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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Celebratory note 017


My cousin Sherry is free of cancer. Also, last night, I avoided hitting a deer with my Chevy Cavalier while I drove home from the Roving Imp.

Twitter / Tyrese Gibson: “Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Fitr, a three-day holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.”

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Need to read again 019

People were searching for the following, and somehow found my post to WordPress:
LET’S SEE WHO TRULY READS MY STATUS: You and I wake up in a small, purple Volkswagen Jetta together. We’re wearing Stormtrooper costumes and have a Jack o‘Lantern, a digital camera, five 10-sided dice, and a large jar of peanut butter. USING THREE WORDS ... What would you say to me? NOTE: IF you comment, YOU MUST COPY and PASTE this to YOUR STATUS ... So I may comment on yours as well. Be a good egg and play along.
Another friend commented on my status: “It’s your roll.”
I was given Denzel Washington
Movie that I loved: Crimson Tide
Movie that I liked: Remember the Titans
If I have to choose, Movie that was OK: The Preacher’s Wife
If I have to choose, Movie I hated (it’s a strong word): Fallen
Must Mention: The Siege, and The Book of Eli
Like my status and I’ll give you an actor.
Admittedly, I have seen more films in which Drew Barrymore played.
Cindy Solomon: Women are valuable leaders in business and beyond - Holy Kaw!
“The biggest challenge women face in the workplace is believing that they have achieved equality, says executive coach and author Cindy Solomon. Women are still facing challenges taking the lead both in their own businesses and working for others while ‘women leaders who really care about people are ...’”
Oh my, I do like speaking with a pleasant, cute-sounding woman, and a Laughspin analysis: “What does it take for a comedian to gain mainstream success?
6 Beloved Characters That Had Undiagnosed Mental Illnesses
“While these serious illnesses may be unintended, we would be remissed to not bring them up in the most immature fashion possible....”
My parents still threaten to spank me, only I enjoy it now.
Could the Self-Inflating Tire Become a Reality? - KickingTires
“Keeping your tires properly inflated is vital to maintaining the right performance, safety and fuel economy targets for your car. It’s ironic, then, that something so important is often left to the driver’s discretion — remember, too much or too little tire pressure can lead to problems.”
An opportunity we can’t afford to miss - Ezra Klein - The Washington Post
Home Standby Generator Buyers Guide - How to Pick the Perfect Home Standby Generator
BUYERS GUIDE: How to Pick the Perfect Home Standby Generator. Electric Generators Direct provides basic information regarding standby electric generators. Experts discuss how a home standby generators are different from portable generators.
How dangerous is your house? [infographic] - Holy Kaw!
Lost in America - Anime & More: Steins;Gate
“Unless that was just a troll preview (from the show producers, of course). I haven’t actually ever seen previews, where do you watch the series / where did he watch the series?”
Twitter / Robin Brenner: “On a totally silly TV note, I love what they’ve done with Hardison & Parker on Leverage. Oh, Hardison. You yearn with the best of them.” ... Happy Valentine’s Day, Bitterness ...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Please Help this Non-Profit Project

This non-profit project is fifty percent funded,
and they have only two weeks remaining in their drive!
The Center of Hope cares for needy families | Gulf Coast Gives
“We are seeing a higher number of families with children and want to purchase rights to show good family movies for a year -cost $198. We need a projector bulb for $314 and a back up since they can have a short life and die without warning. A fun family night out is meaningful to family unity and welcome...”
Thank you for your time and support.

Stale zaniness 011

I believe that Subway was an excellent choice for curing my breakfast and lunch dilemma today. When I first heard about Arby’s Market Fresh Sandwiches, the Nutrition Action Healthletter called them Food Porn, and I could have some interesting hits just by saying such.
The VMAs. Yes, I Watched.
“I pretty much only watched the VMAs to see the sneak preview of The Hunger Games movie, but I also figured that since I write a blog about music and music videos, it would probably make a lot of ...”
Fellow readers, the sneak preview of The Hunger Games movie ...
‘The Hunger Games’ | Movie Trailer | MTV
“Watch the movie trailer for ‘The Hunger Games’ for free on Watch free movie trailers on”
Really, I’m too in the moment to remember your name.
Obama’s illegal uncle arrested; ‘Uncle Omar’ almost hits cop car, tries to call White House...
“A number of media outlets have already reported that an illegal immigrant from Kenya by the name of Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested last week on Wednesday after he nearly rammed his SUV into a police car in Framingham, Massachusetts.”
Prison » Al Gore Plays The Race Card, But He’s The Real Racist
“Al Gore is now so desperate to ‘win the conversation,’ or in other words ‘silence the dissent’ surrounding global warming that he is now equating those who question ManBearPig with racists who supported spraying black people with water cannons.”
The commercials for the iPhone keep making me think that I am going to die sooner without an iPhone.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The 2011 VMAs


A Ford Mustang was parked across from Taco Bell, and I must admit ignorance on where to find the 2011 MTV VMAs on SureWest Communications, but I know Animation Domination is on FOX Broadcasting.
Live Blogging The 2011 VMAs! » MTV Buzzworthy Blog
“We’re Live Blogging The 2011 VMAs!”
I Just Want... Parenting: You’re doing it right! Yeah, I still will not be watching.

Message to East Coast from Fluttershy

Stay safe, East Coast!Source: johnjoseco on deviantART

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A second out of phase 004


Say eh... what time you got there, pardner?

Don’t miss an all-new episode of Burn Notice August 25 at 9:00 p.m. / 8:00 p.m. Central! Will Lucien's lead bring Michael closer to catching Max’s killer before the CIA closes in? Michael goes undercover with a group of hijackers and sabotages their mission while Fi and Sam hunt for Max’s killer.

