong Challenge” by announcing to the JCCC trustees that $3,291,032 had been raised in support of the college’s hospitality and culinary program.

Other funding for the project comes from the college’s capital outlay fund and capital reserves, which are restricted to capital projects.

‘We’re grateful to all our donors for their generosity,” said Terry Calaway, JCCC president. ‘But we especially thank the Wysong family for giving us such a solid basis on which to raise funds. This new academy will provide new opportunities for JCCC’s esteemed culinary program and for the college as a whole. In addition to our credit classes, we’ll have greater opportunities for workforce development and noncredit classes for community members interested in the culinary arts.”

The $12-million, free-standing facility will accommodate the 700 students enrolled in the college’s nationally recognized hospitality management program and provide space for noncredit classes and community activities, including new opportunities for workforce development and partnerships.

Construction of the one-story building begins this spring; the academy will open for classes in fall 2013. DLR Group in Overland Park designed the building; J.E. Dunn is the general contractor.

Read more about the building here.”
With a time of 1.43.7 Matt Smith is now the fastest Doctor
ever who has driven the reasonably priced car on Top Gear.
Gridlock eases in many metro areas
“Improvement in traffic flow in big cities is tied to weak economy, gas prices.”
Celebrate the summer solstice June 20
at open house for new JCCC building
Some days, that sun can be so damn cranky and has to be started up the hard way
Celestia’s Eternal Burden
by ~SilFoe on deviantART
“Celebrate the summer solstice by getting a close-up look at Johnson County Community College’s newest building and enjoying hands-on science using the sculpture that gave the building its name.

JCCC will host an open house for Galileo’s Pavilion at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 20. Members of the community can explore the building constructed by students from Studio 804, a design/build program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Scheduled speakers are Joe Sopcich, JCCC executive vice president, administrative services; Jay Antle, executive director of the JCCC Center for Sustainability; Dan Rockhill, JL Constant Distinguished Professor at KU, and executive director, Studio 804; and John Gaunt, dean, KU School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

‘The solstice is a great time to celebrate both the active and passive solar elements of this building, as well as the Galileo’s Garden sculpture which tracks the sun,’ Antle said.

JCCC science professors Doug Patterson and Lynne Beatty will capitalize on the open house’s solstice theme with planned activities incorporating Galileo’s Garden, the sculpture by Dale Eldred that previously sat on the building’s site and gave the building its name. The sculpture was relocated to the Galileo’s Pavilion courtyard and functions as a solar timepiece.”
Doug Patterson, “space physicist, gambler, motorsports nut, and hack photographer (xorpheous on Twitter),” is also adviser for the Anime Club of JCCC, and says, “About time we got back into spaceflight.”
“The SpaceX Falcon 9 carrying a Dragon capsule lifted off May 22, 2012, to begin a historic flight to the International Space Station.”
Geeks vs Nerds vs Dorks [Comic]The Sacred Order of Geeks
[Source: BCO | Via Geeks are Sexy]
A new kind of Republican?
“Mia Love is unlike any Congressional candidate ever -- she is African-American, she is Mormon, and she is conservative. Republicans have deemed her race in Utah’s newly drawn 4th district one of the top ten most important races in the country, vowing to spare no expense to get …”
Aliens in Japan, Kiss Your Gaijin Card Bye Bye
“After over a decade in Japan, this week I got a letter from the Japanese government. It said that the alien registration card (外国人登録証明書), or informally ‘gaijin card’, was vanishing.”
Well, I’d better lie low for a while.
Johnson Co. Prostitution Ring Nets 40 Arrests
“JOHNSON CO., Kan. - Prostitution stings by law enforcement in Overland Park and Johnson County recently yielded 40 arrests.”
Let us watch “Smile Smile Smile” to bring a smile to my face.
2 Million Thank You Notes
“To celebrate reaching 2 Million fans, AT&T is going to spend 2 days writing songs about their fans and singing their praises. Want a song about you? Request one now.”

