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Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, this year is ending lousy

While working to install the new laundry center upstairs, my fahter was inconvenienced by my laundry in the downstairs dryer. My mother, and my sister Kimberly are in the living room with my other sister Pamela, who is playing on the Wii. Because my bills from Dell and Sears have arrived, I am soon going to the Mainstreet Credit Union.

After going to Price Chopper, which had no parking, Walmart Neighborhood Market, which had no bread at least that I could find, and Hy-Vee, Inc., I think that I have everything for the party tonight at the Roving Imp !

Puddles under my eyes have aggravated my sinuses. Everyone is okay, and the cars have no visible damage. I just do not like the possibility of a claim being filed against my insurance. For now, regroup, take a nap, and cry for a while.

my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Daft Pony

Electronic dance music, especially by Daft Punk, soothes me.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

MBH - my brain hurts 009

At least two different interfaces appear on my Motorola Droid 2 for posting to my Facebook profile.
Top 10 Android Apps For Bloggers | Money Dummy Blog
“A few weeks ago I got a new cell, a Droid X, this is the best phone I have ever had. Every day I find new ways that this cell let’s me do things.”
Back on my Dell, I once again have the option for ‘No Thumbnail’.
Logo Redesigns of 2010 – The Good and Not-So-Good Ones! | LogoBlog - Top Logo Design Company Review
“There have been numerous logo redesigns in 2010, some were good, some not-so-good, while some had its share of controversial moments. These include BP logo redesign, Gap logo redesign, MySpace logo redesign and many more...”
One of these logos is actually political. Whitney Beiler, you might observe that I forgot to retweet the initial source.
Hypothesis, Model, Theory & Law
“Information on formulating a scientific hypothesis. Here you will also find discussions of models, theories, and laws, as well as the differences between them.”
Sorry, 98.1 KUDL, but I will not be one to ‘crunk it up’ with you.
This behavior is very uncharacteristic of you. Is this a cry for help?
The end of Pimp My Ride forces Xzibit to file for bankruptcy
“Read this car news article from Thursday, December 30, 2010. The well-known rapper and host of MTV’s Pimp My Ride is a hair’s breadth away from filing for bankruptcy.”
Lauren Wants To Know a good question, and Chevrolet is offering no payments for the first 120 days, yet I would still not be able to afford that Chevy Cruze. I remain so very sorry, Superior Chevrolet.
Stop the Internet Blacklist
“A group of powerful Senators -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- have signed onto a bill that would vastly expand the government’s power to censor the Internet.”
These people do not know about what they are speaking, yet neither do I.
10 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic
“Blogging can be fun if you are passionate about your subject but it can be frustrating if the analytics show that you have no traffic to your blog or website. That means that no-one is reading your insights and is appreciating your writing. It is a little lonely. It is like writing a book and it is.”
Facebook Fakes Become Misdemeanors Starting 2011
“Starting this Saturday, pretending to be someone else on Facebook becomes a misdemeanor crime in California.”
Tonight at the Roving Imp Theater, like your girlfriend, I might be doing an impression of Schwarzenegger.
Every Damn Week Another Movie:
The Star Wars Holiday Special
“For the Christmas season, I sat down and watched the most terrible and bizarre holiday program ever thrown up on the screen. Carrie Fisher sings! Bea Arthur sings! A stormtrooper falls off a balcony! It’s all here on The Star Wars Holiday Special.”
In the act of deleting a sponsored station, I accidentally deleted my favorite station from my Pandora, so I deleted them all, and I created a new Sharam radio! MBH - my brain hurts, 009.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What do you know 011

The issues that I had with PayPal were due to an increase in credit. I should exercise some caution, or at least this eBay coupon, like your girlfriend.
Hexavalent Chromium In Your Drinking Water? « News and Views
The Late Show with David Letterman once parodied this Julia Roberts and her receiving an Oscar® for Erin Brockovich.
‘Erin Brockovich’ Town Shows No Cancer Cluster
“Hinkley, California, the town made famous in the Oscar-winning Julia Roberts movie Erin Brockovich, does not show any evidence of an increased rate.”
Surprisingly, Julia Roberts also does not show any evidence, yet I surprisingly cannot find that specific parody.
Beauty of the Web
“As amazing as the web is, its potential is immeasurably greater. Internet Explorer 9 was designed to let that potential shine through.”
Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would also cheer for eBay coupons!
The Art of Oban Star-Racers (English Edition)
“Illustrated with scores of previously unpublished production and pre-production artworks, this beautiful art-book includes both an exclusive presentation of the whole Oban universe, character by character, and a detailed account of the production of this unique franco-japanese collaboration. A must have for all Oban-fans as well as for all those interested in the production of Japanese anime.”
Electronic dance music might actually bother my sister Pamela in the same way that some of her musical selections actually do bother me.
“Democracy vs Republic”
We must acknowledge these and other differences when we go for groceries at either the Price Chopper or the Sam’s Club.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stale zaniness 003

I cannot understand the appeal Most Shocking on truTV has for my mother, but I do understand why my father would like for me to clear my bins and boxes from the path to the furnace.
Guess what I am doing this afternoon?
My life is not yet like that.
Dj Hixxy & Styles ft. Lou Lou - ‘Happiness’
I first went to the Mainstreet Credit Union, and then I went to the Post Office to mail some documents for my father and a bill for myself. I had some Taco Bell, unlike your girlfriend. Before chili for supper, I had success in emptying one bin.

At the home of Denton, I later had fun playing on the Wii.

