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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Technical Readiness document

Previously left unsaid, danger exists with so-called “content farms,” just as there is a danger in loving somebody too much. I have been wandering the Web today, and have no idea about what a Technical Readiness document could be, so that shall be the title for this post.
You’ ll Never See The Wonder Woman Remake, NBC Doesn’t Want It
“NBC showed the recently filmed pilot to focus groups in test screenings, and got only a rather lukewarm response. Combine that with the bad response to the costume (which producers changed at the last minute in response to all the online moaning) and NBC decided this wasn’t the right Wonder Woman ...”
Following “My Little Serenity” on Geeks Are Sexy, cool posts from other blogs often lead to a page like “9 Actors You Never Knew Voiced ‘80s Cartoons” on Scribol.
R/C Peterbilt Truck Tows Real Truck |
“This is a cool trick, but, dude, just shell out for the roadside assistance plan, next time.”
Yes, that is an ad on top of another ad, and I must admit, “‘Conversa-dioramas’ would not have been possible without such similar to Cheezburger.” Urban Dictionary defines Rule 34, “Generally accepted internet rule that states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject. Additionally it is a...”
10 Disney Characters Yet to be Ruined by Rule 34 - Topless Robot
“Although I’m sure they soon will be after this list gets published.”
5 Things We Learned From ‘X-Men: First Class’ | Screen Rant
“After all the hype and the hate, X-Men: First Class was a movie that didn't fully validate the naysayers or the true believers. Check out 5 things we learned from watching this much-debated film come to fruition.”
“Juicy Fruit Gum, sweeten your day with Serenading Unicorn.”
David, you would likely enjoy the link above.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

News of the day

Thankfully I brought my earphones and Dell to Superior Chevrolet; I can listen to my Pandora instead of the local CBS station, or the other people in the lounge. For which I have to fast, a blood test is required every three months to monitor my type-II diabetes, so I was not at work today because I really could not have worked without breakfast. I am officially in the second season of the Next Big Improv Show, and we rehearsed tonight.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stale zaniness 009

Everything that I have shared on Facebook is cast in this shade, so the color of the day is orange.
The First Muscle Truck; Dodge’s ’78 Li’l Red Express
“As what has been known as the first true performance pickup truck to gearheads everywhere, the Dodge Lil’ Red Express offered the neglected enthusiasts of the late ‘70s a fresh canvas in which to mold the ultimate street machine. It would go on to become the fastest American performance vehicle of ...”
On the subject of buying, Denton says, “You’ll usually end up ahead with a truck.” Actually, I shared that link on Sunday, but today I did not realize the pattern until after twelve items. I also just noticed the option to download images from Facebook. My Little Pony has a parody of a song by Katy Perry and now has a parody of Bridesmaids on billboards around Los Angeles.

