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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Comes the dawn, and our Doom

Enrollment for summer 2013 begins April 1 at 8:00 a.m.
“Comes... the dawn.”

Summer enrollment opens Monday morning; systems impacted
Ditsy Doo (Derpy Hooves) as Easter Bunny
Derpy - Easter Bunny by ~UP1TER on deviantART
“Summer enrollment opens at 8 a.m. Monday, April 1.

Knowing system load is at a peak during heavy enrollment days, adjustments are being made to help with Banner and MyJCCC performance Monday morning. These changes will be in effect from 7 to 11 a.m. Monday:
‘By the time Sky-net became self-aware it had spread into millions of computer servers across the planet. Ordinary computers in office buildings, dorm rooms; everywhere. It was software; in cyberspace. There was no system core; it could not be shutdown. The attack began at 6:18 PM, just as he said it would. Judgment Day, the day the human race was almost destroyed by the weapons they’d built to protect themselves. I should have realized it was never our destiny to stop Judgment Day, it was merely to survive it, together. The Terminator knew; he tried to tell us, “Your levity is good, it relieves tension and the fear of death,” but I didn’t want to hear it. Maybe the future has been written. I don’t know; all I know is what the Terminator taught me; never stop fighting. And I never will. The battle has just begun.’
If you have other ideas for how your area could help adjust support processes Monday morning, please contact ...”

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Waxing and waning Nostalgia

Egocentric Universe: Bring the beat back 004 was to remember my favorite things; recently Jazz, a Louisiana Kitchen retains a special from ten years ago, and HBO Family showed the Back to the Future trilogy.
I like the original two girls
Yunker | I like the original two girls [pixiv]
“My god. Redditor John Wray hit the nail on the head.”
Saturday has been a rare day where I accomplish those small goals: errands.
Most my day at work on Friday, I was dealing with the consequences of my staying up to quarter until one in the morning, when I really did not fall asleep until some time after two, so I needed a nap of four hours, yet I arrived to greet friends of my sisters.
Later, I talked with the youngest of the group, teenagers, who both liked to sketch characters of their creation or from anime. We discussed some shows like The Walking Dead, I showed them that story, and we all shared a moment about the game.
A favorite questions from that conversation, “Are you a Whovian?”
Doctor Who: Steven Moffat’s episode guide - The Bells of Saint John
“Saturday 30 March: The Doctor travels to modern day London and meets Clara Oswald for the third time...”
“I’m more of a Brony than a Whovian.”
Full length and created by Bronies, “Double Rainboom,” premieres this evening, notwithstanding I had thought otherwise and awoken at eight in morning today. The Mundane Made Awesome trope may very well explain why people like my blog, while I continue to guess.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I went to a Mall 001

I recently discovered that Jazz, a Louisiana Kitchen kept a special from ten years ago, so I went to the original location both last Tuesday as well as this Tuesday.
Branding new day in strange world
Perhaps this new world is not that ugly... by ~MaroonRiver on deviantART
I ran out time for a post yesterday. Yeah, I went to Lone Pine Mall, while I had no money, to visit a Microsoft Store. When I have money, I typically squander that money by dining out too frequently, so I went to the following.
I have found that HBO Family is currently showing the Back to the Future trilogy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thoughts on Gender Identity

To this societal issue, I will not be discussing political implications, only observations, which are not exhaustive by any means. In Anime Club, someone recently and courageously spoke about gender fluidity, so I shall respect anonymity.
Please Do Not Cry, My Dear
Please Do Not Cry, My Dear by *WandererEclipse on deviantART
We are Genderfluid!
“We are Genderfluid! HOME Sometimes we feel male, and sometimes female. Often, we’re someplace in...”
Possessive adjectives specific to gender are absent in this post.
Oregon High School Provides Transgender Students with Unisex Bathrooms
“Officials at Grant High School in Portland remodeled six existing restrooms, two for staff and four for students, into unisex bathrooms complete with unisex signs on locking doors.”
Thank you for your time.

Monday, March 25, 2013

As the Rush Comes

Enrollment for summer 2013 begins April 1 at 8:00 a.m. For info call my Windows Phone.
Hatch: Obama-care Was Designed to Become Single-Payer System
“( – Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said Democrats set up the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obama-care to ‘fail’ in order to establish a single …”
New program coming to JCCC: Commercial Truck Driver Training - CDL - Class A
For Those About to Rock We Salute You exists to celebrate the commercial truck driver by providing news, information and entertainment, as well as an escape from the everyday grind
+Lyra+ by ~Tao-mell on deviantART
“The Continuing Education Branch is pleased to announce that the CDL - Class A truck driver training program offered in collaboration with Metropolitan Community College will be launched beginning summer 2013.

A free orientation and information session will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Monday, May 20, in RC 101. This session will provide an overview of the 160-hour, 5 week training program, as well as information about qualifications will be covered followed by a question and answer session. The orientation and information session is free but registration is required.”
Kitto I must write a disclaimer about strong language, which appears in this political segue, “Democrats have always been ‘Sacks of Shit’.”
You Lie: Democrats Vote to Give Free Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants
“The Democrats have no concern for how they spend working people's money.”
Great news, Christopher Hurt! Your federal return was accepted by the IRS.
A Bakery With 95 Employees Confronts the New Health Care Law
“The owners of a wholesale bakery near San Diego must decide whether to offer insurance to their employees or pay into a government fund.”
Because of the ridiculous costs and penalties from the Affordable Care Act, businesses like this will have to close ... “I told you so,” is heard as the Rush comes.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is this the Real Life?