Monday, December 27, 2010

An offer that I cannot refuse 005

Top Gear via the YouTube is awesome!
Video: Top Gear Three Wise Men Christmas Special in its entirety - Autoblog
“Tags: bbc, james may, jeremy clarkson, richard hammond, three wise men, top gear, top gear christmas special, top gear three wise men christmas special”
Although not an endorsement, James May was on a New York broadcast for this system.
A delightful concept that … inspires a daily practice.
“Non‐religious and non‐spiritual, the 48 plus concept is a healthful obsession that is safe, direct, and motivates continuity. A consistent flow of simple stretches targets major muscles, glands, organs for a wholesome stretch and body revival.”
Dr Pepper caused me to belch and spew pieces of crackers on to my Dell, yet fortunately none were wet pieces, like your girlfriend.
S60 News and Awards | Tools | Volvo S60 | Volvo Models |
“AUTOMOBILE Magazine All-Star Award Each year, the editorial staff of AUTOMOBILE Magazine choose only ten vehicles for their annual All-Star award. Not surprisingly, the All-New Volvo S60 is one of the recipients of this prestigious award.”
Who shall next receive my dining dollar?
Santa Fe Body, Inc Automotive Body and Collision Repair
“Santa Fe Body, Inc has been serving your automotive body and collision repair needs for over 45 years. If you’ve been in an auto accident.”
McDonald’s has already today, so perhaps Arby’s or Quiznos shall on my way to the Roving Imp tonight. For Quiznos, I had a coupon.
Taco Bell’s $5 Buck Box
“It’s game time at Taco Bell. The Touchdown $5 Buck Box is ready to tackle the biggest appetites. Hunger won’t know what hit it!”
Joey O’Hare and Laura Chamberlin, I am futuristic as I listen to electronic dance music as I surf the WEB ~!
Dr. Dre - Kush ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon
“Music video by Dr. Dre performing Kush. (C) 2010 Interscope Records.”
At the Circle K, I bought fuel, and my Chevy Cavalier posted 27.216 miles per gallon or 8.861 liters per 100 kilometers.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where was this 008

Two corrections now need to be made: David Rushing, the last corner on the Top Gear test track is named after Michael Gambon, and Chez Wilson Massey, when the SureWest bill has not even arrived, I do not even know why I am writing cheques now.
Printing Ultra-Thin Circuits Into Banknotes Could Give Electronic Security to Paper Currency | Popul...
“Earlier this month, it came to light that the new high-tech U.S. $100 bill was so difficult to counterfeit that even the U.S. mint couldn’t properly master the production process, causing printing problems that eventually led the Treasury Department to quarantine $110 billion in new currency.”
Well, this contest is lost; I have neither an idea nor a video camera.
Garnier - The Better Way
“Shoot A Better Way video and you could be on your way to winning $10,000 for the best 48 hours of your life.”
While I appreciate the efforts of the Ford Motor Company, I also prefer Holden Special Vehicles.
Ford shows Aussies whos Boss with special FPV Falcon
“FPV Boss 335 GT – Click above for image gallery There’s no shortage of similarities to be found between Australia and the United States.”
Regardless, good advice is contained therein.
HOW TO: Land a Job at Microsoft
“Here are some tips and resources from the company's recruiters and employees for landing a job at Microsoft.”
They told me to share this page.
Crunchyroll - PerryViking’s Profile Info
“ has free online anime videos including Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Skip Beat, and Shugo Chara. Start watching episodes now. No registration or downloads required.”
Created Cell - Artificially created cell called a scientific feat - Los Angeles Times
“In a major step toward the creation of artificial life, researchers announced Thursday that they've created the first cell controlled entirely by DNA assembled from laboratory chemicals.”
That is what she said, like your girlfriend:
Zac Efron Burning Rubber in His S5 As He Pulls In | Celebrity Cars Blog
“With a driveway like that I can't say it would be easy to get in but it's still funny watch Zac Efron as he pulls into the driveway of Vanessa.”
One does not have to hold down the pedal long to do a burn-out!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas, 2010

With this Dr Pepper, Nintendo Wii controller, and Reese’s Big Cup, my sister Pamela knows how to shop for me.
Click Here to Meet New REESE’S Minis
“Although the adorable Baby Peanut Butter Cups only weigh 3.5 grams, they’re a total handful.”
My father and mother bought me some sport casual socks from Adidas at the JCPenney Outlet store.
“I hope you all have a wonderful day fill with family and friends. From my family to yours.
Merry Christmas from the Bauer family.”
Starring Bing Crosby, we watched the musical White Christmas, which I bought for Kim. Later we will be fortunately watching Despicable Me, so I can again join them.
“Enjoy today enjoy tonight
hope all of your next year is fruitful and bright!”
Involved in another household project, my father is removing a cabinet from the upstairs bathroom, installing pipe fittings and receptacles in the upstairs bathroom, and installing these fittings to the pipes in the laundry room below.
The SharkBite® Connection System | Cash Acme
“Our SharkBite push-fit fittings are the fastest, easiest way to join copper, CTS CPVC and PEX pipe in any combination. With no soldering, clamps, unions or glue.”
To the Founders of the Feast, my thanks.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve, 2010

