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Friday, October 29, 2010

Traitor to the Name Megatron

Back in my day, Transformers fandom split following the release of the animated series Beast Wars: Transformers. Unsatisfied with this new series in general, one of the factions used the phrase, “traitor to the name,” in reference to the character Megatron.

Although a debt of gratitude is owed to her for the organization of the BotCon in 1995, Raksha became even more notorious following her comments on the first episode of Beast Wars.
Kitto I must write a disclaimer about the images that appear in the advertisements on the following website linked in this post:
Encyclopedia Dramatica
“As you may know, Encyclopedia Dramatica is incredibly popular and generates massive, massive amounts of traffic. It’s controversial, uncensored and an amazing repository of internet history. In order to stay that way, we need a little help.”
The following is the article about Raksha:
Raksha - Encyclopedia Dramatica
“Raksha (her actual legal name. her birth name was reported to be lost to the sands of time but is almost certainly Jovanka Kink) is a notorious Transformers fan, known mostly for her creepy near-sexual fetishization of the Decepticons and her fervent insistance that the Decepticons are in fact the true heroes of the Transformers story. When not fawning over how awesome and handsome Megatron is, she writes fanfic where her Mary Sue character has sex with alternately Megatron, Soundwave and Cyclonus.”
For the record, I love every iteration of The Transformers, which is why I am so keen on the Hub, the channel formerly known as Discovery Kids, where the newest iteration of The Transformers is set to soon be broadcast. Anyway, I should return to my story.

Finding that Benson Yee consulted on Beast Wars and at least one episode (“Possession”) of Beast Wars loosely referenced on an episode (“Starscream’s Ghost”) from the original Transformers series, I formally decided that all the episodes were based on episodes from the original series, after noting the similarities between “The Trigger, Parts 1 and 2” and “Golden Lagoon”.

Blindly confident in this new knowledge, and just to be ornery, I decided to take on Raksha on the Transformers newsgroup. As I soon discovered, I had made the extreme jump in logic, which I do sometimes, like your girlfriend.

In her reply, Raksha called a cesspool. Her response completely destroyed me, and I have never apologized to her in the decade since.

Now you all know the real reason I truly do not argue politics today.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is senseless 000

This is senseless.
Mother Kills Baby For Crying While She Played FarmVille
“Alexandra V. Tobias, a 22-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida, pleads guilty to second-degree murder after shaking her baby son to death for interrupting her game of FarmVille with his crying.”
This is senseless.
ObamaCare: The Facts On Abortion
“A simple, factual explanation of how Obamacare expands abortion coverage in the United States. This video would not have been possible without the extensive research of the National Right to Life Committee ( Be sure to check our sources in the annotated footnotes!”
This is senseless.