I know, it is going to be /)^ɛ^(\ so awesome!

Chat up fans live during tonight’s episode. Blowing my mind requires little effort.
2-D Lovers to World: Yeah, my Girlfriend is a Pillowcase — What’s it to You?
“ blogger Josh Clark writes about the Japanese subculture of 2-D lovers.”
When I say, “I’m taking lunch,” I usually mean, “I’m going to the kitchen to set something on fire.”
University of Farmers - Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance & Business Insurance
“Get the facts on auto insurance at University of Farmers. Learn more about home, life and business insurance with videos, interactive quizzes and insurance fact sheets.”
The actor who played the lead in The Pretender was the leader of the hijackers on Burn Notice. The actor who played Doctor Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise was also in Suits on USA Network. Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager, is part of the cast in this program on Adult Swim:
Promos - NTSF:SD:SUV::: Tijuana, We’ve Got A Problem
“Watch Promos - NTSF:SD:SUV::: Tijuana, We’ve Got A Problem. Strippers. NASA. Lorenzo Llamas. That’s just another day in San Diego, boys.”
The exciting event is upon us: my father is changing the air filter in the furnace! Though seriously, come to Tiblow Days and the Roving Imp tonight, and judge me in the in the second season of the Next Big Improv Show. You know that you are going to judge me anyway.

Friday, August 26, 2011

MBH - my brain hurts 016


I have recently not featured anything political on this blog, but MBH - my brain hurts whenever I think about the difference between candidate and president One Big Ass Mistake America.
Flashback: Obama in 2008: Adding $4 Trillion to National Debt ‘Unpatriotic’
“( – Although the national debt under President Barack Obama has increased $4 trillion since he took office in 2009, as a presidential candidate in 2008 Obama criticized then-President George W. Bush for adding $4 trillion to the national debt, saying it was ‘unpatriotic’ and also ...”
Obama Lies 7 Times In Under 2 Minutes!
“YES WE CAN! REAL HOPE FOR AMERICA! Campaign for Liberty
Some days you just have to say, “What?” - J-List Tumblr
Found at Gadhafi compound: Condoleezza Rice photos - NBC Action News
“A State Department spokeswoman describes the finding of a Condoleezza Rice photo album in Moammar Gadhafi’s compound as ‘deeply bizarre and deeply creepy,’ but given their history, is it really that surprising?”
[They] will be fine, and they will have
absolutely no memory of this horrible place!

ON FIRE! ‘Hannity vs Former Obama Advisor’ - Sean Hannity - Fox Nation
“Discussions got heated between Sean Hannity and former chief economic advisor Austan Goolsbee while talking about jobless claims and the national debt.”

About the following story, I wish I did not know.

Elmhurst College Becomes First in Nation to Ask Applicants their Sexual Orientation
“‘Would you consider yourself to be a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) community?’ That optional question makes Elmhurst the first school in the country to ask applicants about their sexual orientation or gender identity, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.”

Glenn Close. Glenn Far. - J-List Tumblr
Big Government? Obama Has 273,000 Fewer Federal Employees Than Reagan
“Federal employment data reveals that Republicans not Democrats increase the size of government. Under President Obama the US has 273,000 fewer federal employees that it did under Ronald Reagan.”
Escape the Clouds // Steampunk Music Forged from World and Industrial Influences
Action: Help Bring Canadian Oil to American Refineries “There is no resolution yet on a proposed $7 billion Canadian-U.S. oil pipeline, as President Obama has continued to delay his decision to approve it.”

that‘s my starting issue 007

With so many images captured by my Motorola that I never published to Facebook, I am having a little fun with WordPress for Android. Kitto I must write a disclaimer about the strong language that will soon appear in this post.

From Back to the Future, Dr. Emmett Brown reminds us: “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour... you’re gonna see some serious shit.”
65 million people await Hurricane Irene’s wrath
“Hurricane Irene’s main thrust was still a day away from North Carolina but heightened waves began hitting the state’s Outer Banks early Friday as the storm continued trudging toward the East Coast.” - I Had Friends On That Death Star
T-Shirt, Hoodie, or Tote Bag
Tourists ordered off tiny NC island ahead of Hurricane Irene - NBC Action News
“With Hurricane Irene approaching, evacuations began on a tiny barrier island off North Carolina early Wednesday.”
David mentioned his liking a related song by Bob Dylan, and another song by The Scorpions; that‘s my starting issue, 007.
In Case of Earthquake, Do Not Tweet [cartoon]
“When an earthquake strikes, what’s the first thing that Americans do? Seek shelter? Nope. They tweet. Twitter exploded with tweets within seconds of yesterday's earthquake in Virginia that was felt as far North as New York City. Kind of reminds us of the In Case of Fire, Do Not Use Twitter safety sign...”
Twitter / Simon Pegg: “By brand recognition I mean the psychological technique used by marketing people to draw audiences into the theatres with familiarity.” ... xkcd sucks.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Much trouble 002

From Deadlock: Planetary Conquest,
“This could be much trouble.”

Water One began excavation for the coming improvements to our street on June 28. Their work was done a few weeks ago, yet the gas service company and Surewest until yesterday had open trenches, although with the proper netting. Our telephone, cable TV and Internet services were down last night and today because the new optical fiber had not yet been spliced to the cross-connect over the next block.

In truth, I really should be more patient and more understanding in this situation, especially for the greater good of society in America. The J-List side blog observes: The Japanese are the Politest People.
Usagi Drop
“Watch the latest episodes of Usagi Drop on Crunchyroll now. By force of circumstances, a 30-year-old single man with a full-time job suddenly starts raising a 6-year-old girl. While running each other ragged, the two of them gradually grow into a ‘family’. This is the long-awaited anime version of ...”
Usually, I watch Family Guy on Adult Swim in the evening, so I was impatient to watch the above series, which is ironically about patience and virtue. I later had trouble with my mobile broadband adapter, but a call to Verizon Wireless, and allowing the unit to charge, solved that problem.