Sorry, father, I am selfish and forgetful. Thank you for purchasing the new winter coat for me at the Burlington Coat Factory last Thursday!
“Burlington Coat Factory presents! Save on coats, mens, womens, kids clothing, baby bedding cribs, accessories, linens, rugs, home fashions and MORE! We’re More Than Great Coats!”
A day off work begins my family together; we are all spending the day alone in our respective rooms. ;-)
A First Person Shooter Video Game in Real Life
“Are video games still not really real enough for you yet? Well check out what they could possibly be in the future as a group of guys brilliantly recreate a first person shooter game in the woods.”
Ben Bernanke and George Soros, this bowel movement is for you, Merry Christmas!
Read a Sample of Where Keynes Went Wrong
“Sample from the book Where Keynes Went Wrong by Hunter Lewis, a criticism of Keynesian Economics.”
With their unsuccessful re-election, Obama and Biden will keep us from a double-dip re-session.
4G-LTE | Verizon Wireless
“It’s finally here. The technology that will change the way you see wireless. Actually, it’ll change the way you see everything. Eventually every wireless carrier will have 4G. But not all 4G networks are created equal. Verizon 4G LTE provides wireless options for a previously wired world.”
My Motorola Droid 2 is not a compatible device, and the service is not available in the City of Overland Park, Kansas.
Porsche 911 Turbo v Nissan GT-R v Audi R8 V10 | evo features
“In the course of an epic Welsh road trip, the new, more powerful and more focused 911 Turbo takes on the Audi R8 V10 and its arch nemesis, the Nissan GT-R.”
One must love the British motoring press. The family has started the VHS copy of A Muppet Christmas Carol. Also, together we watched a Top Gear episode on the BBC America.
A Christmas Carol - 2010 Christmas Special - Doctor Who - BBC AMERICA
“Learn more about ‘A Christmas Carol,’ the Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special!”
My sister Pamela, despite disliking the Top Gear, watched regardless. Truly miracles do happen! She also gifted me a Reese’s Big Cup.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stale zaniness 002

F-forget the one-horse, open sleigh ~! YEAH ~!
Chevy Camaro Snow Performance
“Gold medal performance. Winter or Summer. The vehicle featured is a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, with V6 304HP and 19'' all-season tires.”
Wild, and wildly entertaining! Certainly some wider symbolism exists because it is French, like your girlfriend.
Logorama - Pulp Fiction for Brands
“Here is something for all you brand freaks out there. The Logorama short film. It’s not for kids, it’s nasty, it’s cruel - but it is incredibly well made.”
Ha Ha Ha HA! I bought groceries today!
I am grocer than both of you!
OBAN STAR-RACERS (c) Sav! The World Productions / Jetix Europe 2006”
Much time has passed, Savin Yeatman-Eiffel.
And thou doth accept the Paypal.
A Gabriela Robin Site »
Yoko Kanno + Seatbelts Compilation CD
“A Gabriela Robin Site - A site dedicated to Gabriela Robin, Yoko Kanno’s apparent alter ego. Has the Gabriela Robin Wolf’s Rain and Arjuna lost song samples (“Heaven’s Not Enough”, “Cheza’s Song” among others).”
I do enjoy that closing theme.
Oh, hey, I am having another Zaphod Beeblebrox moment.

Heaving bosoms say along with a Golden Girls performance,
“Play the game.”
Edition 79 G55 -
“Hello TS!, I just got the car today, This is a 2010 G55 AMG Edition 79, which basically is a 30th anniversary model celebrating the year 1979 when the...follow for the pics and details!!”
I have used ‘stale zaniness’ at least two other times on this blog, so I thought that I should outright use ‘stale zaniness’ as a title.
Be more. PBS.
Full Program, The Buddha, PBS Video
“Filmmaker David Grubin presents the story of the Buddha’s life and teachings.”
I verbally informed the Tom Kessler about The Epic Pre-Christmas Three-Country Show tonight.
Test Drive a Chevy and Get Two Tickets
to the Kansas City Boat and Sport Show
As they say on the Initial D, “Don’t miss it!”

MBH - my brain hurts 008

Construction caused me to detour to 95th Street, where I bought some fuel at the Circle K, my Chevy Cavalier posted 27.211 miles per gallon or 8.613 liters per 100 kilometers, and I had some shrimp from the nearby Long John Silver’s.
“The sidewalk north and east of the Billington Library, adjacent to the Regnier Center and Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art at Johnson County Community College, will be closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 22. A crane will be working in this area to lift a new air handling unit onto the library roof.”
Twitter is becoming quite pushy: “You’re using an older version of Twitter that won’t be around for much longer.” The Onion has a way of satirizing things.
Repeal Of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Paves Way For Gay Sex Right On Battlefield, Opponents Fantasize
“WASHINGTON—As Congress prepares to allow gay individuals to serve openly in the military, those against the proposed change voiced their concerns Monday, warning the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ could soon lead to strong, strapping American soldiers engaging in mind-blowing homosexual intercourse.”
In reference to the mindset of the opponents in the article, I quote a FOX entity other than Fox News, Independence Day:
“Uh... Mr. President. That’s not entirely inaccurate.”

“What, which part?”
We should phoqueing applaud this!

This ‘administration’ and this ‘Congress’
actually accomplished something! | GALLERY: 76 Photos of Porn Stars in Christmas Attire
“Last week, I decided that I was so sick of seeing videos of drunk or dancing Santas as the only holiday shit we post, that I was going to do something about it. That ‘something’ obviously had to involve porn. After all, isn’t there just something about the holidays that makes you want to lock the...”
In truth, the Holy Spirit is epoxy resin, and we the Church are pressed particle board.
Diddy advice for the Day!... Stay away from weirdo cornball ashy hatin ass Broke mofo’s!!! Stay Fly and Stay positive! +++++energy! Take dat”
With grammar like that, how can one possibly disagree with his incoherent advice? This question haunts my very being.
FYI: What Is the Evolutionary Purpose of Tickling? Popular Science
“You probably know that you can’t tickle yourself. And although you might be able to tickle a total stranger, your brain also strongly discourages you from doing something so socially awkward. These facts offer insight into tickling’s evolutionary purpose, says Robert R. Provine, a neuroscientist at...”
As Mikuru Asahina would say, “That’s classified.”