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stale zaniness 023

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) will tell you, “Procrastination is a complex psychological behavior that affects everyone to some degree or another,” which is my preferred excuse.
Why You Should Totally Procrastinate
“I never used to procrastinate. If there was something I didn’t want to do, I’d do it first, to get it out of the way. I used to work 18 hours a day, too. I was one of the most ...”
In the following review, an observation may be altered to reveal a personal truth, “Christopher’s priority seemed to center on doing Ottawa University like things rather than writing their papers.”
No Case Too Small: Heroman « Reverse Thieves
Heroman wasn’t exactly a great show, but when Holly’s love of being a detective comes to the surface in a later episode, I had to laugh. When livestock and eventually people start disappearing the case has everyone baffled. Then when Professor Denton goes off to look for something he winds up missing...”
Where have I put that?
After decades of mystery, has the G-spot been found?
“A surgeon claims to have found the fabled organ,
but skeptics say not so fast.”
As I continue to ignore this problem,
I could honestly be featured on Hoarders.
How To Organize Papers - Tips for Organizing Paper Clutter
“Forget piling and filing systems — learn how to divide and conquer like the pros at”
Twitter / Crunchyroll: “News: VIDEO: ‘My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected’ Light Novel Promos ...”
“The Shogakukan-Shueisha YouTube channel has posted a pair of promos for the first four volumes of light novel series Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru (My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected). The series, which seems likely fodder for an anime adaptation, revolves around ...”
No stale zaniness has been on this blog in a month,
and also from South Park, “It’s wrong. It’s wrong!”Rare eclipse crosses Asia
Source: Yahoo! News
Rare eclipse crosses Asia
“Find more news related pictures in our Rare eclipse crosses Asia photo gallery on Yahoo! News.”
Sexy Lady Thor [Gallery]
“Oh, no... this is Earth... isn’t it? Cosplayer: Toni Darling.”Coquette Look of the Day
Source: Coquette
Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet caught topless
“Our trusty spy photographers have caught the upcoming Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet with its top down and its tail up on a stroll through German streets.”
Kitto I must write a disclaimer about the following language,
but not about president One Big Ass Mistake America.
“A student at North Rowan High School in North Carolina asked a simple question about President Obama. What happens next is completely out of line. Not only does the Social Studies teacher go ballistic on the student, all while defending the president, she tells the student he can also be arrested ...”
I would also like to fulminate and say, “Liberals are Hypocrites.”
Onions on the Internet
by *PixelKitties on deviantART

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Congratulations, Graduates

One of the highlights of Saturday last week was a party to honor the graduation of a member of the Anime Club of JCCC at his home, where he received a Japanese exclusive figure of Megurine Luka, a Vocaloid.

After the party, I went to the Roving Imp, where I was tech for all three sets.

Actually, I am more proud of my Sunday. Which I will be at again on Wednesday, I did some canvassing today at 5:00 p.m., I substituted a side salad at Old Chicago Overland Park, and had a walk with my father.

I would do this too, if I had a billion dollars ... and a girlfriend.
“What a week. After eight years, Mark Zuckerberg takes Facebook public at a $104 billion valuation. His longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan gets her medical degree from the UC San Francisco. And to top it all off, they get married today. Mazel tov. An amazing ride for the pair and for the company...”
Pardon my sarcasm there, because the story of this young man should serve as an example for me to emulate.
Success Story: Losing 110 lbs. and Gaining Self-Esteem
“This student scoffed at stereotypical college weight gain and lost 110 pounds instead.”
I really have turned a corner with my attitude about my self-worth.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Great and Powerful Trixie

The Great and Powerful Trixie was featured in the episode
Boast Busters”, and mentioned in “Ponyville Confidential”.
Boast Busters
Source: The Great and Powerful Trixie
“Recap: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 1 E 6 Boast Busters”
Because they actually cause the trouble, a better name for
that episode could be “Snips and Snails Excellent Adventure”.Snips and Snails Excellent Adventure
Snips and Snails Excellent Adventure by ~lilytrader on deviantART

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is not the first time my preference for an animated series has confused my familyTara Strong, the voice of Twilight Sparkle, has also played Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls and Timmy in the Fairly Odd Parents, which confused my family.

A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!
“The television movie is set in the city of Dimmsdale and centers on the series' main protagonist Timmy Turner with his fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda and his fairy godbrother Poof. In the movie, Timmy is now 23 years old but is still in fifth grade...”

Trixie is now the official first name to Lulamoon!