Although Applejack is truly orange, the bricks are a kind of orange. I saw a story about a bio-mechanical canine.
World’s First Dog With All Bionic Legs: Naki’o Can Play Again With 4 Prosthetic Paws (VIDEO)
“You might remember Polo, the husky fitted with a prosthetic paw after being hit by a car, or Midnite, the miniature horse who took off running when first fitted with a prosthetic leg, but this red heeler pup takes being a bionic animal to a whole new level. Naki’o is the world’s first dog to be ...”
The orange in this image is the under the Suzuki, which set a new record time.
‘Monster’ Tajima Breaks 10-Minutes at Pikes Peak
“The fabled ‘10-minute barrier’ in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has been under attack for years. Today it finally gave way as veteran driver Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima drove his hopped-up Suzuki SX4 Hill Climb Special with more than 900 horsepower up the 12.42-mile mountain race course in 9...”
Only My Little Transformer could have made a better segue from equines to automobiles, whose engineering obviously involves mathematics.
What Tau Sounds Like [Video]
I had initially thought of the sound produced by the V-8 available in the Hyundai Genesis Sedan. There’s a way, there’s a way I know to keep my zaniness from its going stale.
100 Zany (and Not So Zany) Tips to Ward Off Stale Blog Syndrome
“Professional, experienced copywriter providing SEO copywriting, print marketing media, ghostwriting, corporate blogging and article marketing.”
Blue is opposite orange on the color wheel, so let us go there for a moment. I am happy to not have problems; however, the problem of this guy might be nice to have.
Help! My Girlfriend Doesn’t Think Her Hooking Up With Girls is Cheating
“Q. My girlfriend is young and bisexual. She thinks it’s O.K. to sleep with girls when I’m not around but it kind of bothers me. I’ve explained that I’m ...”
How Ridiculous is the $450,000+ Paramount Marauder SUV?
“On Sunday night our favorite car show, Top Gear, kicked off its 17th season. In the first episode, legendary host Richard Hammond got behind the wheel ...”
The History of Advertising on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]
“Advertisers will spend upwards of $4 billion on Facebook advertising this year. When did the social network become such an ad juggernaut? We chronicle its evolution.”
That almost sounds like science.
Top 10 Underrated Inventions: How Do They Do It?: Science Channel
“Check out some underrated inventions that are important, interesting or just plain amusing.”
Rep. Cantor Pulls Out of Debt Talks
“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said deficit-reduction talks led by Vice President Joe Biden have reached an ‘impasse’ and he will not be participating in a meeting scheduled for later today.”
Of course, we have an orange Chevy Camaro.
Video: Camaro5 Fest II Highlights from Hotchkis Performance
“Camaro5 Fest II was a huge success! If you were unable to attend the event in Phoenix Arizona, you can watch some of the highlights from the event here.”
We also have an orange Audi.
First Test: 2012 Audi R8 GT
“Enthusiasts always seem to think what they want in a sports car is a mildly detuned race car. They want to be just like the guys on TV: banging around, scraping the pavement, arms thrashing with every bump. These are guys who have never actually spent time in a race car.”
We have an even more powerful Nissan.
Nissan GT-R ‘Agent Orange’ horsepower hits 1000 HP
“Quick. What’s the color of Orange Julius, produces 1000 hp on 93 octane and is named after a Vietnam-era defoliant? It’s Operation Agent Orange. The famed tuner Nissan GT-R recently changed hands and took on quite an update.”
What say you, 009?
Run for Kenji Kamiyama’s Pepsi Cyborg 009 Short Extended
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Eden of the East writer/director Kenji Kamiyama continued his push towards integrating commercials and 3D into anime with a new PEPSI NEX commercial featuring Shotaro Ishinomori's classic robot super heroes of Cyborg 009. The ad initially ran in 3D stereo...”

Monday, June 27, 2011

YouTube Town Hall: Where your view counts (HD)

YBH - your brain hurts 007

MBH - my brain hurts, and I am going to reverse the initialism to read HBM - Happy Birthday, Marci! Probably, now YBH - your brain hurts, but MBH, too. After I restarted my browser because performance of Facebook began to slow, I was greeted in the following way:

Account Unavailable

“Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.”
Any links which I would like to share today will have to be from Twitter, where I have also followed My Little Pony! Have I mentioned that I am a fan?
Pony-Loving Fanboys - Bronies Are a Growing Group of Male ‘My Little Pony’ Enthusiasts (VIDEO)
bronies - Broniesare a growing group of male fans who love My Little Pony. The 80s cartoon was updated and released last fall on Hub TV and has since ...
Yes, I have mentioned that I am a fan. Wait, what The Hub?
Bill Clinton Plays Not My Job : NPR
“Sure he’s a former U.S. president and a Rhodes scholar. But how much does this famously well-informed leader know about My Little Ponies? We’ll find out.”
On my current mix CD, one track is the audio from a promotional music video, which has been looped to extend from the initial one and one half minutes to a full hour and thirty-nine seconds. The first episode that I really saw was “Winter Wrap Up”, and the appreciation of the show by others excites me.
LOL >> The Incorrect Physics of My Little Pony [VIDEO]
“Yep, you read that headline right. Here’s a 10-minute video of a student explaining to his class why the physics in My Little Pony is totally wrong.”
So, YBH now, eh, 007?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Botch-fest 021

Lately, I have attempted to keep my posts positive. Kitto I must write a disclaimer about the strong language that will soon appear in this post.
What happens to us in the future?
Do we become [liberal] assholes or something?”
Some people, other than our especially retarded president One Big Ass Mistake America, are fucking up, and about such I feel the need to bitch.
Senate Democrats seek new economic stimulus
“WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday called on Vice President Joe Biden to include new economic stimulus spending in deficit-reduction talks as a way of lowering the 9.1 percent.”
Many of you have heard the popular definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Clearly the Democratic Party has a psychosis, because that experiment has been an abject failure and an unmitigated disaster.
Hope Went Up In Smoke
“Today marks the first birthday of President Obama’s ‘Recovery Summer,’ when the American people were promised they’d see the job-creation benefits of $800 bi...”
South Park parodied Glenn Beck in “Dances With Smurfs” and made a similar point to the following:
Daily Kos: Howard Zinn Explains Barack Obama . . . And Everything Else About American Politics
“Here’s the truth. This ain’t civics class. We don’t all come up with ‘good ideas’ and then have a healthy spirited debate . . . and may the best policy win. In fact, a President’s ability to give you whatever pony you think he promised you, is far more limited than you imagine it is.”
“You know [liberals]... a bunch of bitchy little girls.”