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebratory note 008

This is going to be EPIC!
Roving Imp Theater
“It’s holiday-style trivia fun with TrivProv!

John takes on three prodigal performers -
all Roving Imps that now live in different parts of the world:

Nifer Honeycutt of Chicago,

Hannah Mott of southern England,

and James Nelson of Tuebingen, Germany.

Only one will survive to the end
to compete against John one-on-one!”
And this will continue to be an EPIC:
“Biblioclast destroys another classic work of literature or cinema tonight, creating a brand new work of comedy.

Then, Deep Space Emily receives alien visitors, and the crew doesn’t quite know what to think.”
As they say on the Initial D, “Don’t miss it!”

Celebratory note 007

Born yesterday, my sister would agree.
Top 10: Alpha Females
“Is Salma Hayek the woman who best embodies ambition and beauty?”
Sad news for Alpha and Omega indeed.
Psychedelic Images to Aid Study of Wolves with Mange
“While most of us are used to seeing wolves in grey and black, new images from Yellowstone National Park show them in a range of psychedelic colors. This is not a new species of wolf, but part of a study to research disease in the park’s grey wolf population.”
Oh, Canada! My sister’s birthday is actually today!
Happy birthday, Pamela!
Eclipse Gum. Incredibly Fresh Breath.
“Unlock secret footage from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Codes from specially marked 12 ct packs and 60 ct BigePaks of Eclipse gum reveal the secrets within.”
As Zach Colt-McMahon and John Robison already know, until I search Google, I do not become aware of Cake music lyrics.
Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake
“I want a girl . With a mind like a diamond.
I want a girl . Who knows what’s best. .
I want a girl . With shoes that cut.
And eyes that burn . Like cigarettes. .
I want a girl . With the right allocations.
Who’s fast and thorough. And sharp as a tack. .
She’s playing with her jewelry. She’s putting. . ”
Happiness is when the music fades just as I am parking my Chevy Cavalier. Ahem, quite a celebratory note, eh, 007?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Where was this 007

Yes, unbelievably, I have been out of the loop on the Los Angeles Auto Show.
2012 Range Rover Evoque Five-Door | Los Angeles Auto Show
“Making its world debut in Los Angeles, the new 2012 Range Rover Evoque five-door puts a more practical spin on the three-door 2012 Evoque Coupe that officially debuted in Paris.”
Much time has passed since I last looked at Autoblog, but fortunately they are now on the Facebook. The question is not so much where was this, but where was I.
Memory Sandwiches
“That’s right: Improve your memory, one sandwich at a time. We have 6 recipes to get you started. Hungry?”
Mm, yes, food for thought, and I also remember this make of motorcycle in Yes Man, a line from which was the title of my last post.
Ducati murders out the Diavel in Diamond Black
“It doesn’t get much hotter than the Ducati Diavel, the long-anticipated Italian.”
I also remember this brand from Tron, with music by Daft Punk.
TRON | The Official Site | Disney
“Welcome to the official site of TRON! News, information, videos, and more about the movies, console and online games, and products are coming soon! Get on the grid when the TRON: Legacy movie releases in 3D in theaters December 17, 2010!”
This was pretty awesome on the Top Gear on the BBC America.
Epic Big Rig Drifting!
“Pro Racer and Stunt Driver Mike Ryan shows Hot Rod Magazine his incredible Freightliner race truck. Mike is the 9 time class champion with this rig at the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb. In this video he shows us that with enough skill and brute force, almost anything can drift.”
Of course, I cannot really ‘listen’ to that video at work, but I have been reminded of a book for which to look on
The Stig’s Book – Ben Collins Autobiography
“So the identity of The Stig has been confirmed by Ben Collins, the man who played the role for the past seven years, you happy now?!.”
Ben Collins won his lawsuit, and the title is available as an e-book or back order at BORDERS BOOKS & MUSIC. Top Gear has many controversies.
Limbaugh: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Now Show And Tell
“Rush Limbaugh on Nina Totenberg and the repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell.”
For some, Limbaugh is a religion.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Responds to HRC Petition “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement through a spokesman following the delivery of a petition by the Human Rights Campaign.”
Perhaps I poorly chose that transition, and to half-rhyme was not my intention.
GM Turns Booms From Gulf Oil Spill Into Chevy Volt Parts
“GM has recycled tons of plastic that was used to clean up last summer’s massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, using it to build parts for Chevy Volt cars.”
Stephanie Pollock quotes, “‘Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.’ - Mother Teresa”
Google Launches Site for Teaching Tech to Your Parents
“The folks over at Google have launched, a ‘tech support care package’ that’s meant to help kids teach parents about computer basics.”
My father should find that site to be useful. Which might end our co-dependent relationship, I hesitate to show it to my mother.
HowStuffWorks ‘Top 5 Programs Finding New Uses for Old Technologies’
“See which top 5 programs are finding new uses for old technologies in this article by Find what technologies are making a come back in new useful ways.”
20 geeky holiday decorations - Holy Kaw!
“A glow-in-the-dark nativity set just doesn’t cut it for a certain demographic that needs a little more nerd to truly make the holidays their own. Geek me up, Santa!”
Thank you again, Guy Kawasaki. Where was this, 007?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I will be right with you