Sign up for Twitter to follow pixelkitties (@pixelkitties).
“I am a girl who makes pictures. Pictures of PONIES. Beer snob, hipster, lover of tacos & arrogant blue unicorns.”

Friday, May 18, 2012

News of the day 022

“Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it.” Fluttershy by SagebrushPony on deviantART
Fluttershy by ~SagebrushPony on deviantART
Donna Summer Dead -- Disco Legend Dies After Battle with Cancer
“Donna Summer -- the Queen of Disco -- died this morning after a battle with cancer ... TMZ has learned. We’re told Summer was in Florida at the time of…”
That moment after you have done your business and
just know that someone is going to ring your mobile.
Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money
“Donna Summer’s classic music video.”
That moment after you have been added to
a group on Facebook and immediately leave.
The Power of One (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“‘The Power of One’ is a song composed by Mervyn Warren and Mark Chait. It was performed by Donna Summer and is the theme song for the movie Pokémon: The Movie 2000. Pokémon: The Movie 2000, subtitled The Power of One, was released in late 1999 and was the second feature-length film based on the ...”

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The KC Improv Co offers a class for beginners and a more advanced class for experienced improvisers, one of which is on Saturdays and close to my home; moving the Roving Imp Training Center and Roving Imp in the following weeks or months would have otherwise put improv into hiatus for me.
“How Tim Hortons, 711, and fancy vegan restaurant food change the way you think and feel ...”
Twitter / Brett Hildabrand: “This article describes last week’s tax debate very thoroughly & clearly: Kaw & Border: A Governor with Guts
This student film carries more of an emotional punch than most movies
“This animation, Crayon Dragon, was made by California Institute of the Arts student Toniko Pantoja as a second-year project. Along with an absolutely lovely soundtrack and a fluid style that comes across as ‘Impressionist Don Bluth,’ Pantoja weaves a poignant wordless narrative in all of three...”
Twitter / Crunchyroll: “Toonami Anime Block Returns to Adult Swim on May 26 ...”
Toonami Anime Block Returns to Adult Swim on May 26
“If you were around for Adult Swim's grand, unforgettable April Fools’ night on Cartoon Network, during which they ran a classic block of Toonami anime, then this shouldn’t be too big of a surprise: Toonami is officially coming back. Adult Swim has made the big announcement, setting the block’s ...”
Oh My Gosh, one week from Friday is Memorial Day weekend.
Well played, Sony Pictures, well played.

Mares In Black
by *template93 on deviantART
Men In Black 3
Men In Black 3 - Official Trailer - In Theaters 5/25”
Twitter / Crunchyroll: “News: VIDEO: Watch the First Episode of ‘Tron: Uprising’ ...”
News: VIDEO: Watch the First Episode of ‘Tron: Uprising’
“The Disney XD channel has begun streaming the first episode of Tron Uprising, an animated series set between the original 1982 video game-inspired sci-fi flick, Tron, and the 2010 follow-up, Tron Legacy. Check out the pilot below.”
The Animaniacs - “Hello Nurse” - Song - Original my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - The Animaniacs Prepared Me for Ponies
see more My Little Brony
Felicia Day and Colin Ferguson Crochet Together!
“Segment made possible by Clockwork Couture and Pixie Vision Productions. Subscribe to Geek and Sundry. Join our community...”
Denton says, “Zooey Deschanel is the queen of the hipsters,
and Felicia Day is the queen of the nerds and geeks.”
The entire history of Star Trek is in this timeline infographic.
Source: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration
“The year 2245 is just too distant — we should build and commission a real USS Enterprise right now, cracking the champagne across her hull within 20 years, according to an enterprising engineer. The gigantic ship would use ion propulsion, powered by a 1.5-GW nuclear reactor, and could reach Mars in …”

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summary of Improv Goals 022

Being creative is very therapeutic, and I recently depressed because the price of the fuel to drive forty-five minutes and forty miles, one way, to attend class at the Roving Imp Training Center or shows the Roving Imp in Lawrence would put improv into hiatus for me. I was also not pleased with the quality of my performance on Saturday, which is why you all saw no update in this series.

The KC Improv Co offers class for beginners and a more advanced class for experienced improvisers, which I can not attend because I work on Monday nights; I have since remembered their class on Saturday.