Web Wanderings 012

Christopher Hurt likes the kind of pages that one can find by following Facebook ads.
Welcome to!
“So I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the Godspeed Turbos… Sooooo here’s what I’ve got so far. I’ve had the T28s on the car for about a month so far, I daily drive the car, drive it to LA from San Diego about once a week, take it to Arizona from San Diego about once a month.”
Christopher Hurt thinks that this might interest at least Chad Maag, and perhaps Sheri Strykowski.
I have PSD
“Photoshop dexterity (PSD) is a skillset acquired by proficient users of Adobe Photoshop, the world’s most ubiquitous digital tool for creating visual ideas. Qualities of PSD include supernatural powers of imagination and an overwhelming desire to constantly make the world more beautiful.”
Guy Kawasaki reveals another way that the world is constantly being made more beautiful:
Czech women seek designer vaginae - Holy Kaw!
“Nips and tucks, augmentations and suctions have expanded to below the belt, and we’re not just talking about butt implants. A plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic has seen an uptick in the number of women seeking so-called designer vaginae, Dr. Svatopluk Svoboda, who studied genital plastic surgeries.”
Because of my involuntary celibacy and my unwillingness to internationally travel, I doubt that I will ever actually see a physical example thereof, and I actually allowed the spell check to correct the plural form thereof.
the definition of thereof -
“Thereof definition, of that or it. See more.”
Christopher Hurt supposes that Hyundai is again putting the Ford Motor Company on notice.
Twitter / Adam Barrera: The EG Civic is my benchmark ...
“The EG Civic is my benchmark for small-sedan beauty. The first ‘New Edge’ Focus was arresting, too. That new Elantra might reset my compass.”
While watching the Discovery Channel, Christopher Hurt finds the hosts of MythBusters to be highly entertaining.
Mom & Pop Culture: 10 Great TV Role Models for Kids
“They’re geeky. They’re curious. And they’re relentlessly creative in their pursuit of such elusive truths as the relative difficulty of shooting fish in a barrel, the potential benefits of playing dead during a shark attack, and the effects of the color red on the mood of bulls.”
I see their work in frappes becoming more popular, like your girlfriend.
Almost Otaku: Steampunk - - Genre or Fashion Statement? - Anime Vice
“What? You don’t just walk around with a top hat and aviator’s goggles?”
Thanks, Auto123.
James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 meets 2011 DB9
“Read this car news article from Thursday, October 28, 2010. As reported by Aston Martin Gaydon, U.K. Ahead of the RM auction of the only remaining James Bond DB5 that features.”
Kitto I must write a disclaimer about the strong language that will appear in this post.
I am disappointed in the way Shit My Dad Says was adapted for broadcast on CBS.
Twitter / Justin: ‘He’s a politician. It’s ...
“‘He’s a politician. It’s like being a hooker. You can’t be one unless you can pretend to like people while you’re fucking them.’”
Christopher Hurt finds truth in the following statement:
Robots With Guns Are the Pentagon’s Equivalent of Booth Babes
“The Army is holding a military hardware jamboree in our nation’s capital, and like any trade show, companies want attention. But rather than hiring flirty models, Northrop Grumman is showing off a gun-toting robot they don’t even actually sell.”
Better things are on the way for your afternoon.
Twitter / Brandon Mendelson: Oprah pledged that on her ...
“Oprah pledged that on her channel you won’t hear anyone called a bitch. Discriminating against people with cerebral palsy? Still acceptable.”
If I enjoyed “Hare Hare Yukai” and Dr Pepper this morning, like your girlfriend, but I was disappointed by the Hot Pockets, then the goal of her organdie was achieved.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Next Big Improv Show, Friday, Oct. 29!

Hello All,

Thank you!

Just a reminder that my Next Big Improv Show happens this Friday, Oct. 29, with a 7:00 p.m. show. The Next Big Improv Show will likely go second.

I deeply appreciate and I am excited about your interest in seeing my performances at the Roving Imp Theater ( in Bonner Springs, Kansas.
The Next Big Improv Show is a reality-style competition, designed by the owner and director, John Robison (, whom you all have likely met at least once. The contestants will participate in a variety of improv challenges each week. Most weeks the contestants will be eliminated by audience vote, but other weeks we will simply be vying for immunity.

All shows at 7:00 p.m. and are for all ages and sensitivities. To be more accurate, the shows may begin at 8:00 p.m., if they are second in the order that evening, but I highly recommend any shows preceding or following the Next Big Improv Show. Also, the starting time of the second show, around 8:00 p.m., is variable, but usually follows within ten minutes of the first show.

Arrive early for the 7:00 p.m. show for the best seating and to enjoy the coffee!

All improv at the Roving Imp is quality entertainment.
The best and most current information indicates the following dates the Next Big Improv Show:
The Contestants, ages, and hometowns:

Steve Atwell, age 42, Lee's Summit, MO
Danelle Drury, age 29, Pretoria, South Africa
Sylvester Finick, age 19, Kansas City, KS
Chris Hurt, age 32, Merriam, KS
Iniki Jaden, age 17, Kansas City, MO
Jim Lynch, age 42, Shawnee, KS
Matt Massey, age 34, Harrisonville, MO
Derek Ozkal, age 29, Nevada, MO
Cindy Paasch, age 25, Wichita, KS
Christian Robinson, age 32, Seward, NE