The family came together to today clear snow from the drive. Services were canceled for this morning, so Father asked me about 11:30 a.m., “Are you about ready to start?”

“I just need to get dressed,” I replied. Notwithstanding the work became less difficult with the repaired Toro snow-blower, I had never used powered equipment before, and I soon tensed up my back, by then the younger of my two sisters joined us. I only helped for an hour. They had already made some DiGiorno® by the time Papa John’s Pizza arrived, about which I probably should have told them...
The topic was Rarity's parents, but we had 45 minutes so I thought I'll do something more with the time :3
30min Challenge - My Family by *atryl on deviantART
Proverbs 15:31-32

31 The ear that listens to life-giving reproof will dwell among the wise.

32 Whoever ignores instruction despises himself, but he who listens to reproof gains intelligence.
Listen to music by Leonid Rudenko on Pandora.
Discover new music you’ll love, listen to free personalized radio.
Will Sasso’s Vine: Taylor Swift Goat Remix Re-Remix.
“Will Sasso's Vine: Taylor Swift Goat Remix Re-Remix. Posted March 07, 2013 in Watch the world in six second video clips. SeeVine is unofficial web alternative for Vine application. Content is not moderated!”
Alex Jones looked really relaxed.
Lucasfilm is canceling Clone Wars without revealing Ahsoka’s fate
“When Lucasfilm Animation announced earlier this month that it would be wrapping up Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the news was bittersweet. We’ve enjoyed the animated series, but it’s had a good run, and we were anxious to learn what becomes of the characters in the wake of the emotional season finale.…”
She goes out just like any other Alf.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snow is coming down

To quote Slash, “Snow’s comin’ down. Snow’s comin’ down,”
so I shall regrettably not be performing with the Roving Imp tonight.

Immaterial Girl

Joel reports, “Chris, I’m not going tonight. I’ve had a scheduling conflict,” and David relays, “I’m not going tonight. I’m under the weather. Whether or not that has anything to do with the weather, I don’t know,” so Frank also remarks, “Hey dude, my mom doesn’t want me out in this snow tonight. I won't be going,” yet Crunchyroll notes, “Nearly One Million Tune in For Toonami’s Evangelion 1.11 Airing.”
Survival report. Magical Girl. My parents, I am still worried about many things in Miyagi. I look forward to the broadcast window ー magi
Puellae magae | BLASTBEAT [pixiv]
On March 17th, Toonami celebrated the programming block’s return by airing Evangelion 1.11. The ratings are now in, and the 1:00 a.m. event did pretty alright with almost a million viewers tuning in to see the first ‘Rebuild’ movie.”
After confessing his adoration for Megurine Luka,
the vice president of the Anime Club once asked us about our waifus.
Mai Waifu
“Not even a missing dimension will keep you from your waifu!”
In public, I tend to keep my inner emotions to myself, as pride will not allow me to show any kind of vulnerability, so I never said that my waifu was Katsuragi Misato, whose mass is insubstantial, yet I am keeping my paronomasiac title from a song by Madonna.

Friday, March 22, 2013

An offer that I cannot refuse 022

Regardless of optimism to the contrary,
the Roving Imp will likely have to cancel shows tomorrow.
Unsafe at Any Speed, Triple Bang is back -
Bang Madness at Bonefish Grill - Leawood.
Congratulations Comiket, cheers for good work and open. And among such, Pokémon Battle is no finish.
Theodore Zhu | New Year Pokemon Battle [pixiv]

Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Snow of Spring?

“Love SONIC Tots & have $.50? Today is your day! We are celebrating TOTs with $.50 small tots ALL day when you mention this text! Hurry, offer valid 3/21 only.”
“Radar looks pretty impressive on this Thursday AM but there is still a lot of lower level dry air out there and that’s why, as of this writing, the snow has not really reached the ground. We call ...”
Live updates on Thursday's snowy conditions from KMBC 9 News Kansas City
The Winter Wrap Up - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Music Video
“The ponies sing about the Winter Wrap Up. It’s when they welcome spring, plant things, and wake up the sleeping animals. How can Twilight Sparkle join in?”
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is about to debut on Japanese TV. And as part of the deal, the show is getting a new ending theme song courtesy of perky idol group HKT48 (Fukuoka’s answer to AKB48).”
A while back, the Italian opening for Friendship is Magic
had been called the animé opening.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do you bereave in Love?

Amanda Wish Music has been host to an open-mic night at Wheat State 47, so named because this Wheat State Pizza is on 47th Street, and not because it is the 47th franchise. Linda Hurt, my mother, died Thursday, Dec. 13, and a memorial service was Tuesday, Dec. 18, at Grace Christian Fellowship Church. Last Wednesday was three months form her passing, so I decided to say a few words at the open-mic.
Where there’s smoke, there’s pope. In our household, my mother had a favorite magnet on the refrigeration, “Where there’s smoke, there’s dinner. I will still happily remember:
  • Seeing my uncles (her brothers)
  • Making of peace with her sister
  • Having her home for six weeks of her last three months
  • Singing of “Amazing Grace” to her as she passed by a friend of the family

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do you Believe in Rove?