Officially a party, I am listening to Cake music and eating ice cream ~!
Comic-Con 2010: Nikita
UGO checks out the premiere of The CW’s Nikita during Comic Con 2010.”
Whenever I create a new station on the Pandora, I have tendency or at least a need to ‘like’ every played song, such behavior is also typical for me on the Facebook.
Gorillaz vs Daft Punk
“Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. Use Vimeo if you want the best tools and highest quality video in the universe.”
Those treats were good. | SOLAR
“Plant a tree, (solar) bake a Cake John McCrea, Sac’s most famous singer-songwriter, goes green, raffles off saplings, stands up for degenerate songwriting alcoholics everywhere By Rachel Leibrock Cake singer-songwriter John McCrea has never been one to shy away from sharing his worldview.”
Using tabbed browsing can sometimes be confusing.
Human and Robots: Visions of the Future
“Robots might be our great allies or our greatest foes. Robots and humans may live and prosper together, or robots realize they don't need as that much. 3d artistic visions of that future.”
5 Signs Your Girl Friend Wants to be Your Girlfriend
“5 signals potential girlfriends send”
Girls Trying To Be - Tomb Raider Underworld Lara Croft
“‘They Can’t Become Like Me’ - Lara Croft”
My sister Kimberly knows that Asian Martin is correct:
“Soul, Scion, Cube...are they still GenY cars when their customers use Efferdent? The real GenY car is a decade-old USED CAR.”
I will be right with you.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Web Wanderings 016

My alarm was set to go off in twenty minutes.
17 Hilarious Anti-Theft Signs -
“Some people think the best weapon to fight robbery is communication. Or at least having a sense of humor.”
I also have been rubbing my right eye too much.
Ladies and Gentlemen Illusion | Mighty Optical Illusions
“I’ve found both of these optical illusions festering somewhere on my desktop computer. I always thought they were well produced, yet never felt they really”
I am going upstairs for some Benadryl.
10 Amazing Tricks to Play with your Brain
“The Mind is the aspect of intellect and consciousness experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination, including all”
Pamela, my sister down the hall, do you want some Benadryl?
GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept: Diesel-Powered Off-Road Awesome
“The GMC Sierra All-Terrain HD Concept’s a badass, no doubt. It’s big. It’s macho. It’s American. And unlike the Ford Raptor or Ram Power Wagon, you can get it with a diesel engine.”
She said no, but thanked me kindly.
“We’re streaming cuteness. We’re dedicated to doing good. We’re out to make the web a better place. Thank you for supporting Mozilla Firefox.”
Stephanie Pollock poses, “How will you cultivate gratitude in your life today?”
15 Most Creative Beds - (cool beds, kids cool beds)
“From a Magnetic Floating Bed to the Hamburger Bed, some seriously cool beds.”
I have “cultivated gratitude” for the bottle of Pepsi Max from QuikTrip, which has made me awake enough to enjoy the following links:
15 Examples Of Awesome Automotive Art | WebUrbanist
“Our cars, ourselves - and if tattooing our bodies is desirable, arting up our cars is as well. These 15 artistic automotive expressions illustrate how some are driven to put a personal stamp on the steel skins of the 4-wheeled objects of our affection.”
I have found other objects of my affection.
Oktoberfest Girls - My Fun Space
“Last weekend in Munich, Germanian famous beer festival - Oktoberfest. As always, this means a lot of beer, sausages and good German girls!”
Oktoberfest is indeed good German girls!
Daily Picdump - Oktoberfest Girls (44 pics)
“Welcome to the hottest site on the net for daily galleries full of funny and interesting pics.”
These are funny and interesting pictures.
Top 50 Photos Taken at The Perfect Time
“To make a perfect photograph you need a good camera, steady arm, a lot of luck and a perfect moment. Here are top 50 photos taken at the perfect time!”
Denton has a few Russian objects at his home.
English Russia » Tsar Bomb
“Interesting news from Russia in English language.”
Well, it just got a little too real in here.
Fairy tales in the Modern Edition - Weird Existence
“Brazilian artist Cris de Lara engaged in graphic and web design. As an illustrator and digital artist, Lara, along with her husband, so far has done a lot.”
Jane ‘Makes You Wish You Could’ Seymour has a prolific career.
Cartoon Characters Behind the Scene
“Alternative version of famous cartoon stories which were going on behind the scenes of cartoons. Result are female cartoon characters who have a new, completely different appearance.”
“See More, hm.”
South Park (Female Version) | Barnorama
I came across most of these links after clicking on a link somewhere on this site:
Mario Kart Wii - The Mario Kart Racing Wiki - Mario Kart, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart 64, and more
“Mario Kart Wii is a kart racing video game by Nintendo for the Wii console and the sixth game in the Mario Kart series. The game was released on April 10th, 2008 in Japan, April 11th, 2008 in England, 24 April, 2008 in Australia and 27 April, 2008 in USA. The game is packaged with the Wii Wheel.”
We sometimes play this title at Denton’s home.
Inner Peace and a Great Butt |
“Follow this at-home routine three times a week for a firm, uplifted yoga butt.”
Let’s maybe consider the Wii Fit.

Friday, December 17, 2010

General, don’t listen to just any old phoque.