JCCC Student Environmental Alliance
recycles candy wrappers

“In order to find ways to recycle and reuse even more everyday items, JCCC student Kaylen Peterson and other members of the Student Environmental Alliance have started a Candy Wrapper Brigade. They will be collecting individual candy wrappers, large candy bags and multi-pack candy bags, which will be recycled into useful items by Terracycle.

Collection bins disguised as candy bars will be stationed in the Center for Sustainability in CC 305 and the Center for Student Involvement in COM 309 with more locations coming soon. Join the Candy Wrapper Brigade by collecting candy wrappers in your class or office space and depositing them in one of these specially designed bins.

Also, visit the SEA and their Candy Wrapper Brigade at Campus Kickoff as they launch their new campaign. Email for more information.”
I don’t know what it is ♪

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Web Wanderings 023

I may be an easy person with whom to find fault, but it was not I this time!
East Coast of US shook by Virginia earthquake
“I don’t [know] if any of you on the east coast of the United States felt that 10 minutes or so ago (I felt it here in New York City), but according to the United StatesGeological Survey, a 5.8-magnitude earthquake just hit Virginia.”
OK OK OK that was yesterday, and the spelling of spyder can potentially be different in reference to a car than in reference to the silly animal.
Ferrari 458 Spider
“Ecco come funziona la capote della Ferrari 458 Spider”

Oh My Gosh, Jalopnik, Oh My Gosh!”

Top Gear + My Little Pony = My Little Top Gear
“God bless whatever ancestors of technology that toiled for decades at shrinking transistors and mapping images into math so that we could have this: the best mash up of Top Gear you’ll ever see.”
“Stop! We’ll leave, but someday you’ll be eating a fast-food burger, and boom! You’ll be crawling with us again. Ever wonder what makes special sauce so special? Yo.” Futurama “Parasites Lost” (2001) - Memorable quotes on
Twitter / Bryan Redeker: “Looked at the new Camry during lunch and it reminds me of how much I dislike midsize sedans. Zero excitement anywhere in that car.”
How the Toyota Camry is killing our dreams
“We received some bad news this week. Mazda’s rotary engine died again, while the Toyota Camry just keeps on living. Here’s why we should care about the rotary engine, and why no one reads magazines about toasters.”
From, EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING has been issued for 66202 Expires at 19:00 CDT on 08/24/11... Great, that will pass after I arrive at the Great Mall of the Great Plains tonight for another Roving Imp show!
Anime Matsuri 2012 - Mirai Landing
“Anime Matsuri presents Stephanie Young as Mirai Anime Matsuri 2012 - Mirai Landing Music by Celldweller Produced by AM Studios Anime Matsuri is an Anime and Japanese pop Culture Convention hosted just North of Houston in The Woodlands. Come join...”
Yes, come join us on Saturday, August 27 at 7:00 p.m. for the Robot Parade, my class show, and my performance in the second season of the Next Big Improv Show at the Roving Imp in Bonner Springs!

Monday, August 22, 2011

that‘s my starting issue 006

Well, I was watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic this morning, when my manager called. My coworker, who was now supposed to be working in the morning on Monday, called in sick. I am now working this morning, so such is the first interesting challenge of today.
The 5 Principles of a Profound Workday | zen habits
“What should we put in this room? Do we want to spend our limited space on busy-ness, on making money, on quick transactions and calculated meetings?”
Twitter / Scott Christian Sava: The results are amazing. But the time involved for just one shot is daunting.
Cloud Tutorial
“I had the time to create a video tutorial based on clouds :) I would like to thank Damian Nenow for this opportunity showing us on how to create clouds without any expensive plugins. sources | Nenow theory Autodesk® 3ds Max® with Damian Nenow …”
LET’S SEE WHO TRULY READS MY STATUS: You and I wake up in a small, purple Volkswagen Jetta together. We’re wearing Stormtrooper costumes and have a Jack o‘Lantern, a digital camera, five 10-sided dice, and a large jar of peanut butter. USING THREE WORDS ... What would you say to me? NOTE: IF you comment, YOU MUST COPY and PASTE this to YOUR STATUS ... So I may comment on yours as well. Be a good egg and play along.
David Rushing commented on my status: “Yea! Peanut Butter!”
VIDEO: Bunny Girls and Robots in NCsoft and Carbine Studios’ ‘WildStar’
“NCsoft and Carbine have unveiled the upcoming sci-fi MMO WildStar. Travel through the wilds of space as an Explorer, Soldier, Scientist, or Settler. Fight aliens beasties with a Momentum Meter based combat system. And, check out the cinematic trailer below.”
A Hatsune Miku version of anything is welcome, Crunchyroll ~ !
VIDEO: ‘DAICON IV Opening Animation’ Hatsune Miku ver.
“The 7th MMD (MikuMikuDance) Cup has officially begun. MMD Cup is an open video competition using freeware animation programs ‘MikuMikuDance’ or ‘RinRinDance(β)’. One of the most popular video among Japanese anime fans so far is PonpokoP’s ‘Twilight’. The video is faithful homage to ‘DAICON IV Opening Animation’.”
Twitter / Simon Pegg: “Having emptied the attic, I’m about to tackle the cellar. After that, who knows? Perhaps the old, abandoned mineshaft where them kids died.”
Four Basic Types of Strength & Conditioning Exercises.
“There are four basic kinds of exercises in every strength & conditioning program which I prescribe. These four kinds of exercises build the foundation which you need as an athlete or even just ...”
Your expectations of me are likely set too high.
WordPress: 22 percent of new active domains in US are ours
“WordPress, the popular Web publishing software, now powers 14.7 percent of the top million Web sites in the world and is used in 22 percent of new active...”
Sometimes my posts to WordPress seem to automatically compose themselves!
Growth of WordPress
“Over on the blog, there’s an interesting story about the growth of WordPress, the software that powers here, and the ecosystem around it. is different from every other...”
Is this better weather for working or what?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What do you know 014