“Someday. Wouldn’t it be great to take that truck up to the lake?
Throw a couple of sleeping bags in the back.
Lie out underneath the stars.”

Source: Pinkie Pie from an alternate reality

An announcement from the above page also caused depression about my love life.
Friend-zone Johnny | Know Your Meme
“Friend-zone Johnny is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photo of teenage boy holding a bouquet of roses accompanied by captions related to unrequited love and romantic rejection (see also Friend Zoned Phil).”
OK OK OK, John was without access to the Internet for the last few days, so he could not have read my post about my dissatisfaction with my show on Saturday, yet he fortunately found a way to address emotion in a scene: we were given a topic about which we spoke naturally, and later put an emotion behind our opinion.

Normally, we work to avoid conflict, and actors in some scenes played anger, yet I really liked being able to freely express myself. If one reads Egocentric Universe: Botch-fest 003, then one may doubt that typically I rein in my opinions.

My first catharsis was in regard to being too much of a nice guy,
and one of my scenes was with Chad, who is much like this meme.
internet memes - It Wasn't Even Close!
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Our suggestion was, “Hillary Clinton.”
I said, “Hillary Clinton is our third female Secretary of State in a row.”
Because I was merely stating a fact, John paused the scene.
I said, “We’ve had three female Secretaries of State in a row. When are we going to have a man again?”
Chad responded, “1997 is going to be the year.”
While mentally struggling with every thing that was wrong with his statement, I agreed with his premise, “Well, when we need to get busy with the 1998 mid-term elections.”
After some more lines, our scene was paused again.
My new reply was about time travel, “It’ll just not be the same without Rushing,” who was ill and not at class.
Our scene worked in the end because we agreed: within the context of the scene, Rushing was no longer with us.
My stronger scene was based on the suggestion, “John Edwards.”
I do not remember the first line from Joel, and I confuse the Biggest Douche in the Universe with the criminal, so I admitted, “I don’t know if you mean the fake psychic or the former vice-presidential candidate.”
John paused the scene to say that we just needed to choose one. Joel chose the politician.
In subsequent lines, we talked about the criminals in Congress, and I got to passionately rail against Democrats, especially Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee.
John thought the scene was fine, but would have liked more details from Joel and I. From me, he would have liked to have known how idiotic Wasserman Schultz was. Well, despite what Soros’ Media Matters will try to spin, Wasserman Schultz blames the Tea Party for the shooting of Giffords in Tuscon and says, “We Turned This Economy Around.”

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where was this 017

I want to get the latest scoop on upcoming fashion, Park Place.
Now Trending | Curve-hugging dresses -
“Short, tight dresses often scare women, but they shouldn’t. This season, fashion designers ran with the bandage dress craze started by Herve Leger to offer options that snuggle the female silhouette in all the right places.”
OK OK OK, because I want to be their short, tight dresses,
I often scare women, who can also see me on Chat Roulette.
Vinyl Scratch reacts to impertinence
Source: Vinyl Scratch (Friendship is Magic)
Video: 1,160HP Sleeper Nova Sets The Bar, High
“You’re heard the phrase ‘all show and no go.’ Well, this ‘72 Nova is exactly the opposite of that- the epitome of a sleeper in all actuality. While it may not look like much more than a stock factory-built Chevy, this Nova is actually a full-fledged super-car. Check it out in the latest episode ...”
When an electrical transformer exploded,
Sunday night meant my time to go home.
10 reasons your Wi-Fi speed stinks (and what you can do about it)
“Is your 802.11n router not keeping up with your 100Mbps down-pipe, dropping HD video streams and copying files at mindbogglingly slow speeds? We’ve got 10 remedies that will help.”
Why we’re getting the homework question wrong
“Are American students spending too much of their lives at their desks? And is putting in that grueling second shift of homework paying off in the long-term?”
“‘Cause if you touch one of those lines, or your weight makes a branch touch one of those lines, that electricity can come right to you... And that can hurt. It may …”
Tree branch falls on power lines - high voltage - Wicked Effect
“Visit Remote Control Planes for more info... this must be over 100,000 volts of electricity, amazing how a piece of branch can burn like nothing with so ...”
I have updated my shallow and pedantic blog.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Moving Day

Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I do not have to rise before the sun. In order for me to be able to help John to move his family to Lawrence this Sunday, my father and mother graciously rescheduled Mother’s Day luncheon at Jose Pepper’s Border Grill & Cantina to Saturday. The time to be in Bonner Springs was set at 10:30 a.m., which I perceived as a soft time, at least I did that morning.