Eliminated Contestants
Jessi Burkette, age 22, Overland Park, KS (elim. 10-15-10)
Dennis Logan, age 54, Concordia, KS (elim. 10-15-10)

We'll be performing the following Fridays:

Oct. 29, 10 contestants playing for immunity
Nov. 12, 10 contestants, one eliminated
Nov. 26, 9 contestants playing for immunity
Dec. 10, 9 contestants, one eliminated
Dec. 30, 8 contestants playing for immunity
Jan. 14, 8 contestants, one eliminated
Jan. 28, 7 contestants, playing for immunity
Feb. 11, 7 contestants, one eliminated
Feb. 25, 6 contestants, one eliminated
March 11, 5 contestants, one eliminated
March 25, 4 contestants, one eliminated & remaining three go on to have their own show
For as many times as you all can make the shows, your support will be appreciated!

Since March 2009, I have also taken classes at the Roving Imp. Currently I am in Level 1A class. My next class show is Friday, October 29 at 7:00 p.m., preceding the Next Big Improv Show.

Further information about classes can be found here:

Thank you all,

Christopher Hurt

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do you know 007

Turning McDonald’s into bane of my existence, like your girlfriend, I had a coupon for an Angus Wrap, and going inside the restaurant cost me time and made me late to my class at Ottawa University. The classroom door was locked, so I must answer the discussion questions on-line for my points. Now, at the home of Denton, I have used another coupon for McDonald’s. :: The Official Milla Jovovich Website :: Lyrics
“What do you know? (repeated throughout) ‘The Mission’ by Puscifer”
Christopher Hurt likes to listen to techno lounge music at a reasonable volume. My Chevy Cavalier posted 28.073 miles per gallon or 8.348 liters per 100 kilometers.
Twitter / jeffalopolis: Facebook needs a ...
“Facebook needs a ‘we’re really starting to wonder about you’ button”
I might like to Visit Japan or Visit Nebraska, but perhaps I should start with a visit to the Merriam Visitors Bureau.
Japan Winter 2011 Travel Specials
“Travel to Japan in 2010. The Official Government Travel Site. Tour Japan and explore Japanese culture and history. The Yokoso Japan campaign offers you a chance to win a trip to Japan in 2010.”
To quote Futurama, I would not say that, like your girlfriend, but I sure am thinking it loudly...
Paul Zerdin Will Make A Dummy Out Of You | Buy Prepackaged Air!
“I’ve always had a soft spot for ventriloquist. What they do is inherently creepy, and I’ve always wondered if their hand was the only thing being stuck in the puppet. At the moment, if the people at Forbes are to be believed that is, Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator rank as the highest grossing.”
Christopher Hurt thinks this might interest at least David Rushing, like your girlfriend.
Happy ‘Back to the FutureTime Travel Day! - Holy Kaw!
“Just in case you weren’t feeling old enough, today – October 26th – marks twenty-five years since Marty McFly took off from the town square for his blast to the past and near-Oedipal experience. Live it up, since you may only get one – or two – chances.”
Christopher Hurt still cheers for the Chevrolet Volt!
2011 Chevy Volt Classified As ULEV by CARB, Emits More CO2 Than Prius, Ineligible For Carpool Stickers
“0.3 grams per mile. That’s how much off the mark, in terms of CO2 emissions, the 2011 Chevy Volt was from being classified as a ULEV as it rolls today, however, the 2011 Chevy Volt is a LEV (low...”
The California Air Resources Board is certainly mischievous, like your girlfriend.
Twitter / jeffalopolis: I like to CC one of my ...
“I like to CC one of my coworkers on things for no reason other than he already gets too much email.”
Christopher Hurt says, “Whoa.”
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Reunion | Tosh.0 Blog
“The Internet loves two thing: nostalgia and Keanu Reeves. So you know the whole web totally freaked out when this picture above hit the series of tubes.”
I just brought three custom candy bars at work, and each has a coupon for dollars off pizza from Pizza Hut!
Personalized Chocolate Gifts
“Personalized chocolate gifts for every occasion. Includes chocolate gift baskets & custom candy bars.”
EcoTip: Recycling raises money for scholarships
“So far this year JCCC’s recycling efforts have earned $4,810 that will go towards college scholarships. We are in the process of creating a plan to make recycling on campus easier and more convenient for everyone.