Early today, John, Denise, David and I finally watched Stardust. I had previously seen the ending at the home of Denton. We had been promising to watch the film at the Roving Imp Theater for six weeks.
A place where ‘bottom line’ and ‘family friendly’ are compatible - On Parenting - The Washington Post
Working Mother magazine has named Discovery Communications in Silver Spring one of the 10 ‘Best Companies for Kids.’”
The Saturday before my birthday, John, David and I viewed Clarkson: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,where Clarkson pontificates as to whether America had made any properly fast, properly built, and properly handling car in 2006.
Social Media and Kids; The Good and Bad
“Is your child spending too much time on Facebook? A new report reveals that children who check-in at least once in a 15 minute study-period, are more likely to get lower grades.”
For any earlier than 2009, I cannot blame Facebook for my academic performance.
The 8 Things Android Fans Can Expect from the Google-Motorola Deal - Tested
“Android will change, but still stay the same.”
My Chevy Cavalier posted 26.784 miles per gallon or 8.75 liters per 100 kilometers at QuikTrip.
Android vs. iPhone: Battle of the Mobile Operating Systems [Infographic]
“It seems every day there’s a new study pitting iPhone owners against Android users. Here’s the latest, from the fine folks at hunch, which points out the...”
An enchanted chain could be quite useful. :-)
Google’s New Feud With Facebook
“Google alleges that Facebook is blocking links to Google+, the search giant’s new social-networking service. Dan Lyons reports.”
You know, at least until a unicorn happens along.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Celebratory note 016

My father Mikely sold his Ford Trucks diesel yesterday evening, which was Friday. I recently contributed to the finances of the family, and found myself a little short. I’ll C-note you in the morning; I haven’t Ben this tired in a while!

Friday, August 19, 2011

MBH - my brain hurts 015

The mention by Nifer of Simon & Garfunkel on Pandora caused me to think of Simon & Simon, and more specifically Gerald McRaney, the Chevy Camaro, and Ram Trucks.

my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Oh Pinkie Pie, You So Silly
See more at My Little Brony

I kind of like that Facebook has grouped posts about Cadillac concepts, the Infiniti JX, and the Lexus GS for me today.
Cadillac Ciel Concept Debuts At Pebble Beach
“Six years ago, Holden took the popular FJ-based hot rod concept and turned it on its head, revealing the cartoonish and unquestionably powerful-...”
These also share the platform with the Chevy Cruze:
GM Announces Its Most Luxurious Volt Yet: The Cadillac ELR | SmartPlanet
“General Motors announced that it plans to create a production version of the Cadillac Converj Concept.”
After I bought some Hot Pockets yesterday, my Chevy Cavalier posted 28.82 miles per gallon or 8.132 liters per 100 kilometers at Sam’s Club.
Mark Templin Officially Unveils the All-New 2013 Lexus GS
“See Lexus General Manager Mark Templin unveil the all-new GS at Pebble Beach. It is unforgettable styling, industry-leading technology and invigorating performance.”
Twitter / Jason Kincaid: “I love that the only human interaction necessary during a SeamlessWeb food exchange is some affirmative grunting.”
Infiniti JX Concept - Infiniti JX Concept Car First Photos and News on
“Infiniti JX Concept [was] revealed at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This new future car from Infiniti tells us the design language comes from the Infiniti Essence concept and it’s a language we understand. The grille certain says Infiniti and we particularly like the shape of the greenhouse.”
Prison » Pay Your Carbon Taxes To Al Gore Or Space Aliens Will Attack
“Having failed with drowning polar bears, global superstorms, rising sea levels and a myriad of other manufactured hoaxes, global warming alarmists have invented a new threat to try and persuade us to pay carbon taxes directly to Al Gore and the global elite – vengeful environmentalist extraterrestrials.”
... In my mind this almost sounds like a story from The Onion ...
Europe & US need freedom most of all - Ahmadinejad to RT
“In an exclusive interview with RT, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pointed out that the 21st century is about knowledge, while nukes are the means of ...”
Twitter / Laura Ingraham: “Regarding Biden’s trip to China,
did he take his knee pads with him?”
Obama’s Getaway: Martha’s Vineyard
“Obama Getaway Postcards from Martha’s Vineyard - Send One Today!”
Some days you just have to say, “What?” - J-List Tumblr
Evangelicals Question The Existence Of Adam And Eve : NPR
“Some conservative scholars are saying publicly that they can no longer believe the Genesis account. Genomic evidence is too strong, they say, to believe in a historical Adam and Eve. But for some, this questions the fundamental nature of Christianity, creating a profound rift in the community.”
Study Shows Born-Again Christians Have Smaller Brains
“A study from Duke University Medical Center has found that born-again Christians may have smaller brains than other Protestant believers. by Dave Bohon”
Food prices may predict riots - Holy Kaw!
“As England continues to clean up its cities and sort through court cases brought on by this month’s riots, one may wonder what ripens conditions for social unrest in other areas of the world. Though it’s not clear whether this is the case in England, food prices often set the stage for riots around ...”
Report: Apocalypse Actually Happened 3 Years Ago
“MENLO PARK, CA—Though the event went largely unremarked upon at the time, a report published Monday by the Kaiser Family Foundation has found that the apocalypse, or end of the world, occurred three years ago.”
Joy to the fishes in that impossible movie with LL Cool J.
Val Kilmer’s Easy Listening Album
“The sound of rain blends with layers of acoustic guitar under Kilmer’s breathy Tenor and faux Texas drawl. If you liked Kirk Van Houten’s ‘Can I Borrow A Feeling’ then you’ll love whatever this is...”
Joy to you and me.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Celebratory note 015