Liberal Bloggers: Obama ‘Not Our Boyfriend Anymore’
“President Obama took his licks from progressives who are meeting at the Netroots Nation Convention, the annual gathering of liberal bloggers and other social media activists.”
Interestingly, the previous story came form NPR and not from The Onion or The Daily Show.
Exclusive: Jon Stewart on ‘Fox News Sunday’ - Fox News Video -
Daily Show host talks politics, media bias in extended, unedited interview...”
Stewart says that liberalism does not affect reporting; that is a load of horse shit.
The Truth About the Economy, The Critique
This is a fair use video rebuttal of Robert Reich and Original Video Here: If you like this video, please consider sup...”
I am suddenly reminded about quibbling surrounding decisions by Governor Sam Brownback.
Kansans who care about the arts should carefully monitor the impact of the state’s new arts funding
“Although it was not unexpected, Gov. Sam Brownback’s line-item veto of funding for the Kansas Arts Commission had a stunning note of finality.”
Curmudgeon Central shared a link.

Open letter to Kansas governor Sam Brownback |
“I lived in Kansas for 20 years. From ages 2 to 22. I was educated in Kansas – both in the public schools and at the University of Kansas. I love the Midwest – its seasons, its open space, its practicality. I’m the kind of person it should be easy to get to stay there. So, why don’t I live in Kansas...”
Where a challenge exists, there also exists an opportunity.
Bringing Improv to the Cultural Wasteland of Kansas -- IndieGoGo
“Because if we don’t, we’ll end up with a generation of boring individuals with no imagination.”
Kitto I had more about which to bitch, but I am going to end on a positive note.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

that‘s my starting issue 002

Had that honor belonged to Julia Roberts?

World’s Tallest Female Dog Is Nova, A Great Dane
“Move over Marmaduke, here’s Mama Duke! Nova, a Great Dane, who’s 2 feet, 11.51 inches tall is the world's tallest female dog, according to Guinness World Records.”

I must be thinking about Sarah Jessica Parker...

South Park: The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs - No Deeper Meaning
“The boys fight to get Scrotie’s tale banned.”
Keira Knightley has much in common with the siege of Troy;
she is a wooden horse, like your girlfriend.
Seeing things the horse’s way
“Several years ago, I spent time with Gunther Gebel-Williams, the celebrated Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey animal trainer. I watched in awe as this intensely charismatic man played with a cage full of lions and tigers as if they were so many household cats. His assistant, standing next to me, to...”
Twitter / Lindsay Ellis: “So Tommy Wiseau is developing a play based on The Room. The Room will come to Broadway (according to reliable Tommy) #youhearditherefirst
Trey Parker And Matt Stone On Their Broadway Hit Musical 'The Book Of Mormon' : NPR
“Trey Parker and Matt Stone talk about The Book of Mormon, their blasphemous, hilarious and oddly endearing Broadway hit, which leads the Tony nominations field this year — and will probably go down in history as the only Broadway musical ever to combine Mormons, Uganda, filthy language and a chorus...”

Diagram of Geek Culture [Infographic] ... Hang on Woody!

Good News, Everyone! Clips From Futuramas Return
“Back in 2009, 20th Century Fox announced that Comedy Central ordered 26 episodes of cult sci-fi comedy Futurama. The first 13 aired starting in June 2010 and now the second set of 13 are debuting June 23, 2011.”
Don’t miss the sizzling hot season five premiere of Burn Notice tonight at 9/8c! Michael works with his old agency to bring down the people who burned him.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Track listing for my current mix CD

Tell my dad that I have set up the wireless router, but not the printer. I realize that you all are asking, “Ce este SSID?I am really enjoying this turkey Lean Pockets today. Oh, you are also wondering why I have chosen to part from the title? Well, such is not so that YBH - your brain hurts. Last night, I made a new mix CD, and I just took the Daily Challenge for June 22nd, 2011: Hum or sing a song to get happy and lower stress.