Kitto I must write a disclaimer about strong language, which appears below this political segue, “Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the nation’s premiere gathering of conservative students, lawmakers and activists.”
Mark Levin to Karl Rove: ‘Get the hell off the stage already, will you pal?’
“On his Monday radio program, talk show host Mark Levin, author of Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America, rejected the notion that the Republican Party should become more moderate to win over voters.”
Obama is back, and quite possibly twice as insane as his previous four years.”
Now this is my new favorite, either I am actually very happy with this, or the shading doesn't look to shabby.
You. Will. Be. FABULOUS! by ~Ookami-95 on deviantART
The Man who would be King
“It must be quite nice to be king. Or at least think of yourself as king. Dear Leader Barack Obama exhibited that behavior while at a ‘working lunch’ hosted by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) last Wednesday (March 13). The food consisted of Maine lobster salad, Fox Family Potato Chips (from Maine), …”
You’ve entered to win Top Gear swag. Thank you for playing!
Libertarians on the rise at CPAC
“This account by the Daily Beast’s Michael Moynihan highlights the virtual libertarian takeover of CPAC this year and what it means for Rand Paul.”
James is named the Discoverer of the True Source of the Nile, a small pond of water.
Rand Paul wins CPAC straw poll
“Rand Paul won the straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, a victory that cements his status as a tea-party favorite.”
Music video by CeCe Peniston performing “Finally.”
Assault-weapons ban nixed from bill: Congress
“Whither assault weapons ban, ‘Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said on Monday that a controversial assault weapons ban will not be part of a Democratic gun bill that was expected to reach the Senate floor next month,’Politico notes. ‘After a meeting with Senate ;…’”

Monday, March 18, 2013

I don’t want to come back down from this Cloud

Tonight, the trio & their ailing estate cars reach the climax of their quest to find the source of the Nile! Top Gear’s Africa Special Part II premieres, in case yesterday left you to wonder about tomorrow.
White House launches reality TV show about Joe Biden
“The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here — Joe Biden has a reality TV show. Yes, this is actually happening.”
Any leadership potential I have, will normally be displayed behind the scenes, yet movements of my bowel pass more leadership than this president.
Blog: Surprise! The recession isn’t over
“Unemployment rates increased in half of U.S. states in January from December, as employers nationwide added the fewest jobs in seven months.”
Articles: ‘Reactionary Liberalism’ Backfires
“Of course they are utterly self obsessed, that is why they go into politics. Where else can these people get to play ‘Simple Simon Says’ with everybody’s lives? They should have fixed terms, after which we strangle them and throw their bodies into a bog. The traditional way.”
Let us be clear— the title of this post has nothing to do with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and less to do with the song by Bush. Tomorrow, I will base an entry on confusion with r and l and a song by Huey Lewis and the News.
Curse you, convenient censoring asphalt
Yoshinari of Amagami | Mine Sakamoto [pixiv]

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Summary of Improv Goals 031

A week ago, on Saturday, we had our first show in the Student Union at The University of Kansas. I was only in the audience for that performance.
Hard to tell at what Rarity's looking, Part of an as of yet unlimited set
Rarity, stahp by ~Acer-Rubrum on deviantART
Lessons From The Masters, Volume 2.5: TJ Jagodowski
“I recently had my first opportunity to study with TJ Jagodowski. Kinda like getting batting advice from Babe Ruth. His main lesson involved the Heat & Weight of a scene. We started with the ...”
OK OK OK, John noticed that the first three games of that show all had low energy, so we focused on levels of energy last Sunday in workshop. While we had no workshop today, we had a wonderful show at the Underground Clubhouse.
One of the short-form games played last night was Hitchhiker, where four chairs are arranged in two rows of two, as seats in a motor vehicle. A player volunteers to be the driver, and is sent outside the room, so he or she can not hear or see suggestions for the other five players and thus must guess.

Frank was a feather boa as portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and John was the entire cast of Cheers, both of which gave some trouble to Trevor, our driver.

Shannon received the suggestion “a dinosaur ... with flatulence” and he played a velociraptor with much aplomb and many raspberries.
Later, I had fun in the middle set.
This was a long-form, and we received “blue” as a suggestion.

Frank and Justin chatted on stage, and Justin said, “I could die at any time,” so I ran on stage yelling a battle cry, wielding a spear, and mimed my stabbing his character.

Justin appeared whole in the office of John as a doctor.

We had at least three more scenes where people were stabbed by a “roving barbarian.”
Yes, every player was awesome last night.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life in the fast Lane

The last heard song on the radio, “Life in the Fast Lane,”
describes the sudden pace of today.
Data center upgrades scheduled for March 17
It’s always time for Taco Belle
It's always time for Taco Belle by ~spiiikedraws on deviantART
“A series of upgrades to the college storage area network is scheduled to occur from 3 to 8 a.m. Sunday, March 17. No data is affected during the upgrade.