Following my recent acceptance to Johnson County Community College, I have registered for Intermediate German I, and yesterday /)^ɛ^(\ received the shirt that I ordered from Noisebot.
Coincidentally, through a conversation with a fellow worker after the All Staff Breakfast, I found out how much such would cost.
Men’s Fashions That Women Hate - Fashion + Beauty on Shine
“There are plenty of things we love about men, but sometimes the way they dress leaves us wishing we’d worn our over-sized sunglasses while out in public together. Men always seem to have opinions about what we wear, so here’s our turn to sound off! Read on to find out the things men wear that women ...”
TRON Vader [Pic]
“He’s Darth and Chad’s tech-savvy brother. (Seriously, though--there’s no credit for this image to be found. Anyone know where it’s from?)”
As Mikuru Asahina would say, “That’s classified.”
Spied: 2013 Jaguar XKR-S
“Jaguar takes aim at the new M5, RS6, and E63 Our Teamspeed spies catch this ‘big bad cat test’ mule today which at...follow for more as always!”
Sure, scientists so say, and such follows as always.
Underwater volcano erupts as predicted - Holy Kaw!
“Scientists have successfully predicted the eruption of an underwater volcano for the first time ever, proving that what’s been done on land, can be done in the oceans. Martin Berman reports.”
In one half hour, I will be paying for my class, and buying my textbooks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Staff Breakfast, Fall 2011

My place of work is an educational institution, and the week, before students return for the semester, is full of in-service meetings. The All Staff Breakfast is for everyone a few hours before the President of the College speaks. The image to the left contains the president of Fiat and is more related to this tweet than the address today.
Twitter / Martin G.: “Twitter, help: I’m attending the Toyota Camry launch next month, what is the absolute most BORING outfit I can wear? Sweater vest?”
The mid-size segment is actually quite dull in America, especially the Camry; however, the new Malibu is at least somewhat influenced by the Chevy Camaro... My friend Denton said, “Oh My Gosh,” to finding a new AMIGA 1000x made by Commodore USA.

Maximum PC | Computer Cleaning 101: A Complete Guide to a Dust-Free PC
“Anyone can buy a PC. Most of you astute Maximum PC readers can build a PC. And an elite cadre of you can even build a tricked-out PC with lights, and tubes of fluid flying everywhere, and a beautiful side panel that shows off your system’s tricked-out insides.”
Ditsy Doo (Derpy Hooves) (happy), “Ford Fiesta.”
Ken Block’s Gymkhana 4 is automotive hoonage, Hollywood style
“If you’re Ken Block and you feel the need to top your previous and ridiculously popular Gymkhana videos with a fourth installment, what do you do?”
Why, the Roving Imp Theater has another show at the Great Mall of the Great Plains tonight. Readers, you are now informed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

see what I did there 003

In order to qualify for in-school deferment, Plan Alpha is to use my eligibility as a part-time regular employee to register for one course this semester at no cost.
Twitter / Tom Sullivan: “And by free, I mean I’m entering the denial stage that is the student loan grace period.”
Of course (see what I did there?), the cost of books and other materials are still my responsibility. ... This man has yet to figure out exactly how he will campaign.
Gov. Rick Perry: The Candidate Obama Would Fear the Most - HUMAN EVENTS
“The Texas governor got the same hand-off from George W. Bush as the President, and ran it into the end zone.”
For some, the campaign is now done.
Tim Pawlenty Pulls Out From 2012 Presidential Running | Neon Tommy
“Two-term republican governor from Minnesota, Pawlenty entered into the 2012 presidential race under the banner of government control and reform. But despite his ambitious attempt, Pawlenty failed to gain significant support from his audience.”
Saab pulls out of Frankfurt auto show - AutoWeek
“A Saab spokesperson told Automotive News Europe that the carmaker will concentrate its resources on restarting production at its factory in Trollhatten, Sweden.”
After I bought some Hot Pockets yesterday, my Chevy Cavalier posted 28.82 miles per gallon or 8.132 liters per 100 kilometers at Sam’s Club. This morning at QuikTrip, I liked that she said, “Thank you, sir,” as I held the doors for her. She indeed owned the white Pontiac Sunbird (Mark II Cavalier) and had the cutest freckled face that I had seen in a while.

Summary of Improv Goals 006

The most important work that I have done is having an emotion toward the other player, and yesterday John noted that I required no prompting to so do. I also added details to the scene.
As often as I do improv each week, one would assume that I would update the summary of my goals for my improv more often, and much time has passed since the last update.
Saturday, August 27 at 7:00 p.m. is the Robot Parade, my class show, so please come and see the unexpected at the Roving Imp in Bonner Springs! That same evening is also the next my performance in the second season of the Next Big Improv Show.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A second out of phase 003