Of which three tracks are new to this edition, a listing of the tracks from my current mix CD follows. Using my memories, Wikipedia, and other sources, I will reflect on each choice.
  1. “Theme from Knight Rider” by Stu Phillips
    Without narration, this version of the song is purely instrumental. Knight Rider is about a fantastic car (El Coche Fantástico), and I own the first season on DVD. With hope, someday we will resume movie night at the Roving Imp, and our look-alike to Hasselhoff, John, will also vote to watch this series.
  2. Equestria Girls - Hub Promo Edition [Extended 1 Hour Loop!]
    California Gurls” by Katy Perry has an awesomely addictive parody from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The song was originally produced to promote the show on The Hub, and someone made an hour-long loop on YouTube and an MP3. The ninety-second length repeats forty times over the allotted time, so I must be a fan to include it on this CD.
  3. Secret Parkway” by Sharam
    My friend Laura introduced me to Sharam through the Yoshitoshi broadcast on XM satellite radio, which played over the speakers in her 2010 Hyundai Sonata. John introduced me to Pandora, where I created a Sharam station, heard this song, and subsequently purchased the song on iTunes. Although she speaks and does not sing, I love that breathy female voice in this song.
  4. One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head
    This song was a favorite of a woman with whom I used to work. I like the orchestral opening and the conflict between the sarcastic narrator and the chorus.
Thank you for your girlfriend, like your time.

You can walk or deny 003

The Weather Channel and, and, might dispute this.
How to Forecast Weather
“It’s pretty easy to forecast the weather, as long as you know what to look for.”
Yes, David will be Rushing to buy this album by “Weird Al” Yankovic today.
“It seems like just yesterday (but actually it was two months ago) that I got the news Lady Gaga had officially approved my parody of ‘Born This Way.’ Ever since that moment, things have been absolutely insane (in a good way).”
Everybody’s been real nice this morning on the roads, and I saw a deeply purple Dodge Challenger. Today is starting great!
Comparing Flowmaster’s New Exhaust Systems on a 2011 Mustang
“Flowmaster, the leader in performance exhaust technology, recently developed two new axle-back exhaust systems designed for the popular new 2011 5.0L Mustang and we’ve set out to provide a sound comparison between these two differing yet similar systems that deliver that famous Flowmaster note.”
Twitter / Dodge : “Wouldn’t it be great to start every morning with a Challenger @chris_m_hurt:”
Video: Oshawa Plant Manager Touches on Assembly Plant Highlights
“Many of you have heard of the GM Oshawa Assembly Plant. This plant, located in Oshawa, Canada, is the birth place of the fifth generation Camaro. Both the coupe and the convertible are produced at this plant from start to finish.”
Twitter / chris_m_hurt : “@Dodge Yes, starting everyday with a Challenger would be very nice.”
Driven to Drift: Season 3 Episode 1 - Streets of Long Beach, CA
Scion Racing welcomes Fredric Aasbo to the SR drift team. Watch Ken and Fredric take on turn 9 - 11 on the famous Long Beach GP street course in their new ...”
Twitter / Stan Johnson :
“@Dodge @chris_m_hurt - YES it is! 2011 Rallye and loving it!”
VIDEO: Kung Fu Cooking Girls
“Wolf Smoke, an original animation making studio in China, has posted a short story ‘Kung Fu Cooking Girls Original animation movie’ (8 mins 37 secs) with English and Japanese subtitles on YouTube on June 3. It has created buzz among anime fans all over the world.”
The Chinese restaurant has a lot of good food, and dim sum.
Are You Ready For The Summer? - The Hub Promo
“Are you ready for the summer? We sure are! See why Dan, Pinkie Pie, Megatron and all your favorite characters are looking forward to this summer on The Hub!”
Lingrum, look at the ...rydating ...chloride with Xee.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Transition to Microsoft Office 2010

Our institution will soon be in transition to Microsoft Office 2010, and I have been reading Microsoft TechNet, which mentions that Silverlight as recommended installation to view the following and for use in Office 2010 as a whole:
Learn where menu and toolbar commands are in Office 2010 and related products
“Wondering where your favorite menu and toolbar commands are located in Office 2010? You’ve come to the right place. What do you want to do? Use an interactive guide.”
These pages on TechNet do not require Silverlight:
Although not a scholarly source, this is the article in Wikipedia:
Microsoft Office 2010 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Microsoft Office 2010 (also called Office 2010 and Office 14[3]) is a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows,[4] and the successor to Microsoft Office 2007. Office 2010 includes extended file format support,[5]user interface updates,[6] and a changed user experience.[7][8] A 64-bit version of Office…”
Some videos on YouTube could be helpful:
Microsoft Office 2010 Comparison Screencast ~ Chris Pirillo
“I recently asked all of you to submit your screencasts to me for review. The best of the best will be chosen to be featured here, in my various channels and outlets. This provides content of a different perspective for our community, and gives you new exposure for your work! Jack has submitted…”

Office 2010 beats Office 2007
“Two coworkers, one using Office 2010 and the other Office 2007, compete to complete common tasks. Who comes out ahead?”

Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010: Understanding The Basics
“Microsoft Office is very familiar to teachers. They have confidence using Microsoft OneNote, PowerPoint, Word and other programs. But theres always something...”
This site simply answers what is the difference between Office 2010 and 2007:
Difference Between Microsoft Office 2007 and Office 2010 | Difference Between | Microsoft Office 20...
“Microsoft Office 2007 versus Office 2010 Office 2010 comes with many new and attractive features for both business and home users, but at a price”
I am also reviewing other sites for images:
What’s New Inside Microsoft Office 2010
“This visual guide describes the new features of Microsoft Office 2010. You can download Office 2010 from MSDN /Technet or, if you are not a member, it will be soon be available as a free download on”

[PDF] The Differences Between Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office ...

Microsoft Office 2010 highlights
“The Office 2010 applications show new stylings and usability improvements, including a more smoothly integrated Outlook”

Thank you for your time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father’s Day, 2011

My father Mikely does not like the noise from a fan, so I am downstairs. Upstairs is too hot. The family is watching Monk on DVD.
Father’s Day Freedom Fighters Marathon
“This Father’s Day, what could be better than watching G.I. Joe with Dad? Tune in Sunday 6/19 to the Father’s Day Freedom Fighters Marathon feat. back-to-back...”
I am watching The Hub.
Spice up Fathers Day with a Spice RubThe Royal Family
“The ConsumerKids show you how to make a Father’s Day spice rub...”
We might order some Pizza Hut later.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Keeping up the habit 002

Following a viewing of True Grit and two episodes of South Park, I arrived home from the weekly gathering at the home of Denton at 4:25 a.m. and by 4:47 a.m. I was asleep. I also slept most of the day, until I prepared to go to the Roving Imp Theater.
Hatsune Miku is the 15th Most Favorite Female Japanese Singer in China
“Searchina Research Institute, which engages in marketing research by questioning Chinese consumers, has reported the result of the Internet inquiry ‘Who is your favorite female Japanese singer?’ with 3,000 Chinese people. The inquiry was held in May 2011. Our Hatsune Miku, a VOCALOID singer/idol, is ...”
I did remember to set the DVR for a show or two on The Hub.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Humor vampirism 002

You may, you may believe it or not, but my puns have actually been hits with my coworkers lately. Wednesday they were saying if you did not eat the center of an egg, then you would be missing out on the protein. In that case, I supposed that the yolk would be on you.
Some similarities exist, right?
Thursday they were wondering why you would need a wireless keyboard. I showed that you would need a wireless keyboard to play notes behind your back and over your head.

I will now suck away all the humor by discussing grammar. Of course, I should have been using “one,” but I was recalling a conversation, and we Americans informally use you instead of one frequently in conversation.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

MBH - my brain hurts 013

I have lately not featured any car enough on this blog, but MBH - my brain hurts whenever I think about One Big Ass Mistake America; he is always looking to blame the GOP, or something else, for his abject failure.
Beware of job-killing ATMs
“Earlier this morning, I linked to this story making its way around the web: Did Barack Obama really blame ATMs for high unemployment? ‘The other thing that happened though, this goes to the point you were just making, is there are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have...’”
War Powers Act Does Not Apply to Libya, Obama Argues
“The White House says the act requiring approval by Congress doesn’t apply to the Libya operation because what United States forces are doing there doesn’t amount to ‘hostilities.’”
You’re a Douchebag Vampire Wanna-Be Boner.”
‘Ecosexuals’ Make Love With Nature
“A small number of pioneers are taking their love of nature to the next step and calling themselves ‘Ecosexuals.’ The term is fairly new and you won’t find it used clinically just yet.”
Some days you just have to say, “What?” - J-List Tumblr
Criticizing Obama, Kucinich credits Bush for asking Congress to go to war
“Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) on Thursday ripped President Obama while giving credit to former President George W. Bush for asking Congress to authorize the war in Iraq.”
2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 - First Look
“We were recently let into a studio for a first look at the all-new 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, and had them fire up the ZL1’s 550-horsepower LSA supercharged V-8 for good measure.”
Vancouver Takes To Facebook For Riot Clean Up
“Oh, Canada! Rowdy Vancouver Canucks fans were rioting in the streets last night over the team's loss in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup. And the city is taking to Facebook and other social media to clean up the mess, according to several news sites.”
Glenn Close. Glenn Far. - J-List Tumblr
Audi TV releases video recap of the 2011 Le Mans race | QuattroWorld
“The Audi R18 TDI claimed its first Le Mans overall victory on its maiden trip to 24 hours of Le Mans. The race was spectacularly emotional, as two of the ...”
Cisco Borderless Challenge – Security & Video Edition
“I took the Cisco Borderless Challenge, learned about Cisco products and have a chance to win an exciting trip.”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Postscript to Experiment 011