Production server shutdowns are required as part of this process so access to employee email will be affected. Server restarts are estimated to begin at 6 a.m., beginning with employee email. All production servers are scheduled to be available for use by 8 a.m.

Systems affected are employee email and departmental applications.

Systems NOT affected are Angel Learning, MyJCCC, the college website, building access control system, HVAC control systems, Banner, EASI, INB, campus phone system.”
Last night, I went to bed at one in the morning, and this morning watched an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop before I decided that I was too tired to operate a motor vehicle, thus I returned to sleep until two in the afternoon.
I am soon leaving with two fellow players to Lawrence.
I’m at the Pizza Hut, I’m at the Taco Bell
Cluckin’ Bell - poster by ~Eternyan on deviantART

Friday, March 15, 2013

March of Ides

Hasbro Expands Transformers Brand Into New Media
“To Hasbro, there is no one too young or too old to play with a Transformers robot, watch a Transformers television show or play a Transformers video game.”
JCCC track competes at indoor nationals
This past weekend Las Pegasus Unicon took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. By now I think most everyone is aware that there were serious problems with finances leading to a significant amount of problem...
Leaving Las Vegas by *PixelKitties on deviantART
“The JCCC women’s track team posted a top 10 finish at the 2013 NJCAA Indoor National Championships last weekend at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. The Lady Cavaliers finished sixth overall, marking the 17th time in the program’s history they have finished among the top 10 at indoor nationals. It ranks as the highest team finish in Mike Bloemker’s five years as head coach. The JCCC men came away with a 16th place finish.

Two individuals for the women earned NJCAA All-American, and five total were Coaches All-American. The top two finishers in each event earn NJCAA All-American, and the top six individual American finishers and top three relays garner Coaches All-American.

Sophomore Monet Jackson topped the field in the weight throw with a winning mark of 56-3.75. She is the first JCCC athlete to win a national champion in the weight throw, and first JCCC national champion since 2005. Jordan Ross nearly was national champion in the high jump. She tied South Plains Ashley Johnson by clearing 5-6.25 (1.66m), but had to settle for second place based on the number of attempts taken. Both earned NJCAA and Coaches All-American.

The other three Coaches All-America honors were secured by Macy Ebert in the high jump (5th place), Jessica Tingle in the pole vault (3rd place) and Jalisa Brice in the triple jump (6th place).

On the men’s side, sophomore thrower Caniggia Raynor of Jamaica earned All-American. He placed second in the weight throw with a mark of 58-8.75.

The JCCC men had two relays finish among the top three American teams at nationals. The 4x400 team of Mark Sitek, Kurt Vukas, Nickson Baselle and Hans Pitia and the 4x800 team of Vukas, Baselle, Pitia and Kamp Wiebe earned Coaches All-American. Overall, the 4x400 team placed seventh overall and their time of 3:14.90 is the second fastest recorded in school history. The 4x800 finished fourth nationally, and their time of 7:52.10 ranks fifth all-time at JCCC.”
Bookstore closed March 18 to 23; C-Store open
for bookstore purchases during that time

no Photoshop on this computer
Rainbow Dash - colour pencils by *Affanita on deviantART
“The bookstore will be closed for carpet replacement during spring break, Monday through Saturday, March 18 through 23.

The C-Store will be open during that time for the purchase of bookstore items; however, customers are encouraged to shop early for books and supplies.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Rhodes, bookstore manager; or Louise Cooper, assistant bookstore manager.”
I must continue to listen to “King of Wishful Thinking” on repeat, and join my sisters at Arby’s.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well, Golly, Boutros Boutros

The JCCC board of trustees met for their regular monthly meeting March 14.
Drink Pepsi Next To Believe Real Cola Taste, 60 per cent Less Sugar!
Source: More Pepsi fan art. [J-List]
Awards and recognition
  • The trustees recognized Bruce Hartman, executive director of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, for receiving the Diversity Advocate in Education Award for the museum’s educational offerings from the NAACP.
  • JCCC’s Continuing Education branch was recognized by the Kansas City chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ATSD) with a Best Practice Award for Workplace Learning and Performance Culture. Coordinators Kathy Wing and Melissa Reiss developed and implemented a new instructor hiring process in 2012. Previously, each department within Continuing Education had its own responsibility and method for identifying, hiring, vetting, interviewing and onboarding new instructors. The new process consolidated the necessary steps and resources within branch operations, making those methods consistent, organizing records, and reducing the time needed to recruit instructors for continuing education classes.
Lobbyist’s report

Dick Carter, the college’s lobbyist in Topeka, spoke to the trustees about the situation in the Kansas legislature, the status of the state budget, property valuation and other issues of importance in the statehouse.