On Sunday, I finally awoke at 9:38 a.m., I was out of the shower at 9:50 and to the door by 10:00, but I had yet had no breakfast, which I found at QuikTrip. When I arrived at 10:30 a.m., John’s wife Denise greeted me, and the mattress and springs from the master bedroom were being loaded up the ramp and into the gasoline-powered GMC Savana Cutaway Van from Budget Rental.

As John and his sister Julie approached with a ping-pong table, I saw that I could likely not descend the ramp before they ascended; that was how I became stuck on the truck with Brian, the youngest of John’s two brothers.

Within forty-five to sixty minutes, we departed for Lawrence. I had loaded my car with a heavy box of books and two boxes of DVDs. Denise had the keys to the house, so no one was able to take anything inside.

Like the T-X near the end of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Derek’s wife Hannah skillfully shimmied her way under a partially open garage door, so we could unload bed frames, boxes, and wooden furniture in the garage; all covered or plush furniture was taken to the backyard.

Their new house has much appeal from the curb
Their new house has much appeal from the curb.

With their two children Miles and Ivy as well as the keys to the house, Denise returned. As she turned the key to the front door, Denise remarked, “Thanks, everyone, for the great Mother’s Day present.”

A tour of the split-level home followed, and Denise soon left to buy pizza, of which I later had more than my fair share, from Wheat State Pizza - Lawrence, Kansas. She also graciously bought a gallon jug of unsweetened tea for me.

The Roving Imp and the Roving Imp Training Center will be moving to Lawrence in weeks or months, will effectively put improv into hiatus for me, and will be located in this building, if zoning laws permit.
The previous owner used this building to repair motorcycles
The previous owner used this building to repair motorcycles.

As I went to my car to leave, I said, “Happy Mother’s Day, Denise.”

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A second out of phase 013

Because I would like to help John to move his family to Lawrence this Sunday, my father and mother have graciously rescheduled Mother’s Day luncheon at Jose Pepper’s Border Grill & Cantina to this Saturday, so I can forgo my noon viewing of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on The Hub, I suppose.

While Jose Pepper’s Border Grill & Cantina serves great Southwestern fare, the Cheese & Burger Society suggests this burger for moms.
The Miss Daisy | Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
“Wholesome and well-mannered, The Miss Daisy is a country girl at heart. She was born and bred where the air is fresh and the soil is fertile. Where a birch tree carries on a conversation with a babbling brook. Despite The Miss Daisy’s delicate ways, she’s a cheeseburger that can satisfy the strongest...”
My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic news from around the internet compiled into one easy website, Equestria Daily has become my source for images. For the new page Nyx, the administrator has shut down Nyx (Friendship is Magic), a source of many images.

When I went to a mall last Wednesday, I bought some episodes on DVD, and Season Two is now on Netflix, which means that we might watch more at the home of Denton. Also, I have officially misspelled Princess Cadance.

my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Season 2, Finally!
see more My Little Brony
“When it’s announced that Twilight Sparkle’s older brother, Shining Armor, is set to marry Princess Celestia’s niece, Cadence, all the ponies in Equestria should be celebrating. But there’s one pony in Ponyville who’s not so thrilled with the news — Twilight Sparkle! Why is the young unicorn so concerned? And will the royal wedding go off without a hitch? Find out in the two-part special, and then join us for the perfect after-party — three more My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episodes, all included in the first-ever DVD release of My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding!

My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding is priced at $14.97 and is now available for pre-order at”
Twitter / Peter Payne: “I made a Reddit post with my wisdom for Mother’s Day.
If you don’t mind, would you consider voting it up ...”

Saturday, May 12, 2012

MBH - my brain hurts 023

Moving of the Roving Imp and the Roving Imp Training Center to Lawrence in weeks or months will effectively put my improv into hiatus. This week, I have joined the Anime Club of JCCC, who will have activities again in the fall. If I had gone to a meeting a few weeks ago, then I might not have been in Members Benefit International.