I am not sure if we have quite found one with what
the New Kids on the Block would call, “The Right Stuff.”
New Hampshire GOP Debate (LIVE UPDATES)
“Seven Republican presidential hopefuls are facing off in New Hampshire’s first presidential debate of the 2012 election season Monday night.”
Can Anyone Beat Barack Obama?
“The race for the GOP nomination promises to be a big-money, bloodthirsty street fight across red states as diverse as Oklahoma and Nebraska. So to make things a little less gory, here’s some advice for Mr. President’s would-be challengers ...”
Republican presidential candidates’ best message may be: I’m not Obama
“For Republican candidates hoping to win the White House in 2012, the best message may also be the simplest: I’m not President Obama.”
Twitter / Don Denton Turley: “We still haven’t heard a plan. I want to hear about specifics. Tell me exactly what you are setting out to do. #cnndebate” ... Indeed, I did not even know about the debate until I read that message.
DNC Chair: N.H. Debate Highlighted Republicans’ ‘Extreme Policies’
“Democratic Party Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) says the Monday night Republican debate in New Hampshire showcased the ‘failed policies’ of GOP.”
Why is she so... smart?
In Fantasyland, DNC Chair Says We Turned This Economy Around
“David Gregory Calls Out Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats on their handling of our Economy”
Realistically rendered characters from the Simpsons
After 28 Months of Stimulus Spending, 1.9 Million Fewer People Have Jobs |
“In this Nov. 4, 2010 photo, a sign turning away potential job-seekers is seen outside of a construction site in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)”
The experiment has been a failure and an unmitigated disaster.
Obama Jokes at Jobs Council: ‘Shovel-Ready Was Not as Shovel-Ready as We Expected’ - Stimulus - Fox
“Watch the latest video at President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness met today in Durham, NC at Cree Inc., a company that manufactures energy-efficient LED ...”
Our especially retarded president is the real joke,
and other retards can also make jokes:
Jon Stewart Compares Sarah Palin Bus Tour Video To An Ad For Herpes Medication
“They both appear during times of stress.”
Others on Comedy Central were quick to ask:
Has Sarah Palin Already Seen the New Season of Futurama?
“After getting the story of Paul Revere’s midnight ride wrong, Sarah Palin has been treated like she tweeted a picture of her penis. But maybe she doesn’t actually have a comically warped perception of...”
They need to prove such:

Help analyze the Palin emails - The Fix - The Washington Post
“Tens of thousands of emails sent by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin are set to be released on Friday. Want to help the Washington Post sort through them?”
Denton once said, “The media didn’t create Sarah Palin
[as a phenomenon] and they can’t destroy her.”
NBC the Most Excited by Palin’s E-Mail, Yet Fails to Dig Up Any ‘Bombshells’
“Much of the media made fools of themselves with their excited obsession over the release of Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial e-mails, but NBC News went the furthest, sending, as did CNN, reporters to Juneau as the network uniquely led its Friday night newscast by hyping the non-news as a major event.”
I am not so sure, Glenn Beck:

Experts: Sarah Palin ‘best person in world history’
“Media search of Palin emails backfires...”
Let us watch “Equestria Girls (with lyrics)” to bring a smile to my face.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Need to read again 018

Well, this has been okay for a Monday, and fun with arbitrary dates.
USA Today Wants Your ‘Vette On Their Website
“USA Today wants pictures of your Vette parked in an interesting location as a celebration of the brand’s 58th anniversary. For some reason. Either way it
s free publicity for you and your car, so strike now while the iron’s hot!”
Indeed such an artist was featured by Maxim.
Katy Perry
“She’s Perry, Perry hot!”
Twitter / Chris Pirillo: “Cooks always seem to run out of thyme. #punday” ... You might not have seen the South Park episode last week.
South Park Studios Youre Getting Old (Season 15, Episode 7) - Episode Guide
“After Stan celebrates his 10th birthday, he begins to see everything differently. The other boys think hes become a major buzzkill and start to avoid hanging out with him. When Stan and Kyle have a major blow up, the very fabric of South Park begins to ...”
I don’t know much about the music of today, but
I love The Hub.
Pony-Loving Fanboys - Bronies Are a Growing Group of Male ‘My Little Pony’ Enthusiasts (VIDEO)
bronies - Broniesare a growing group of male fans who love My Little Pony. The 80s cartoon was updated and released last fall on Hub TV and has since insp...