General, don’t listen to just any old phoque.
Futurity.orgUnmanned drones track Arctic seals
“Research news from leading universities”
An episode of Family Guy, “Quagmire’s Dad” had this French word in the first scene; kitto I will earnestly use the word similarly throughout this post, like your girlfriend would conjugate queue.
Seel (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
“The horn on Seel’s head is exceptionally hard, and its made of toughened bone. Seel has a tan-colored muzzle with a small black nose, small tusks, round eyes and a tongue that is often seen outside of Seel’s mouth. It lives in the frigid waters of the arctic, surviving because of its thick blubber.”
what has phoqueing happened to my wall?!”
Smithsonian Christmas-Season Exhibit Features Ant-Covered Jesus, Naked Brothers Kissing, Genitalia,...
“A crucifix in the video ‘A Fire in My Belly,’ part of the ‘Hide/Seek’ exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. The image shows Christ on the cross with ants crawling over his body and face. ( Starr)”
So maybe we should just phoqueing seel our eyes?
Art Rant: The Washington Post Rails Against ‘Small-Minded Intolerance’ of Cantor, Boehner | NewsBusters...
“It’s quite clear then, that the meaning is: Jesus is being trashed and is rotting because of the Christians who somehow refuses to treat the victims of AIDS, and their anti-gay gospel is somehow ‘abrogating’ the true Christian religion. How this is supposed to be less offensive to Christians is more than a bit puzzling -- especially considering all the Christian health care workers who’ve cared for AIDS patients over the last 25 years.”
Curmudgeon Central might be more phoqueing annoying than “Sweet E-‘moat’-tion” by Aerosmith.
Gay Bashing at the Smithsonian
“It still seems an unwritten rule in establishment Washington that homophobia is at most a misdemeanor.”
Even a week later, that label phoqueing ticks me off. In order to feel phoqueing superior, how many phoqueing labels does the phoqueing Left need to phoqueing create against folks with different sensitivities than them? The time was to take action:
Tell The Washington Post: “Stop Supporting Smithsonian Smut!”
“Have Your Letter Hand-Delivered By the MRC! MRC has identified the key liberal media offenders who have supported the Smithsonian Smut either by their silence or glowing praise. The leading offender is the Washington Post which published a favorable review, attacked critics of the exhibit.”
I did not phoqueing know that deadlines existed for things on the YouTube.
Lame-as-F@#k Congress - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 12/13/10 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
“The Republicans’ ‘we’re the only party that understands 9/11 and its repercussions’ monopoly ends now. Airdate - 12/13/10”
South Park: Imaginationland Episode III - Leprecons Are Real Goddammit!
“Cartman breaks into the Pentagon to try to make them over turn the Supreme Court’s ruling.”
My movie buddy Raa and I will try to go to Tron tomorrow; she has something this afternoon and tonight I have Local government: How it impacts you, why your participation is needed. I think my breath smells fine.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What do you know 010

Twitter Blog: It’s Business Time
“Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world.”
A way you may know, hold yourself in the same stance as your current profile picture.
Twitter / sheri strykowski: Facebook CEO ...
“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Named TIME’s Person of the Year ReadWriteWeb
Well, their short list consisted only of a ‘president’ and that guy from Wikileaks.
If You Look Like Mark Zuckerberg...
“The CBS show, The Good Wife, is hiring a Mark Zuckerberg look-a-like to play a role referencing the CEO of Facebook.”
An extremist fryer, like your girlfriend, who you gonna call?
Best Science Fiction Movies - Most Prophetic Sci-Fi Movies Ever - Popular Mechanics
Directed by Ivan Reitman. With Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis.”
As the semester winds down, please remember that the college will reopen after winter break on Tuesday, Jan. 4.
15 Pictures of Pandas Playing in the Snow
“Because if you’re in New York or thereabouts, let’s face it: all you can think about today is the snow. And if you’re somewhere else: Pandas! Some of them baby pandas. So: fifteen pictures of pandas in the snow.”
Kawaii! Our manager and his wife made a gift basket of cookies for each of us.
Twitter / Anime Otaku Stuff: The Cougar Trap DVD (DVD) ...
The Cougar Trap DVD (DVD) newly tagged anime
My family trades names for Christmas. Whoever has my name asked me last night what I wanted, and I have no idea.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bring the beat back 001

Japan Heals Paralyzed Monkeys Using Non-Embryonic Human Stem Cells
“In the debate over stem cell research, it’s not just about what you can do, it’s how you can do it. Scientists in Japan recently announced that.”
Depending on the political leaning of Starlit, this practice is suddenly less objectionable.
Interview: Starlit’s Simara Rose « earsucker
“I recently had the chance to ask Starlit’s frontwoman, Simara Rose, a few questions. She was more than happy to oblige. She has such a positive message, as posted on her myspace page, as well as powerful lyrics and rocking riffs.”
To which the answer can only be found in a museum of archaeology, the image on her site slightly mentions, “Urs.”
Wonderful Gallery of Science: ArchaeopteryxGEARFUSE
Living some 150 million years ago, Archaeopteryx sported feathers and a saurine skeleton. Standing on the brink between dinosaurs and birds, Archaeopteryx has long represented the concept of transitional species so intuitively important in the acceptance of Darwin’s theory of natural selection.”
OK OK OK, I suppose that would be a museum of paleontology; unless the skeleton is supine, like your girlfriend was with me last night. OH! Thank you for that word supine, Justin.

Volkswagen and Gilt Groupe celebrate the all-new 2011 Jetta.
“This week only, Volkswagen and Gilt Groupe are celebrating the all-new 2011 Jetta. Three days for three special Jetta models at a very special price. Get ready for this groundbreaking event.”
I concede, that was the second worst pun that I have ever made, and Asian Martin says:
“A Jetta for $5,995? I think the thing cost $5,995 to build...”
I suppose that would be asking too much of this relationship though .
“The scariest, most damning cable to come to light from Wikileaks. Biggest national security threat we’ve ever faced.
From Chad Maag, the preceding must be shared in context.
Official: 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR - BBC Top Gear
“Top Dog of Porsche’s motorsport range unveiled for next year’s racing season. You wants it...”
I am so glad you are also on the Twitter.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nothing unreal exists.