The board took these actions regarding employee benefits:
  • The board authorized the president to negotiate a contract for the provision of the employee group CDC managed care dental insurance with CIGNA HealthCare for a period beginning June 1, 2013, through May 31, 2014. The monthly subscriber rates for the CIGNA CDC dental plan are $26.78 (single), $54.32 (employee and one dependent), and $83.68 (family). These rates represent a 2 percent increase in premiums and no plan design changes.
  • The board authorized the president to negotiate a contract for the provision of the employee group Passive PPO dental insurance with Delta Dental for a period beginning June 1, 2013, through May 31, 2014. The monthly subscriber rates for the Delta Dental PPO plan are $33.06 (single), $65.18 (employee and one dependent), and $115.78 (family). These rates represent a 3 percent increase in premiums and changes to plan design as follows: the annual and lifetime orthodontic maximums will increase from $1,000 to $1,100 and the annual plan deductible will increase from $25 to $50.
  • The board authorized the president to negotiate a contract for the provision of the employee group vision insurance with VSP for a period beginning June 1, 2013, through May 31, 2014. The monthly subscriber rates for the VSP plan are $15.32 (single), $22.37 (employee and one dependent) and $40.12 (family). These rates represent a 0 percent increase and no plan design changes.
  • The board authorized the president to negotiate a contract for the provision of the employee group life insurance with The Standard for a period beginning June 1, 2013, through May 31, 2014. The monthly rates for The Standard insurance plan are $.14/per $1,000 of insurance for basic life, $.22/per $1,000 of insurance for optional life, $.02/per $1,000 of insurance for basic and optional AD&D; and for dependent life insurance at a monthly subscriber premium not to exceed $6.82 per month. These rates represent a 10 percent increase in basic life rates, a 20 percent increase in optional life rates, and a 0 percent increase in dependent life rates with no plan design changes.
  • The board authorized the president to negotiate a contract for the provision of the short-term disability insurance with The Standard for a period beginning June 1, 2013, through May 31, 2014. The monthly rate for The Standard short-term disability coverage is $0.10 per $10 benefit. These rates represent a 17 percent decrease, and the plan design will be amended to increase the weekly maximum benefit from $800 to $1,000.
  • The board approved the renewal of the benefits consulting agreement with Holmes Murphy & Associates, Inc., at a total expenditure not to exceed $39,200.
  • The board approved the renewal of the flexible benefit administration contract with First Trust of MidAmerica for the period beginning June 1, 2013, through May 31, 2014, at a total expenditure not to exceed $25,000. The board approved the renewal of the employee assistance plan administration contract with Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City at a total expenditure not to exceed $38,000.
  • The board authorized a flex benefit amount of $1,108.94 per month per full-time position to be used to purchase benefits within the flex benefit plan. This represents a 0 percent increase in fixed flex credit funding for the FY13/14 benefit year. The board authorized a contribution equal to 7 percent of each full-time, benefit-eligible staff members’ base salary to their individual 403(b) account for the FY 13/14 benefit year.
  • The board authorized the president to negotiate a contract for the provision of the employee group medical insurance with BCBSKC for a period beginning June 1, 2013, through May 31, 2014. The monthly subscriber rates for the BCBSKC HMO are not to exceed $596.50 (employee), $1,093.69 (employee plus one dependent), or $1,499.45 (family). The monthly subscriber rates for the BCBSKC PPO are not to exceed $574.22 (employee), $1,052.87 (employee plus one dependent), or $1,443.47 (family). The monthly subscriber rates for the BCBSKC HDHP are not to exceed $519.54 (employee), $952.60 (employee plus one dependent), or $1,305.98 (family). These rates represent a 1 percent increase from the FY 12/13 premiums.
Actions taken
  • The board approved new courses in art history and psychology, modifications to physics courses and the deletion on a game development course.
  • The board approved the treasurer’s reports for the months ending Dec. 31, 2012, and Jan. 31, 2013.
  • The board approved new clinical affiliate agreements with the VA Eastern Kansas Healthcare System in Topeka and Leavenworth for the dietary manager program and with Ball’s Price Chopper Pharmacy in Olathe and Shawnee Mission Medical Center for the pharmacy technician program.
  • The board approved a new board policy, 630.00, Animals on Campus; revisions to policies 314.06, Academic Progress for Continued Enrollment (now Academic Standing Policy), 311.05, Audit Policy, and 315.00 Degree Certificate Requirements Policy; and the deletion of policies 315.01, Degree Graduation Requirements, and 315.20, Certificate of Completion Requirements.
  • The board approved allowing contract negotiations for groups to perform in the Performing Arts Series for 2013-2014. The season will be publicly announced this month.
  • The board approved an increase of $1.00 per credit hour in student fees for the Student Activities Fund in 2013-2014. An important purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships for students. As tuition has increased over the past few years, the credit-hour fee for student activities and scholarships has not.
  • The board approved the following annual contracts for on-call services, to be used as needed:
    • Architectural services with HMN Architects and PGAV Architects, at a total annual expenditure not to exceed $175,000.
    • Carpentry labor services with N.W. Rogers Construction, Inc.; Lytle Construction, Inc.; and KES Construction, LLC, at a total annual expenditure not to exceed $75,000.
    • Civil engineering services with Kaw Valley Engineering, Inc., and Payne & Brockway, P.A., at a total annual expenditure not to exceed $50,000.
    • Codes consulting and building inspections with FSC, Inc., and Thacker & Associates, LLC, at a total annual expenditure not to exceed $35,000.
    • Electrical repairs and installation services with Heritage Electric, LLC, and Mark One Electric Company, Inc., at a total annual expenditure not to exceed $125,000.
    • Landscape architect and design consulting services with Jeffery L. Bruce & Company and Landplan Engineering, P.A., at a total annual expenditure not to exceed $35,000.
    • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services with The Clark Enersen Partners and Lankford and Associates, at a total annual expenditure not to exceed $125,000.
    • Structural engineering services with Bob D. Campbell & Company and Walter P. Moore, at a total annual expenditure not to exceed $35,000.
  • The board approved the renewal of a lease agreement with McGregor Interests Indian Trails Center, LLC, for the Olathe Center for a three-year term, beginning May 1, 2013, through April 30, 2016, payable at the rate of $60,720 per year, plus any pro-rata tax adjustment assessed during the term of the agreement.
  • The board approved the renewal of the King’s Cove lease agreement at $13.25/square foot, based on 9,037 billable square feet, for a total of $119,740.25 per year for the duration of the lease (April 1, 2013, through March 31, 2014).
  • The board approved the low proposal of $230,460.36 from En Pointe Technologies for the renewal of the annual agreement for Microsoft enrollment for education solution. This license allows all college computers and servers to have the latest versions of Microsoft applications for one year.
  • The board approved the lowest acceptable bids of $4,745 from B&H Photo Video-Pro Audio, $87,296 from SENNA, $79,028 from Technomedia Solutions, and $7,345.23 from Troxell Communications, Inc., for a total expenditure of $178,414.23 for audio-visual equipment to be used throughout campus in various classrooms.
Next meeting