While I displayed my example of Rarity earlier,
I shied from doing so during the swap meet.
Rarity's Headphones by ~DrawAlanDraw on deviantART
The Unicorn Song
“Dedicated to Colleen (Dabbs) Lewis (my mother) and Ruby Blampied (RubyDancingmoon’s ‘Nan’); two wonderful ladies who we discovered both loved the classic ‘The Unicorn Song.’ The music is performed by The Brobdingnagian Bards and I have intermixed pictures to go with the music and lyrics ...”
Every Friday, my sisters go to Arby’s, and I joined them and their friends this week because Denton was not doing to be at his home until later, but MBH - my brain hurts when I tried to understand this flipped perception: the logo for Apple Inc. supposedly mocks the story of the Garden of Eden, and thus God (e.g.,  Procter & Gamble).
The Fall of Man - Adam and Eve - Wikipedia
“The Serpent, ‘slyer than every beast of the field,’ tempts the woman to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, telling her that it will make her more like God, and that it will not lead to death. After some thought, the woman decides to take from the tree and eat it. She then gives the fruit to the man, ...”
I am glad that I did not display Rarity at the restaurant.
Better love story than Twilight by *Imalou on deviantART
“By any other name, this deep space pic of the Rosette nebula is still beautiful. By snapping images at four different wavelengths in the infrared spectrum, NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Explorer (WISE) recently peered deep within the constellation Monoceros, or Unicorn, to capture this floral swirl of gas, dust, and stars some 4,500 to 5,000 light years away.”
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is not the first time my preference for an animated series has confused my familyTara Strong, the voice of Twilight Sparkle, has also played Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls and Timmy in the Fairly Odd Parents, which confused my family.

Friday, May 11, 2012

News of the day 021

As of this writing, the page of my friend, which I mentioned in Egocentric Universe: Fluttershy and where he shares his eBay items, has been hijacked; he has since been encouraged to create a new page this morning.

Flutter Slumber by =PashaPup on deviantART

UPDATE: A friend of my friend negotiated with the hacker. The story is here.

MBH - my brain hurts 022

To face facts, John is moving his family to Lawrence this Sunday, and the Roving Imp and the Roving Imp Training Center will soon follow in weeks or months, which will effectively put my improv into hiatus. The price of the fuel to drive forty-five minutes and forty miles, one way, will once again make Tuesdays into my viewing night for NOVA on PBS.

Near the desk, Pepperdance was found Tuesday.
Pepperdance has been found (2012-05-09 07.32.56)
She was on top of the mouse Wednesday.
I need to wear more shirts with pockets.
U.S. to run first surplus since 2008: C.B.O.
“The U.S. government recorded a budget surplus of $58 billion in April, the Congressional Budget Office estimated on Monday, breaking a streak of deficits that began in 2008.”
Kitto I must write a disclaimer about the strong language that will soon appear in this post, where I was going to write more about my goals for my improv, yet I have recently not featured anything political on this blog. MBH - my brain hurts whenever I am excepted to cheer president One Big Ass Mistake America, who has hypocritically added more debt faster than any other president.
Flashback: Obama in 2008: Adding $4 Trillion to National Debt ‘Unpatriotic’
“( – Although the national debt under President Barack Obama has increased $4 trillion since he took office in 2009, as a presidential candidate in 2008 Obama criticized then-President George W. Bush for adding $4 trillion to the national debt, saying it was ‘unpatriotic’ and also ...”
Obama is always looking to blame someone else for his abject failure.
Obama Has Wrong Scapegoat; Many Of Us ‘Speculate’ In Oil
“Obama’s interest in reining in speculators is a political move. He needs to claim he's trying to bring down oil prices because his policies actually raise them.”
“Two-thirds of Republicans say the president can do something about high gas prices; about two-thirds of Democrats say he can’t. But six years ago, with a Republican president in the White House, those numbers were reversed. Researchers want to understand this flipped perception.”
Gay Marriage as a Distraction
“Unlike Barack Obama, I have been an unwavering public supporter of gay marriage since first writing on the subject on my blog almost ten years ago. I remain so today. It is a clear human rights issue...”