On Egocentric Universe, this will be post number 425, with which I could almost again celebrate Happy Big-Block Days.
425 - Buick V8 engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“This was the largest version of the ‘Nailhead’. It began as an option in 1963 on the Riviera and it was later available on the Wildcat and Electra models too. The 1964 and 1966 Riviera had the 425 engine as standard equipment.”
Before seeing to Holy Cow in Thunderdome on Saturday at the Westport Coffee House, I was proven correct when I expected that Imo’s Pizza should ironically be free of weepy teens and hipsters; indeed no “emo” people were there.
Hipster Awareness PSAs
“I think I will consider myself fortunate that my orientation to my new college didn’t include a screening of ‘Hipsters (are roaming the campus).’”
... I find myself again feeling a second out of phase, and the end may already be upon us.
Sharepocalypse, and why social sharing is noisy | Gravity7: Social Interaction Design By Adrian Chan
“Mashable’s recent post on the social media Sharepocalypse has caught everyone’s attention. Author Nova Spivak breaks down the issues social media users face in the sheer volume and diversity of sharing activity across our favorite social networks. And comments on some of the resources and solutions...”
To share more on Twitter, I am taking a little break today from sharing on Facebook. An article in Autocar, “A week in a Mini E,” suggests that no purely electric vehicle is good for traveling long distances.
Marchionne: Gas and diesel cars will rule, not electric-cars | egmCarTech
“Despite all of the hype and push for electric vehicle motoring, people are starting to realize that EVs don’t have ...”
This man has yet to figure out exactly how he will campaign.
Ron Paul Is Front Runner, Establishment Panicking!
“Ron Paul won the Iowa republican debate, Paul is winning most of the straw polls. Ron talks about the real problems and has constitutional solutions. The glob...”
The Fix observes, “How attacking Michele Bachmann is making her stronger.”
If You Thought Newsweek’s Cover Photo of Bachmann Was Bad Wait Until You Read the Story..
“When even the ultra-liberal National Organization for Women is attacking Newsweek’s cover photo of Michele Bachmann as sexist it's clear that magazine has sunk to a new low, but the Lois Romano companion story may be even more insulting than the ‘Queen of Rage’ photo itself. The article for the August...”
An interesting point of view can be found in The Onion.
Somebody’s Got to Save This Country From Certain Doom, And Let’s Face It, That Person Is Me
“Our country faces a moment of extreme crisis. We stand at the verge of an utter breakdown of our economy, our government, and our way of life.”
“Patience, young one,” the Russian hurriedly said to himself.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

that‘s my starting issue 005

I have just confused Old Chicago in Olathe with Uno Chicago Grill, where I could have used a coupon, if they were not two or three states away. This My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic version of a song caused me to wonder what lobster roll was, and now I just wish I didn’t know.
MLP PMV - I’m Awesome
“Original song by Spose - I’m Awesome”
Somehow the P‘Zone offer was burked. All right, I just missed it. Well, that‘s my starting issue, but something could be better than Cowboy Bebop, but I have no idea what that could be.
Possibly the Weirdest Car Website Ever Features Girls Getting Stuck
“For most of us guys, all it takes is a moderately attractive female showing some skin to get our attention. But some guys need more. Like these videos where hot chicks take cars like the Camaro and Corvette, get them stuck, and then stomp the gas pedal... for the next 23 minutes.”
I denied everything, especially that I was Alan. The spelling of his name changed when we moved to this world line. The caller concluded that he had the wrong number.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Know Your Meme
“4chan’s troll-tastic obsession with rainbows and unicorns reaches a new mark with My Little Pony, an animated TV series inspired by the colorful pony dolls.”
To how many conclusions have I jumped recently?
Ford reports F-150 sales are being overrun by V6 engines
“We can’t say we're surprised. After our first sampling of the latest Ford F-150, which received four brand-new engines for the 2011 model year...”
2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Technical Specifications
“The source for official specifications, payload, towing capacity, and other information about the 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 from the truck and SUV experts at Truck Trend.”

Ford Confirms New 300+ HP Focus RS
“Ford has been mum on the future of the Focus RS, but word from Australia is that the next-gen RS is a go, and it could be packing a serious punch.”
Have I even jumped recently?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Celebratory note 014

John Robison and Keith Curtis are performing as Dictionary Soup this weekend in New York, and no shows are at the Roving Imp Theater this weekend, so last night I saw a great set from Improv-Abilities, Tantrum, and a middle set with players from both troupes.
Tantrum - Kansas City Improv Comedy
“Kansas City Improv Comedy Group - Tantrum - performs regularly in Westport. The group has seven of Kansas City's most experienced improvisers.”
The show was great, as great as the notes Dennis DuPont made about the performances, and I got to catch up with some friends that I had not seen in a long while.

Friday, August 12, 2011

YBH - your brain hurts 008

After I shared the following link, John said, “Chris! I’m so proud of you! You’re reaching out!”
Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’
“WASHINGTON, DC—Mere days from his inauguration, president-elect Bush vowed to undo the damage not done by the Clinton Administration.”
To be fair, that was from The Onion.
New GOP Strategy Involves Reelecting Obama, Making His Life Even More Miserable
“WASHINGTON—Calling a GOP victory in the 2012 presidential election antithetical to the party platform, top Republicans revealed a new long-term political strategy Tuesday: reelecting Barack Obama and making his life even more of a living hell than ...”
Twitter / rstevens: “The one relationship I’m in and unsatisfied with right now is my current pound of coffee. It’ll be over soon.” ... YBH - your brain hurts.
Video: Airbags Deploy on Drifting Camaro
“Cars these days are loaded with safety devices, from anti-lock brakes to stability control to a plethora of airbag options designed to go off in case of an accident. Or, as happened to this new Camaro, when the driver pushes the car a little bit too hard...”
“I wish someone gave me a trophy and a 2011 Camaro convertible just for doing my job,” Carl Brutananadilewski from Aqua Teen Hunger Force reflected, “I’m done! Enjoy the trophy Packers, because THE G-MEN WILL TAKE IT FROM YOU when football resumes.”
What to expect from Tebow in the preseason?
“Fran Charles, Jamie Dukes and former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress assess whether or not Tim Tebow will be effective with the Broncos.”
I have no idea who any of those people are, so my friend Michael Czerniewski agreed to enlighten me:
“First off, one of these guys, Brad ‘Mr. Tony’s doppelganger’ Childress, was the most recent coach for Minnesota. Secondly, I'm not shocked that they'd be talking about Tebow’s style of play like this. They’ve talked about how Tebow needs to adjust his style of play, especially transitioning from a primarily shotgun QB to the more traditional under-center QB, for the pros since he was still at Florida - which, to the kid’s credit, he’s been working on. He’s also had the timing of his passes heavily questioned, and that’s something else he’s been working on. Tebow has a full year of pro football under his belt now, so it will be interesting to see how he's progressing as a pro QB.”
I have updated my entertainingly shallow and pedantic blog.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Celebrating Ramadan at the White House