The next meeting of the JCCC board of trustees is at 5 p.m. April 18 in the Hugh W. Speer Board Room, 137 GEB. Board of trustee meetings are open to the public. For more details, see a copy of the board packet and addendum.”
Where there’s smoke, there’s pope.
Cardinals select new pope
Cardinals chose the next pope amid more upheaval and uncertainty than the Catholic Church has seen in decades.”
Above was not a story about sports? Well, Boutros Boutros, golly...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey, Soul Sister

“From Mane6’s website: Hey everyone! We have good news and bad news. First, the bad news: We’ve tried different ways of talking to Hasbro ...”
March issue of Vitality magazine available online
While Showtime Networks have Nurse Jackie, The Hub has Nurse Rarity
Nurse Rarity by ~Mustang-Blaze on deviantART
“JCCC is offering the online version of Vitality magazine for its employees and the March issue is now available.

This month’s features include:
  • Make dreams of better sleep come true: Experts are sounding a wake-up call: We don’t get enough sleep. Pills aren’t the only solution—or even the best one.
  • Help kids avoid a sibling’s shadow: Sibling rivalry isn’t just normal, it’s unavoidable. But parents can take steps to ease the tension among brothers and sisters.
  • Drop a few pounds in time for summer: If you gained some weight during the winter, you still have time to get back into better condition before summer arrives.
  • Apps that help you get moving: Here are four applications for your smartphone or tablet that may help you take your workout routine to the next level.
  • Should I stay or should I go? Many of us are happy with our jobs. Others, not so much. If you’re not sure whether to stay put, here’s some advice.
  • Health records cross the digital divide: Your health records are becoming one of the last facets of your life to enter the electronic age. That’s mostly a good thing.
The issue also includes regular features about restaurants, recipes, an interactive quiz and more.”
After the explosion at JJ’s restaurant, the community continues to reach out.
JJ’s dine out benefit nets $110K for employees, victims of blast
“KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of diners eating at dozens of restaurants have helped the employees who used to work at JJ’s on the Plaza. The Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association presented a ...”
Watch the music video for “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train
and more new Pop videos on VEVO.
KC high school junior receives perfect score on ACT
“KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Shelby Hawkins, a junior at St. Teresa’s Academy in Kansas City, Mo., earned a perfect score of 36 on her ACT. Less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT ...”
Kyrie” by Mr Mister is actually an invocation, so listen on repeat ...

Monday, March 11, 2013

News of the Day 041

New Top Gear special tonight; Jeremy, Richard and James are in Africa with one simple mission: find the definitive source of the Nile.
For safety’s sake: Take these steps and face winter weather safely
And milk and senior summer and glasses
And milk and senior summer and glasses | たけび [pixiv]
“Old Man Winter appears to be making up for his slow arrival this winter season. So the following is timely and may help you avoid a painful slip/trip/fall.
  • Slow down and take smaller steps to better react to changes in your traction.
  • Wear slip resistant shoes, boots or overshoes.
  • Wear polarized sunglasses when outdoors to cut the sun’s glare, enabling you to better see the hazards.
  • Be careful of wet shoes on dry floors and vice versa.
During normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), please promptly report any particularly icy, slippery or wet indoor or outdoor trouble spots to Campus Services. After 5:00 p.m. contact dispatch and they will radio maintenance or custodial staff on duty. Also, remember to immediately report all injuries that occur on campus to the JCCC Police.”
Egocentric Universe: Two Weeks since Quake in Japan
After the explosion at JJ’s restaurant, a dog had gone missing.
Volunteers celebrate finding lost dog
“KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- People are calling the recovery of a dog a glimmer of hope from the Feb. 19 deadly Plaza explosion. Percius or Percy, the yellow Labrador who ran away after being spooked by the...”
We also have other inspiring canine news.
Dog thrown from overpass, discharged by vet
“KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  A German Shepherd, thrown from a highway overpass, was taken in by a group of Kansas Citians.  It's a story that was first reported by FOX 4 News. The group have dedicated ...”, ‘the website for WDAF Television, FOX4 in Kansas City, Missouri,’ had other positive stories, which I shall share tomorrow...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chartreuse lures with golden Glitter