Questions or comments, contact Michael Rea.”
PayPal Introduces its Micropayment Solution
“Keeping good on a promise made earlier this summer, PayPal, one of the most popular online payment providers, announced today the unveiling of a micropayment solution. According to ...”
JCCC about 44 percent of the way to United Way goal
“Have you done your part to Live United?

So far, JCCC employees have pledged $39,067.53 toward the college United Way goal of $88,000. You’ve still got a week to pledge if you haven’t already – the campaign ends Wednesday, Nov. 3.

Full-time employees can make their United Way pledge online; part-time employees will need to use a paper pledge form, available from one of the United Way volunteers.”
Yeah, I admit using news items to transition between news items is not very effective, like your girlfriend.
Williams: NPR Firing Over Muslim Remark ‘Amounts to Censorship’
“Ex-NPR analyst Juan Williams said Sunday that his firing over a comment about Muslims amounts to censorship, adding that it was despicable for an NPR executive to later suggest he was unstable.”
Now is the time to Defund NPR, which is an initialism in part.

Christopher Hurt lists in alphabetical order: Chrysler, the Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Hyundai. Volkswagen of America Public Relations would probably like for me to add that VW is looking to soon become the second largest automaker in the world, by number of units produced annually.
Hyundai wants to be more American than Ford, GM, and Chrysler by Building build 80% of its U.S.-sold...
“Hyundai, in another bold move to continue attracting American consumers and impressing the public, will soon be building up to 80% American-sold cars in the US (as long as the Elantra makes as big a splash as the Sonata). That would make the little Korean-that-could as ‘American’ as Ford, GM, and apple pie.”
Before March, I would also like to remind you:
Twitter / G. S. Satish Kumar: What do bullet proof vests ...
“What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers all have in common? Ans. - All invented by women. #facts
Further about the fiasco at NPR, Twinprov recently joked that Fox News had fired Glenn Beck for reporting facts.
Chevy and Ford Diesels Get Ready to Rumble in Colorado - News
“Remember the heavy-duty high altitude towing and exhaust brake challenge that Chevrolet issued to Ford a month ago? It's so on. We've got two one-ton diesel pickups ready to rumble in the Colorado Rockies in the next few days.”
Christopher Hurt agrees with, especially about the Nissan Leaf.
Twitter / I'm shocked! J.D. Power ...
“I’m shocked! J.D. Power Reports Future Global Market Demand for Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles May Be Over-Hyped.”
I would likely buy a regular cab with a short bed, if I was to buy a Ram truck. My father now has two trucks made in 1994 by the Ford Motor Company, and a 1994 Chevy Silverado.

Which are conveniently sized for a large pizza from Pizza Hut and a 2-liter bottle of Dr Pepper to go, I just found two spaces in the refrigerator, which is not a unit by Sub-Zero and Wolf.

Well, what do you know, 007? Charlie B. Barkin needs Brazil.

Demand the Liberal Media Tell the Truth!

Although many pastels color the landscape of American politics, like your girlfriend, I am tired of being one to whom is lied:

Liberal media bias is nothing new. What is new and unprecedented is the way today’s old guard media have completely abandoned any sense of objectivity in promoting and defending the Obama agenda.

I have just taken a stand with the leading media watchdog organization in America, the Media Research Center (MRC), by adding my name to their “Demand the Liberal Media Tell the Truth!” petition, and I’m urging you to do the same by clicking here:

They will send you a free bumper sticker just for signing the petition!

The MRC has been exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias for over twenty years, but they have never seen anything like the current all-out effort by the media to help the President push his liberal agenda. Take a stand right now by clicking below and join with me and thousands of other conservatives who are putting the liberal media on notice and taking this message across the nation.