Celebrating Ramadan at the White House

“The White House continued a long standing tradition of hosting an Iftar—the meal that breaks the sunrise to sunset fast Muslims observe during Ramadan -- the holy month in the Islamic calendar.”

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You can walk or deny 007

Twitter / Jill Bernard: “Really, Wisconsin? Really?” ... None may walk or deny; Remember November?
Wisconsin GOP holds off Democrats in recall elections
“Republicans held onto control of the Wisconsin Senate on Tuesday, beating back four Democratic challengers in a recall election despite an intense political backlash against GOP support for Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to curb public employees’ union rights.”
Twitter / Martin G.: “S&P has downgraded twitter to 120 characters, Google+ has become Google-, Facebook has become Facebooklet.”
Missouri mom sends message to Congress by airplane - NBC Action News
“A Missouri mom upset with Congress and about the S&P downgrade sent a message in an unusual way.”
Yes, and we have a new nick-name for president One Big Ass Mistake America, “President Downgrade.”
Obama Downgraded, Tea Party Vindicated
“Barack Obama provided a gesture in the form of the nearly $1 trillion Keynesian stimulus package, which, though five times as big as Bush-Pelosi, still created exactly 0.00 jobs.”
The experiment has been a failure and an unmitigated disaster.
Obama and the quicksand summer
“It’s not as bad as it looks for President Obama. It’s not as bad as it looks for President Obama.”
The One-Termer We've Been Waiting For
“Unemployment and health costs are going up and Obama’s going down.”
American Tipping Point
“The view from Hobbitville as House passes debt ceiling and Tea Party principles are the new Hush Puppies.”
“You know [liberals]... a bunch of bitchy little girls.”
Liberal Rage Won’t Stop the Tea Party’s Rise | John Samples | Cato Institute: Commentary
“The tea-party contingent in Congress drove the Republican leadership to bargain harder than it otherwise would have on last week's debt-ceiling deal. Liberals have rightly concluded that the tea party is changing political outcomes. Their response has been to equate tea-party members with terrorists.”
Actually, that would be you, Al Gore.
Al Gore Turns Up The Heat: Climate Skeptics Are Peddling ‘Bullshit’
“Al Gore is using this hot summer to turn up the heat on climate skeptics. The former vice president angrily denounced ‘bulls–t’ from climate skeptics whom he accused of emulating the disinformation tactics once used by the tobacco industry.”
None may walk or deny, 007.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Postscript to Experiment 013

My efforts to craft a happy birthday number 2^5+2^0 were successful. The Saturday before my birthday at the Roving Imp, John, David and I viewed Clarkson: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, where Clarkson pontificates as to whether America had made any properly fast, properly built, and properly handling car in 2006. The Sunday before my birthday, my family and I had Church’s Chicken, angel food cake and strawberries. Perhaps I am becoming less of a twit, I finally bought some new pillows, and protectors and covers for them last night at Walmart.
MLP PMV - I’m Awesome
“Original song by Spose - I’m Awesome”
I am almost able to now recognize from which episode each of those scenes is. Admittedly, pony music videos are twenty per cent cooler than their anime counterparts, and I should probably relate to something better.
‘Six Behaviors That Increase Self-Esteem’ by Denis Waitley
“Following are six behaviors that increase self-esteem, enhance your self-confidence, and spur your motivation. You may recognize some of them as things you naturally do in your interactions with other people. But if you don’t, I suggest you motivate yourself to take some of these important steps …”

Single stream recycling arrives at JCCC

“This summer, JCCC added more recycling containers around campus, and shifted to ‘single stream’ recycling for most indoor containers. That means that if the material can be recycled – whether it’s plastic, paper or cans -- it can go in the container. No sorting required.

The single stream recycling containers can be found inside buildings across campus, and are easily identified by the Saturn-like opening in the top. A circle accommodates cans and bottles; the straight line that extends through the circle allows paper to slip through.

What goes in the container? All types of paper, aluminum and metal cans and nos. 1 through 7 plastic. Cardboard can be recycled, too, but should be flattened and placed next to the bin instead of inside it.

‘It’s proven that more people will recycle if it’s easy for them,’ said Michael Rea, JCCC’s recycling coordinator. Eliminating the need to sort materials should increase the volume of material that’s recycled instead of sent to the landfill.

The domed containers for cans and bottles that once dotted indoor hallways have moved outside next to trash cans.

In addition to the single-stream recycling opportunities, JCCC students, visitors and employees can recycle a variety of materials at the school. Read more about recycling at JCCC here.”

From the Back to the Future Trilogy, Doc says: “Better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe: women!