Listening in Improv, and in life, could certainly see improvement from me. After the meeting of the Anime Club, and my meeting the club at McDonald’s, I later visited Denton who had just came from a celebration of Denton’s first improv troupe “Betty Ford’s First Project,” which was held last night, and about which he told me last week, yet I did not bother hearing. Tonight, the Roving Imp resumes shows on Saturdays.

Booktalk group to discuss Boo book March 29
Personally I have a soft spot for this version of Rarity mane
Good morning Rarity by *Ostfront on deviantART
“The booktalk group will meet at 2:15 p.m. Friday, March 29, in GEB 264, to discuss Katherine Boo’s award-winning book Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity.

Boo, a journalist, wrote the book based on her observations, experiences and interviews with the people of the Annawadi slum, home to more than 3,000 ‘undercitizens’ squatting on land officially owned by the Mumbai International Airport. Boo narrates the daily lives of the citizens, whose economy is sustained mostly through garbage sorting, and takes us through the halting and twisting trial that stems from tragedy. It’s actually not as bleak as that makes it sound! The discussion will be facilitated by Sheri Barrett, director of outcomes assessment.

The final booktalk of the year will be Tear This Heart Out by Angeles Mastretta on Friday, April 26. ”
The Zombie Jeep had not been getting good mileage recently, so I went with Denton to air up the tires. En route, we gave a listen to CB radio, and a conversation about fishing for crappie, which concluded, “Chartreuse lures with golden glitter are best.”

Friday, March 8, 2013

Nuit blanche for a Daimyo

KU filmmaker will show ‘From Separate to Equal’ at JCCC April 5
white edges to make appear more like a dream
Pinkie Pie’s Pancake Dream by *otakuap on deviantART
Kevin Willmott, associate professor of film and media studies at the University of Kansas, will share his film, From Separate to Equal: The Creation of the Truman Medical Center at 11 a.m. Friday, April 5, in Hudson Auditorium.

The public is invited to attend, and admission is free.

Willmott will introduce the film and then talk about it and its connection to the college’s Common Read selection for 2012-2013, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.”
In club, we today watched Ai-Mai-Mi and Oreshura on the Crunchyroll. I am in the third phase of a training program at work, and have not been sleeping well at night, a nuit blanche for a daimyo, which are two words that a screensaver on a Macintosh taught me.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

As perfect a Thursday 011

Women’s hoops team wins March 5;
heads to championship game Saturday

Now study Princess of the Moonlight
Princess of the Moonlight by ~JunkieKB on deviantART
“The No. 1 ranked JCCC women’s basketball team shot a team-record 89 percent from the field in the second half, 76 for the game, and cruised to a 116-37 victory Tuesday night over Hesston in the semifinals of the Region VI D-II Tournament.

All 10 players scored for Johnson County. Four finished in the double figures, and three others each contributed nine points. Sophomore DaShawn Harden led the way with 22 points, eight rebounds, seven assists and seven steals.

JCCC will face Highland in the championship game at 1 p.m. Saturday, March 9, at Hartman Arena in Park City, Kan. The Lady Cavaliers have won 13 straight Region VI D-II titles.”
This Thursday had a rough beginning, yet my training went well. I visited Aaron at the C Store, and we later met at the above restaurant. Between those events, I found a place for a nap at the College, and attended a meeting of the Heartland Chapter of HDI, “the leading professional association and certification body for technical service and support professionals,” of which my manager is also a member.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I missed the party 011

After an absence of three or four months, I today returned to the 75th Street Brewery. Catching up my blog from Sunday, I yesterday missed the party.
The 30th anniversary of My Little Pony wanted to do something special for the occasion
Timeless Magic by *WillisNinety-Six on deviantART
National Grammar Day :: Quick and Dirty Tips
“Baltimore writer and editor John McIntyre of the ‘You Don’t Say’ blog continues his tradition of writing a grammarnoir series to commemorate National Grammar Day. We hear that even though last year’s installment was ‘Final Edition,’ John will have new stories for 2013.”
For more information on the following, see the definition of petrostate.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez diesRT News
“Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has passed away at the age of 58 following a two-years-long fight against cancer and a severe respiratory infection.”
Dirty deeds and their done, dirt Chief
Ibsen Martinez, The Curse of the Petro-State: The Example of Venezuela
“More often than not, oil booms plague certain oil-rich countries with all sorts of calamities and the calamity of extreme poverty can be the most demoralizing for an oil-rich Third World country’s population.”
Active Minds, CASAI sponsor screening of
‘Spin the Bottle: sex, lies & alcohol’ March 5

Ditsy Doo (Derpy Hooves) is in the middle of a bath
Source: Twilight Sparkle
“Active Minds and the JCCC Council Addressing Substance Abuse Issues are co-sponsoring a screening of ‘Spin the Bottle: sex, lies & alcohol’ at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 5, in Craig Auditorium, GEB 233. The screening is free and open to all.