Caveat Emptor...Ghost Radar Is Fake | COMMERCIAL INDIGNATION
“It would seem, from the vast array of tom-foolery going on the in the western marketplace, that the people of America (the Continent) are entirely the most gullible people on the planet.”
Very well, I suppose, the realization comes that You Are Not So Smart, like your girlfriend.
You Are Not So Smart
“Devon Laird sends this animation which showcases how the illusion of transparency can make you believe you could can tap out a song’s rhythm to communicate what you hear in your head to another person, but you really need more cues.”
FAMILY GUY - Preview #3 from “Road To The North Pole” airing 12/12!
I have been more convinced by the reindeer in the Vampire Wars on the Facebook.
Lexus: Darker Side of Green
“Check out Darkcasting, the world’s first ever after dark in-car talk show. Join our host, Whitney Cummings, and her guests as they drive and chat their way through 6 cities across America.”
Twice as nice as veggie chili in a bread bowl, I am an epic work of fan-fiction, at which your grandmother would cringe. The time is too early to be witty.

An offer that I cannot refuse 004

On Sunday, a found coupon led me to the purchase of a bottle of Pepsi Max at QuikTrip, where I also bought gasoline and an eleven-pack of Mountain Dew Voltage, and my Chevy Cavalier posted 26.492 miles per gallon or 8.846 liters per 100 kilometers.
Twitter / MaxandAl: Join us in the #braveOn ...
“Join us in the #braveOn cause. ‘Like’ OnStar on FB & they’ll donate $1 per fan 2 the families of fallen officers
Congratulations, Max and Al!
2011 Motor Trend Truck of The Year: Chevrolet Silverado HD Video - Motor Trend Video
“Check out the 2011 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, the Chevrolet Silverado HD, in this video by the automotive experts at Motor Trend.”
My sister and my mother are watching Top Gun to understand a reference made on Psych.
“I don’t need to watch it [Top Gun] to get the reference.
I did explain it [the reference] to mother though.”
Meanwhile I watched the Family Guy Christmas special on FOX Broadcasting.
FAMILY GUY - Promo for “Road To The North Pole” airing 12/12!
“Catch a special 1-hr, Christmas-themed FAMILY GUY on SUN 12/12 at 8:30/7:30c! (‘Like’ on Facebook) (Follow on Twitter) Watch full episodes:
A 2005 Ford Mustang preceded me and an Audi followed me onto I-35 this morning.
“And thirdly, the code is more what you’d callguidelines’ than actual rules.”
Later I was far enough back from a semi-trailer truck, which crossed three lanes to exit the Overland Parkway for I-435.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

An offer that I cannot refuse 003

My mother just inspired another blog entry, a positive blog entry. So thus began a back and forth between Sheri Strykowski and myself:
“@chris_m_hurt TY Chris. Hope you are staying out of trouble today

@writer_sheri Yes, my mother is helping me sort through some of my bins.

“@chris_m_hurt that sounds like you’re 9 years, old, Chris ahah”
@writer_sheri I never claimed to be any more mature, and some things about me never will change.

“@chris_m_hurt & that, Christopher is why i like u ahah”
I do not act by age. Rarely, like your girlfriend, am I ever any more mature than a nine-year-old. I have updated my usually shallow and pedantic blog!

Friday, December 10, 2010

An offer that I cannot refuse 002

The plight of small pickup trucks continues. Why Chevrolet, the Ford, GMC, or Ram cannot make a decent product in this segment is beyond my explanation.
US-South Korea Trade Agreement Aims To Eliminate Chicken Tax on Trucks - News
“The U.S. and South Korea have reached a deal on a permanent free trade agreement between the two countries that could see Korean-built pickup trucks imported into the U.S. without being subject to a 25 percent tax levied on most foreign-made pickups.”
Well, maybe in other countries, but that doesn’t fly in Anaheim.
Ron Paul to lead Federal Reserve subcommittee | Red County
Paul, in an interview last week, said he plans a slate of hearings on U.S. monetary policy and will restart his push for a full audit of the Fed’s functions.”
My belt has been loosened a notch, but I promised myself not to overdo it at the Information Services Branch Holiday Luncheon today.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

MBH - my brain hurts 007

There is a lot of ice cream leftover from the ATS meeting yesterday. It is in the freezer section of the fridge. But there are no bowls. Lame, like your girlfriend, let’s roll for awareness.
Most Americans Say They’re Worse Off Under Obama, Poll Shows
“More than 50 percent of Americans say they are worse off now than they were two years ago when President Barack Obama took office, and two-thirds believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, a Bloomberg National Poll shows.”
Christopher Hurt wonders, “Where are the priorities of this ‘president’? How about you create some jobs? Perhaps reduce the debt? Idiot is spelled O-B-A-M-A!”
I’m trying to find 6 people in the next half-hour who want to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ I just added my name to the growing list of Americans in support of repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’”
Let us see, Family Guy, what is in the Ann Coulter fridge today.
Don't Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Call Our Troops Homophobes
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Call Our Troops Homophobes - Ann Coulter: The Pentagon’s poll on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is beyond
The time is now Duck Season, especially with behavior like this:
House Democrats defy Obama on tax cut bill
“(CNN) -- Defying President Obama, House Democrats voted Thursday not to bring up the tax package that he negotiated with Republicans in its current form. "This message today is very simple: That in the form that it was negotiated, it is not acceptable to the House Democratic caucus’.”
Perhaps in other countries, but that doesn’t fly in Anaheim. Much like your girlfriend, I could also use a dance break: Chinese cosplay!
Humans dress like pandas to fools cubs - Holy Kaw!
“Coolest jobs in the world: ice cream taste tester, Muppeteer, alpaca farmer. Add another occupation to the list—panda impersonator.”
The panda is a silly animal, but a brilliant car, so Toyota finally took a page from the book of Fujiwara Bunta.
Toyota’s glass of water app aims to help drivers reduce emissions - Springwise
“Much the way Ford’s in-car driving coach aims to help drivers maximize their fuel efficiency, so a new iPhone app from Toyota Sweden hopes to help them reduce their emissions.”
Thank you, BMW, the world again makes perfect sense.
World Premiere: BMW 1 Series M Coupé (Press Release and Photos) -
“The 1M coupe is finally here!! Official Press Release With anticipation of enthusiasts around the world at fever pitch, today BMW M GmbH unveiled the...follow through for great images, press release, and more!”
MBH - my brain hurts, 007.