Yes, I indeed am, and “Equestria Girls” is also infectious.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebratory note 012

My father Mikely is celebrating his retirement this evening, and Grandmother June is visiting on her birthday, which is today.

These people seem happy to be saving on their car insurance.
AutoQuotesPro - Compare Car Insurance Quotes and Save
Are they to scale in reference to the Ford Explorer?
4WD vs AWD: What’s The Diff?
“We take a look at the basic assets and strengths of 4WD and AWD systems, discuss the major players in each category, and suggest what to keep in mind when using these systems to the best of their capabilities. Read more on 4WD vs AWD from the automotive experts at Motor Trend.”

The experts at the Roving Imp, Biblioclast will perform in Chicago tonight; they are destroying Roadhouse, and I have been thinking about the following from Family Guy ever since the announcement:

As far as I understand, John should be back in time for the regular show at the Roving Imp on Saturday night, when Denton will also be returning to the stage.
Camouflage Camaro ZL1 Makes Appearance at Michigan F body Show
“As we get closer to the first production ZL1 rolling off the assembly line, prototypes are starting make appearances at car shows and events. Recently, CamaroZ28 forum members caught a good look at a camouflage ZL1 at the Michigan Fbody Show.”
Similarly themed, some celebrities have recently had birthdays.
Happy 36th Birthday, Angelina Jolie! - E! Online
Kung Fu Panda 2 star and Brad Pitt buddy celebrates today, but what could you possibly get her?”
That was June 4, and today:
Johnny Depp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“John Christopher ‘Johnny’ Depp II (born June 9, 1963) is an American actor and musician. He has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor. Depp rose to prominence on the 1980s television series 21 Jump Street, becoming a teen idol. Turning to film, he played the title character ...”
The Back to the Future trilogy congratulates:
Happy 50th Birthday! Our Five Favorite Michael J. Fox Moments - TIME NewsFeed
“From a basketball-hogging werewolf, to Deputy Mayor of New York, to leading the charge for a Parkinson’s cure, Michael J. Fox has played every role he’s called for with a playful ease and inimitable professionalism. To help celebrate this, his 50th birthday, we take a look back at five of our ...”
Thank you for your time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Web Wanderings 022

The first entry in this series was created about a year ago, and the evolution of the format was acknowledged in the fifth iteration. I am not liking the News Feed much in Facebook; the same stories are displaying three or more times.
Facebook Enables Facial Recognition For Millions -- Here’s How To Turn It Off
“Facebook’s well known facial recognition system was limited to users in North America, but it went global over the past couple of days.”
Twitter / Chris Beveridge: “Any article that has to explain what Facebook is to the reader has failed.”
Health Secretary Sebelius asks minister to help push back against
“U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asked black pastors and clergy members to help the administration fight what she called ‘mistruths’ about the health care reform law President Barack Obama signed into law last year.”
Let us suppose for the moment that you are correct.
Obama Doesn’t Fear Double-Dip Recession in Face of Rising Unemployment Rate
“President Barack Obama said he is not worried about a double-dip recession, and he believes the economy is recovering, despite the weak jobs report release on Friday, showing unemployment reached 9.1 percent.”
Now that the moment has passed, you are in fact wrong again.
Fox News Poll: Obama Approval Drops, Reelection Numbers Bad - President Obama - Fox Nation
“The president's job rating has returned to pre-bin Laden raid levels, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. Currently 48 percent of American voters approve of the job...”
Both the Porsche Boxster and the Porsche Cayman seat only two, so I can guess that Hannah Mott rode in either a Porsche 911, which has a rear bench seat; or a Porsche Cayenne, a five-seat, mid-size luxury crossover based on the Volkswagen Touareg; or a Porsche Panamera, a five-door, four-seat luxury sedan. Of course, I am also assuming that the Porsche was a late model.