The video produced by the nonprofit Media Education Foundation examines how popular culture glamorizes and romanticizes excessive alcohol use and so supports the notion that high risk drinking is part of the college experience. It includes interviews with health professionals, as well as men and women from four different colleges discussing the drinking culture on their campuses and their own experiences with alcohol.

For more information, click here.”
Off schedule, over budget; is new ‘Mad Max’ film in trouble?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Summary of Improv Goals 030

OK OK OK, with no reservation, scenes at
the Roving Imp will again be found on Saturday night.
‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ Will Return — Celebrate with a Hoedown!
“You remember it well: the painfully outdated animated silhouette figures, the jazzy, up-tempo stylings of Laura Hall, the mumbled introduction by host Drew Carey — it was the happiest moment of your day (if you were a lonely nerd who went to improv camp like ...”
Tonight, our hosts prove you’re never too old for a modern car and design a vehicle for the elderly. You’ve entered to win Top Gear swag.
Dash eyes made a new header
Dash eyes by *ButtercupSaiyan on deviantART
“The arrival of a new Corvette has always been an occasion. From its debut at GM’s 1953 Motorama show, held in the ballroom of New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel, Chevy’s dynamic two-seater—America’s sports car, as it has come to be known—has always attracted attention. And this year, the model’s 60th,…”
John will tell you in all honestly that he needed a year and a half to do a passable Hoedown, which we rehearsed several times last night, and I actually found it fun. Our last Friday show for a while, ended with The Mixer, where the names of improvisers are placed in a bowl and drawn at random to participate in scenes; whether he or she is in an ensemble or merely takes classes, any improviser present may play.
that feel when you are a fully evolved Pokémon and your trainer still fight your battles for you
Pokemans Diamond: a new region by *CSImadmax on deviantART
I have let too many days pass, so my recollection has started to fade, yet Bonita and I had the last scene. Sometime during the scene, paronomasiac Bonita said, “‘Why did the Chicken cross the Road?’ is a such fowl joke.”

I responded, “Eh, ‘F-O-U-L’ and ‘F-O-W-L,’ The only difference is the number of ‘U’s. One has a double ‘U.’”

Bonita set the scenario that we were on a date, and I said, “Well, stand-up comedians are only allowed to date stand-up comedians,” indicating that we were both terrible stand-up comedians whose only emotional connection was explaining the puns within their jokes to each other.

John assumed the character of a waiter, “Your table has been ready for twenty minutes.”
His character had a seemingly innate ability to be in the right place at the right time.

Turnip, the Radio

In the following review, an observation may be altered to reveal a personal truth, “Something tends to wind up missing in the car, when Professor Denton goes off somewhere with Christopher.”
No Case Too Small: Heroman « Reverse Thieves
Heroman wasn’t exactly a great show, but when Holly’s love of being a detective comes to the surface in a later episode, I had to laugh. When livestock and eventually people start disappearing the case has everyone baffled. Then when Professor Denton goes off to look for something he winds up missing...”
A year later, between the seat and the door was where I found his camera and case.
I mean, what proof do we have of anything after that fade to black ...
Oh what a beautiful mourning by *PluckyNinja on deviantART
“You’re the captain of a Firefly.

Go to your profile page and look at the sampling of your friends that show up, then write them down in order, below:

Loyal first mate:
Wacky, skillful pilot:
Sweet, sex-starved mechanic:
Mercenary, or ‘public relations’ officer:
‘Professional Companion’ working from your shuttle:
Preacher bringing wisdom to the ‘verse:
Fugitive doctor:
Doctor’s ‘whimsical in the brainpan’ sibling:”
As I continue to ignore this problemTurnip, the radio, “Paronomasiacs use a word in different senses or use words similar in sound to achieve a specific effect, as humor or a dual meaning,” and Professor Denton quips, “What I don’t like, is how they get special access to parking spaces.”

Saturday, March 2, 2013

That 302 is pretty BOSS

Yes, today is March 2, which could be noted as 3/02. This Ford Mustang has made concenteric circles
Source Ford Mustang
Ford Modular engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“The Ford Modular engine is Ford Motor Company’s overhead camshaft (OHC) V8 and V10 engine family, which has been produced in 4.6L, 5.0L (Cammer, Coyote), 5.4L, 5.8L and 6.8L variations. Contrary to popular belief, the Modular engine did not get its name from its design or sharing of certain parts…”
Why did men stop wearing high heels?
“It was once a sign of virility and masculinity - whatever happened to the high heel?”
The AXE community on Facebook is more than just a discussion about products for men; we also serve up information on everyday Shower-pooling, how we could save money and the planet by repeatedly showering together
Source: Salesforce
“Mariah Carey always wears high heels - even when swimming. The singer, known for her diva demands, says she can’t wear flat shoes but can do anything in heels. She told Britain’s The Times newspaper, ‘I guess I'm a heel girl. I can run in them.’”