Postscript to Experiment 008

As briefly chronicled yesterday on this blog, President Obama was on MythBusters. Lame.

OK OK OK, so the episode of MythBusters was not fully lame, but asking them to again explore a myth, which they had already done three times, is lame.

Last night, host James Hyneman noted:
  • The mirrors failed to achieve the temperature needed to ignite the sail.
  • The show is not about replicating results, but experimentation.
  • The true genius of Archimedes might have been
    the blinding effects of the mirrors.
I understand the goal of the president to excite the youth of the nation about science; however, just doubling the number of participants did not change the result. In the broader sense, nothing this president has done has proven anything or changed anything for the better, although I might have to think about that.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An offer that I cannot refuse 001

A Buddhist friend, who oddly enough is not Nifer, once told Tom Kessler, “Instant karma does not exist. Karma is cumulative.” Even though this friend is inexplicably no longer my friend on the Facebook, I still trust his words.

My television is tuned to the Discovery Channel and MythBusters, but might not be in a half hour.
Twitter / Scott VonSchilling: Amazon lists F**k You as ...
“Amazon lists ‘F**k You’ as the #1 song of 2010. I fully support this.
Why hadn’t somebody told this president that they already did the Archimedes-mirror myth three times? Fortunately a new season of Naruto Shippuden begins next on Disney XD!

How ignorant of me, the purpose of science is
to investigate old results with new ideas.

Yes, I just admitted ignorance.

An offer that I cannot refuse 000

A blue Ford Fiesta hatchback passed me this morning, and a red Ferrari 430 went north on Quivira Road.
Ferrari F430 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“The Ferrari F430 is a sports car that was produced by the Italian automaker Ferrari from 2004 to 2009, as a successor to the 360. It debuted at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. Its replacement, the Ferrari 458 Italia, was unveiled on 28 July 2009 and is on sale now.”
For our Holiday Luncheon on Friday, I just promised to bring a case of Nestlé Pure Life water. In my GMX Mail, Chevrolet just sent me an Exclusive $50 Cruze test-drive offer, which I cannot refuse. If I test-drive a Chevy Cruze, then I will receive a fifty-dollar gift card to Target.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What do you know 009

I will likely be seeing Tron with my movie buddy.
Yahoo! Movies: TRON: Legacy (2010)
“TRON: Legacy (2010): find the latest news, photos and trailers, as well as local showtimes and DVD info at Yahoo! Movies”
I’m just burnin’ doin’ the ‘New Tron’ dance!”
The facts on nuclear weapons [infographic] - Holy Kaw!
“Scary, the last nation that wants to join the ‘Nuclear Club’.”
Okay, that was one of the worst puns that I’ve ever made.
Robinson: Obama Seems Ready To ‘Own’ Tax Cut Decision
“Eugene Robinson says the president does get judged about whether the recovery happened and if people feel it or not. However, after the tax cuts, Robinson reveals he is not sure if President Obama will get ‘credit’ for the recovery. Robinson says Obama seems ready to own the compromise”
Jalopnik, please do not assume that I did not consider any of these for my character for my profile picture.
The Ten Greatest Cartoon Cars
Fighting crime, winning races, and combating suburban malaise are all examples of the heroic tasks cars are called upon to perform with great frequency in animation. With your help, we’ve identified ten of the most awesome cartoon cars.”
If thou hast been looking at my mobile uploads, then thou will have seen much from my ordinary life.
Will Semi-Success Spoil Jean Teasdale?
“2010 was a banner year at good ol’ Casa Teasdale. In March, the tire center gave Hubby Rick a $2-an-hour raise.”
The Onion must wonder what would such do to this author, but they already have some rather valid ideas:
New Carl’s Jr. Bedtime Burger Designed To Be Eaten While Asleep
“CARPINTERIA, CA—Executives at fast food chain Carl’s Jr. announced today the release of the new Bedtime Burger, a sandwich designed specifically to be consumed while fast asleep.”
Okay, I admit that my humor is not as sophisticated as satire or farce; however, like your girlfriend, others also abuse puns.
Twitter / Scott VonSchilling: I’m going to have give ...
“I’m going to have give @SentaiFilmworks a verbal warning for too many cat puns on the back cover of Nyan Koi:
In another feline-related story, HipsForHire tweets the following:
“Making cat listen to ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ while he looks at the pigeons outside his window. He has leaped an fallen twice this AM!”
“A picture of lust and desire
Along with me, Sheri Strykowski also retweeted the following:
Twitter / Scott Frye: RT @jlist: Epic manga from ...
“RT @jlist: Epic manga from the new Samurai Girls fan-service anime. We love anime girls with swords.
QuikTrip was the stop for fuel, and my Chevy Cavalier posted 27.696 miles per gallon or 8.462 liters per 100 kilometers.