Keeping up the habit 001

Last week at my place of work, checking and cleaning classrooms had to take precedence over my blog. Before yesterday, I did not have enough motivation to write more than a few lines per day. The dates shown on recent posts are actually the dates on which they were first composed and not necessarily published. A principle which I set forth in the first post with this title, I like to feel as though I have not let the blog lapse for more than five days.
How to Keep Your Blog Hacker, Spammer, and Spyware-free
“This guest post is by Sean Sullivan of F-Secure. It’s a notion that strikes fear deep in the heart of ...”
The Democratic Party and our especially retarded president are ruining this country!
Bin Laden Bump Gone, Economic Pessimism Drags Down Obama’s Approval Rating
“One month after Osama bin Laden’s death boosted President Obama’s approval rating, an ABC News/ Washington Post poll released Tuesday finds that that spike has all but evaporated, as Americans’ deep concerns about the struggling economy have significantly dragged down the President’s job rating.”
Twitter / RNC: “You think?? ‘A growing number of Senate Democrats are anxious about the lack of a Democratic budget’ ...”
Democrats grumble over Harry Reid’s agenda - Manu Raju
“Since Harry Reid has taken on a decidedly thin agenda, some Democrats are getting restless.”
From, a HEAT ADVISORY has been issued for 66202 Expires at 19:00 CDT on 06/08/11.
Obama’s lack of leadership is coming back to haunt him -
Right Turn - The Washington Post
Family Guy and South Park demonstrated that his show was fake.
Source: John Edwards indictment expected Friday
“Lawyers for former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards expect that he will be indicted Friday on federal campaign finance charges.”
This post has been Positively Republican.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Honoring the Anniversary of D-Day

Honoring the Anniversary of D-Day
“Congressman Joe Wilson”
On this day in 1944, the Allies landed on the beach in Normandy, France.
On D-Day anniversary, McDonnell thanks WWII veterans
“Gov. Bob McDonnell stood before men tested and worn by years of war, and thanked them for their service as young troops fanned across the globe.”
This film is noted for its realistic portrayal.
Saving Private Ryan - Omaha Beach Part 1 - HD
“Watch In High Quality: Saving Private Ryan D-day, June 6, 1944. The Landing In Normandy. The Bloodiest Bat...”
Thank you for your service.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I recycled some junk mail

With the help of Paper Retriever, I recycled some junk mail which I shredded today. Right now I am going to examine my statements from SureWest Communications, who has only explained six dollars of $28.14 increase from March to April.
New Haruhi Announcement on July 7
“On June 5, the Haruhi-negai campaign page has announced, ‘Something will happen on the day of Tanabata (July 7).’ The campaign had said they were going to have a big Haruhi-related announcement when there were 15,498 wishes made on the page, and have reached the number yesterday.”
I prefer to Read or Die to that episode of South Park with Diddy where we must Vote or Die.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boulevard Drive-In Theatre

With Paul and Joe, I saw the latest X-Men and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at the Boulevard Drive-In Theatre, and I agree with Denton that they were both great films.
New X-Men tops class at North America box office
“LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The fifth movie in the X-Men series took the No. 1 spot at the weekend box office in North America after selling about $56 million worth of tickets, distributor 20th Century Fox ...”
Official TRANSFORMERS Page, we love this series:
BotCon 2011 - Shout Factory Producer Brian Ward Talks about Beast Wars DVD
“Just in from BotCon we have an interview with the Shout! Factory Producer Brian Ward. He talks about Beast Wars DVD. Brian talks about the working on the new...”
Thank you for sharing,!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A second out of phase 002

With my clipboard, I am feeling very clerical today, “I am feeling very Olympic today.” This week at my place of work, checking and cleaning classrooms must take precedence over my blog.
The 2011 F-150 SVT Raptor | The official site of the Ford F-150 |
“Meet the 2010 Raptor, the off-road, SVT version of the Ford F-150. Designed for the serious off-roader and loaded with stock high-performance parts this is the vehicle made for the off-road trucking enthusiast. Made by the company with ultimate knowledge of off-road trucking and the performance-engine...”
Yeah, I have been using that site for the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor to test sound in the rooms at Johnson County Community College. This document camera is like your girlfriend; I cannot figure out how to turn her on. Nifer, did I just make a joke about vibrating blow-up doll?

The Swedish Bed » Blog Archive » The best slave Leia Comic art on internet.

I don’t plan on going anywhere tonight, because the neighbors have people lined down one side of the street. I was not invited to watch the dumb KU game. Forget them. I would rather s watch Top Gear on BBC America, Regular Show on Cartoon Network, or stream Naruto: Shippuuden on Crunchyroll.

“You think only Japanese schoolgirls can be assassins?
Think again!”

Following play on Pandora, I also just bought “Secret Parkway” by Sharam from iTunes.

I just pledged to avoid all razors for 3 weeks to help Budweiser save one million gallons of water for World Environment Day.

If I had first known for what this was, then I would likely not be doing such; I only use an electric razor when I do shave.