This is senseless 009

This is senseless.
Philadelphia Mayor Talks Tough to Black Teens after Flash Mobs – ‘You Have Damaged Your Own Race’
“Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths ‘you have damaged your own race,’ imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest ‘flash mob’’ — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.”
This is senseless.
Twitter / jeffalopolis: “Read a story about a youth minister who covered 4 teen girls with honey and then secretly filmed them showering off....”
Pastor Films Naked Teen Girls Showering at Church – No Prosecution Due to Statute of Limitations
“Using a hidden video camera, a Texas man filmed four naked, honey-drenched teenage girls while they showered at a church where he worked as a youth pastor.”
Twitter / jeffalopolis: “I’d register my utmost shock describe the great many feelings welling up within me, but it's awfully hard to type one handed ...”
This is senseless.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Personally, I have always felt some isolation, because my birthday was always one or two weeks before the beginning of the year in elementary school. I never had the foresight of Jessica Lee Moss: to celebrate my half-birthday with the class. My birthday is always on the same day of the week as the Fourth of July and Halloween. With the exception of leap years, my birthday also is the same day of the week as Valentine’s Day, a date which I regard with some disdain.
Five Reasons You Think You Don’t Like Karaoke.
“My friends and I do karaoke fairly regularly, usually at least once a week. I find hanging out in bars incredibly boring, but karaoke gives you something to do, something to talk about, and a ...”
Twitter / Jill Bernard: “My modern weird pet peeve: I dislike when people create a Twitter account for a known fictional/historical figure and post antithetically.” ... Pinkie Pie, Pinkamena Diane Pie, and Pinkie Pie all exist for that purpose on Facebook.
More images of the Endora SC-1 - based on the Chevy Corvette
“German tuner Endora-Cars has released these latest renderings of their upcoming SC-1, based on the Chevrolet Corvette. Thankfully, the rear wheel-well covers of the previous SC-1 renderings are gone.”
Please, be specific with your gratitude.
How to Enter a Room - Entrepreneur Video Network -
“Our Esquire Guy columnist explains how to make a good impression before a meeting even starts.”
Rule 34 is implied when Rarity says, “Gently, please.
Why Split-Testing is Like Sex in High School | Copyblogger
“We idolize the exploits of the people we look up to, and try to skirt the mention of our own experiences (and shortcomings).”

Pat Goss once said something about the following on MotorWeek.

Convertible Top Care And Maintenance (Video)
“Back when all cars had canvas tops, keeping them clean and in good repair was just another part of motoring, like greasing axles and gapping ignition points. These days, however, convertible tops, like convertibles, are the exception rather than the rule, and keeping them in good repair is fast ...”

Curse you, convenient censoring cell phone! - J-List Tumblr

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where was this 011

In the above image, from Holstee, is the next best advice of which I have ever been the recipient. While the present song on Alice 102 may be new, the sound is similar to the early 1970s.
Martha Quinn is older than the president (some perspective on MTV’s 30th anniversary)
“Today is MTV’s 30th anniversary. It launched on Aug. 1, 1981 -- or about 4 months after the first space shuttle mission. NASA finally retired the shuttle fleet last month. MTV signed on the year...”
My family and I had angel food cake and strawberries for my birthday today.
How To Stay Motivated When Your Blog Is Invisible
“Okay, invisible is a little strong but having a blog that is not attracting the visitors you want will feel like it is...”
TechCrunch | Is G+ Putting Facebook On The Defensive?
“If it’s not obvious yet, Google+ is going to be able to ‘undercut’ Facebook when it comes to game developers and platform transactions. Instead of taking a 30% cut of all Farmville seeds (or whatever people are buying), Google will be able to take a smaller percentage for themselves. They may even ...”
Ten Unbelievably Strange Units of Measurement
“Not everything can be measured in meters, seconds, or the size of a breadbox. Sometimes, to quantify something, extreme and silly steps have to be taken.”
As my grandmother once said, “The strongest cards you have, are the ones you haven’t played?”

Friday, August 5, 2011

Chris, Krys, Kurisu

This title almost sounds like someone calling me because I am in trouble. The spelling of Christopher, or even my preferred nick-name Chris, may vary greatly among cultures and fictional characters. Through elementary school, one or two other Chrises were in my class, and I never had the foresight of Topher Grace. Years ago, while I was more into Pokémon and only two styles of GameBoy were required to play, the Crystal version was released.
Pokémon Crystal - Pokémon Gold and Silver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pokémon Crystal (ポケットモンスター クリスタルバージョン, Poketto Monsutā Kurisutaru Bājon?, ‘Pocket Monsters: Crystal Version’), for the Game Boy Color, is the seventh game in the Pokémon video game series in Japan, and the sixth in North America and Europe. The game is an updated version of the previous two versions…”
Chris was a pre-selected name for the player in that version. One of the two movies, which I suggest for viewing at the Roving Imp Theater, will be Rainbow Brite.
Krys - Rainbow Brite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Met in the movie and later appearing on the show, Krys is a resident of Spectra. He is taller than Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids. He wears a space helmet and helps Rainbow Brite defeat the Dark Princess. He utilizes a small wrist-mounted prism that's powered by Rainbow Brite’s rainbow. It usually…”
Finally, a character in my present favorite series on Crunchyroll, Steins;Gate, is named Kurisu.
Main characters - Steins;Gate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“The story of Steins;Gate begins on July 28, 2010, in Akihabara, with Rintarō Okabe and Mayuri Shiina heading towards the Radio Kaikan building. Inside the building, Rintarō finds the body of Kurisu Makise with a pool of blood in a room. He leaves the building with Mayuri in a panic and sends a …”
My friend Raa posted the following as her status:
A= ka, B=tu, C= mi, D= te, E= ku, F=lu, g= ji, H= ri, I= ki, J= zu,
K= me, L= ta, M= rin, N= to, O= mo, P= no, Q= ke, R= shi, S= ari,
T= chi, U= do, V= ru, W=mei, X= na, Y= fu, Z= zi ... then paste
your Japanese name below... :)) ... share this... it’s FUN :)
Like so many other things, I have not yet done that.