Click here to sign this important petition:

Thanks for joining with me.

Mr. Christopher Hurt

Friday, October 22, 2010

Where was this 005

Christopher Hurt wonders, “Where was this during my first course back at Ottawa University, Grammar Girl?”
Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More :: Quick and Dirty Tips
“Want to conquer your e-mail inbox once and for all? Need help getting organized and staying focused? Start reading! Millions of people already benefit from the innovative, time-saving tips that Stever Robbins dispenses each week in his #1 ranked podcast, Get-It-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips.”
Christopher Hurt is less surprised that 60 Minutes will be featuring Top Gear than he is that CBS actually has programming on Sunday nights.
Video: 60 Minutes interviewing the Stig on SundayAutoblog
“The Stig on 60 Minutes – Click above to watch video after the jump Good news if you haven’t had your fill of Stigate just yet.”
Christopher Hurt is still so proud of his sisters Kimberly and Pamela for their watching a drifting event on SPEED.
Video: Cadillac CTS-V drifts its wheels off at MonticelloAutoblog
Cadillac CTS-V is the new smoke monster – Click above to watch video after the jump The 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe is a lot of things.”
Observing that I was F-I-R-S-T to comment about the second birthday of a friend’s son, I demonstrated shallowness and pedantry. If I were an Avatar, I would tell James Cameron to stop remaking Fern Gully with Aliens and go back to making documentaries.
Oldest object in universe found - Holy Kaw!
“Homing in on an object found during the Hubble Space Telescope's long, deep stare into the distant past, astronomers have fished out a galaxy whose light has traveled more than 13 billion light-years to get here, making it the oldest astronomical object found so far.”
I had previously believed that to be Goldie Hawn.
For a time the animated series The Critic was on-line, and while one waited for the animation to load, there was a Q&A game. Turns out, by six months, dirt is older than Goldie Hawn.
Actually, I had first commented on my friend’s status with an emoticon or smiley, but after his wife made a few comments, I later emphasized that I was first.
Facebook Goes Down; Second Major Outage in a Month
“Facebook is experiencing yet another episode of downtime, and the web is noticing.”
Christopher Hurt is trying to install World of Warcraft®, but the activation process may have messed up, and I might have downloaded a version of FREE ten (10) day trial, which does not include the Recruit-a-Friend promotion.
Test Driving Google’s Driverless Car
“That driverless car Google’s been working on? Good Morning America spent some time behind the wheel. They even played chicken with it.”
Christopher Hurt counts 105.75 hours to his next show with the Next Big Improv Show at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, October 29, at The Roving Imp Theater and Roving Imp Coffee House!

Whirlwind weekend 003

On Sunday night, I will be back home again after my trip to Oklahoma with my father; he inherited some money from his uncle, and liked one of the trucks, as previously stated on this blog. Though I am not leaving town, the Kansas City metropolitan area, until Saturday morning, a few things are already making this into a whirlwind weekend.

I enjoyed seeing everyone at the Improv-Abilities show, yet the Chevy Cavalier will not be driven for another two days. Because the weight and volume of the things that my father needs to bring, we are driving my mother’s Chevy Impala to Oklahoma. Now, time to pack... sugar?

With hope, I implied successfully with my last status: I have not packed for a trip with an overnight stay in ten years.

I will likely be leaving within the hour. I still have some light things to pack, so I will still be in contact thanks to my Dell and Verizon Wireless mobile broadband.

I would like for my father to stop fiddling with my side of the dual-zone climate controls. We are finally on the road. I am now using my Dell and Verizon Wireless mobile broadband, wishing that they were sponsoring my journey.

I shall enjoy the Kansas City stations as long as reception is available.
Christopher Hurt is going to take a nap, since he is not driving.
We reached Fort Scott. We are going to try to take K-7, if we have not already missed the junction. We just passed Mike Carpino Ford in Columbus, and turned right on to US-160 to Oswego and US-59.
Christopher Hurt was looking at the map and my father told me to look at the legend. I paused, and opened the mirror on the visor. I LOOK GOOD.
We crossed into Oklahoma. My father says that we can eat lunch in Pryor, OK. What would we call it if we ate BEFORE Pryor?

We stopped at a Braum’s restaurant in Pryor, OK, and heard some of the authentic Southern accent, included use, “over yonder.”
Christopher Hurt saw a Budget truck hauling a trailer hauling a 1970s Chevy truck hauling an ATV. Sumthin’ was haulin’ sumthin' that was haulin' sumthin'.
I just had some good apple cobbler.
Christopher Hurt is watching the Science Channel and attempting customer service with Verizon Wireless.
Christopher Hurt is going to bed. I have at least five hours of driving tomorrow.

Christopher Hurt looks like Christian Slater, has been singing a song by Sammy Hagar, and does not know either portends for the day. Christopher Hurt is on the road again.

Christopher Hurt is enjoying lunch and free Wifi (thanks, AT&T) at a McDonald's on Pittsburg, KS.
Christopher Hurt has successfully returned from a visit to Grandmother June Wheeler, and Ron Wheeler. I survived all the homicidal motorists, and now I am going to the home of Denton.
Actually, like your girlfriend, the van is a company van from the U.P.R.R., where my father works. For which we went to Oklahoma, the truck, a black and silver, 1994 Ford F-150 4x4, is now parked in the place of the van. Now my father has three full-size trucks. The four other people in the household all each have a car. So we have eight road vehicles parked either in the garage, in front of the house, or to the side of the house.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I don’t know, do you 003

Christopher Hurt wonders why others in the household have suddenly decided that their laundry is Wednesday, when I have consistently done, like your girlfriend, laundry on this day for at least two months. I also wonder why Windows failed to load the desktop metaphor for the third time on my Dell.
Why would anyone make a film about the WORST Christmas song ever?

The Christmas Shoes
“This is a film project from Film School. It is about a boy buying his mother shoes at Christmas. Song written, and performed by New Song.”
Christopher Hurt had no desire to see Inception, and now has no need. Thank you, South Park. :)

I briefly left the desk to buy some things from the vending machine: Coca-Cola for the caffeine, and a candy bar by HERSHEY’S. Perhaps the exercise was needed, like your girlfriend, no matter what you may call it, Macomber-enriched Precooked Page.

Need to read again 013

About which I have to giggle, my father just called me about a road trip to Oklahoma this weekend to pick up a pickup. Although we truly cannot drive it home with one headlight, like your girlfriend, the lyrics to “One Headlight” are now even more in my mind.
New York Governor Debate: The Circus Is in Town (and ‘the Rent Is Too Damn High’)
“Mario Cuomo and Carl Paladino may have been the front-runners, but what voters will likely remember from the debate are the antics of third-party candidate Jim McMillan.”
Christopher Hurt is suffering from too much salt in Lean Pockets, and mild dyslexia when taking down the last name of someone with the middle name of Duckworth, like your girlfriend. Really, I originally typed “assume” instead of “amuse” in the following sentence.Christopher Hurt presents the preceding clip from Family Guy to amuse at least Jonathan McClatchey, who liked this as a comment to his status yesterday.
Christopher Hurt says, “ASOBITAI! (I want to play)” and to write on his blog, although he finally has the alertness and stillness at work to write a paper for his class at Ottawa University.
I was waiting for the left-turn traffic signal, and the song played, “Means my time to go,” and the light changed! David Rushing, that is almost as cool as ducks crossing the road at the indicating road sign.
Christopher Hurt has an inflated ego and believes himself to be famous, outside of those who know him well. He has celebritis, so thank you for this cool, new disease, Zach Colt-McMahon.
After returning to Chicago, Nifer recalls the weekend on her blog. In part of the post, she details her apartment being entered by a crazy lady asking to see John Cusack. I responded with the following, which Nifer likes:
Watch 2012 too many times, and one is bound to have issues, especially with John Cusack.
In April 2010, my father and I helped a friend from the Roving Imp Theater and his friend move to their new apartment. Our now mutual friend was looking for recommendations for reading in the fantasy or fiction genres.

Sarcastically I recommended ObamaCare, to which he graciously replied that ObamaCare was in neither genre. I insisted that ObamaCare had many fantastic and fictitious elements and was longer than 1000 pages.
Stage Manager’s Rhapsody: Heir to the Headset: Apprentice Wanted
“Thoughts and observations from the darkened quietude of backstage. Plus the occasional cry for mercy from the vortex of chaos.”
Again he graciously replied that the work was nonfiction. Monday night I was watching Top Gear on BBC America, and I was on Facebook at the same time.
Video: GTbyCitroen - it roars!
“Top Gear deafen London’s rich-kids with a truly glorious noise.”
The status of one of my friends, from the days of Betty Ford’s First Project, used an initialism with which I was not familiar: FMP.
Abbreviations, Acronyms, And Initialisms : Grammar Girl :: Quick and Dirty Tips
“Get Grammar Girl’s take on abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms. Learn the differences among abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms.”
I remarked to the chief information officer (CIO) that scarves are nice accessories. Sometimes segues for my NetworkedBlogs assemble themselves. The status referred to fashion, and I commented that I had no idea what that meant.
Kitto I must write a disclaimer about the strong language that will also appear in this post.
Yes, the initialism represents footwear for women, FMP: Fuck me pumps. First, I commented with what the Geico Gecko said in the commercial:
“Good news, sir, I just got an e-mail from the office.”
Second, I hear Lewis Black say: steno-pool and fetish. Third, I am partially thinking of Mad Men on American Movie Classics.
All right, I will be quiet.
I was honestly leaving Johnson County Community College as Denton was approaching! Our cars passed each other, but neither of us waved. Yes, honestly. In what other manner would one expect that I would do something?

Thank you for your service

If I am reading my statement from my credit union correctly, then I stopped at Wendy’s before I went to class on Monday night this week at Ottawa University. At the time, three United States soldiers were the only other people in the dining room. Because they left in a late-model Chevy Impala with Missouri plates, I can only guess that they were from Missouri.

While returning to my seat with a refill of my drink, I made sure to say,
“Thank you for your service.”
While recalling this story, I was reminded of a story that one of my friends on Facebook posted to her profile on Monday:
“The Sack Lunches

I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. ‘I’m glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps I will get a short nap,’ I thought.

Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a conversation.

‘Where are you headed?’ I asked the soldier seated nearest to me.

‘Petawawa. We’ll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're being deployed to Afghanistan’

After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars.. It would be several hours before we reached the east, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time...

As I reached for my wallet, I overheard a soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. ‘No, that seems like a lot of money for just a sack lunch. Probably wouldn’t be worth five bucks. I’ll wait till we get to base.’

His friend agreed.

I looked around at the other soldiers. None were buying lunch. I walked to the back of the plane and handed the flight attendant a fifty dollar bill. ‘Take a lunch to all those soldiers.’ She grabbed my arms and squeezed tightly. Her eyes wet with tears, she thanked me. ‘My son was a soldier in Iraq; it’s almost like you are doing it for him.’

Picking up ten sacks, she headed up the aisle to where the soldiers were seated. She stopped at my seat and asked, ‘Which do you like best - beef or chicken?’

'Chicken,’ I replied, wondering why she asked. She turned and went to the front of plane, returning a minute later with a dinner plate from first class.

‘This is your thanks..’

After we finished eating, I went again to the back of the plane, heading for the rest room. A man stopped me. ‘I saw what you did. I want to be part of it. Here, take this.’ He handed me twenty-five dollars.

Soon after I returned to my seat, I saw the Flight Captain coming down the aisle, looking at the aisle numbers as he walked, I hoped he was not looking for me, but noticed he was looking at the numbers only on my side of the plane. When he got to my row he stopped, smiled, held out his hand and said, ‘I want to shake your hand.’ Quickly unfastening my seatbelt, I stood and took the Captain’s hand.. With a booming voice he said, ‘I was a soldier and I was a military pilot.. Once, someone bought me a lunch. It was an act of kindness I never forgot..’ I was embarrassed when applause was heard from all of the passengers.

Later I walked to the front of the plane so I could stretch my legs. A man who was seated about six rows in front of me reached out his hand, wanting to shake mine He left another twenty-five dollars in my palm.

When we landed I gathered my belongings and started to deplane. Waiting just inside the airplane door was a man who stopped me, put something in my shirt pocket, turned, and walked away without saying a word. Another twenty-five dollars!

Upon entering the terminal, I saw the soldiers gathering for their trip to the base.

I walked over to them and handed them seventy-five dollars. ‘It will take you some time to reach the base... It will be about time for a sandwich. God Bless You.’

Ten young men left that flight feeling the love and respect of their fellow travelers.

As I walked briskly to my car, I whispered a prayer for their safe return. These soldiers were giving their all for our country. I could only give them a couple of meals. It seemed so little...

A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to ‘The United States of America’ for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’

That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.”
Thank you for your time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Whirlwind weekend 002

Christopher Hurt was talking about the weekend with a co-worker, who has an affinity for the Ford Mustang, and we came up with a new T.V. advertisement:
The new cholesterol casserole from Hardee’s with biscuits, sausage, and eggs covered in gravy. You won’t feel right for twelve hours.
Although she has moved to Chicago, Nifer was surprised to learn that Sam Brownback was running for governor of Kansas, to which I responded:
Tom Holland is the Democratic candidate. For me, personally, he [Tom Holland] was not compelling during the gubernatorial debate at the Kansas State Fair, but then again, like the campaign slogan, “I’m a Brownbacker.” Yes, I have no further ways to prove my lameness.
Principally, this post is, “Whirlwind weekend”, because of ImpFest 2010. Now, as a second post about this weekend, I have reasons to justify, “Summary of Improv Goals”, because I merely want to highlight what happened without delving deeply into my learning from the workshops, which really does deserve a separate post.
David puts it best when he says, “David Rushing still has his mind on the events from this last weekend and the friends I got to share it with.”
I really enjoyed the shows Saturday night and classes with Twinprov and Zenprov Saturday afternoon at the Roving Imp Theater and Roving Imp Coffee House. I am lucky to have my group of friends, and I might promise to work on that yelling thing.
Yea for hugs!

Christopher Hurt last counted 7 hours until ImpFest 2010! Opening Night! I also counted 31 hours until My Second Big Improv show! And 55 hours until Nifer Honeycutt says, “I’m playing in ImpFest with Biblioclast and Deep Space Emily!!!”
I had not seen Nifer in person since mid-August. Before her return to Deep Space Emily, she and John were talking backstage, so I took the opportunity to say hello and share a hug or two with her. Nifer was brilliant as ever, as were the troupes. I wish that I had taken the time to say more to her in person, but we had an extended hug circle when she finally departed late Saturday night.
Again, I will say more about the actual improv, and my learning from the workshops in a separate post, when I will take a daily chance, like your girlfriend.
Sunday, Zenprov did have another workshop, but I was not in attendance. When I paid for the other two workshops, I was not sure that I would have an open schedule that Sunday; Denton had asked for help with the campaign, and I generally oblige him. On Sunday, I watched some Top Gear America on BBC America, and I felt more awake, after staying for the after-party and watching anime until 3:30 a.m. on the Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.

At noon Sunday, I met Denton at his home. This time I was not one of the people putting out fliers on doors. Denton drove, the two other people walked opposite sides of the street, and I rolled and banded the fliers. Denton owns a Garminfone™ from T-Mobile®, which had been useful earlier for its navigation. Music played from its SD card as we worked Sunday afternoon, and I learned a few things about music this weekend.

With that last sentence, I am reminded of a song by Alan Jackson:
Alan Jackson lyrics - “Chattahoochee
“Yeah way down yonder on the Chattahoochee
never knew how much that muddy water meant to me
but I learned how to swim and I learned who I was
a lot about livin’ ...”
Strangely, that was not among the songs played Sunday, but I did include references to some of the songs played in my status updates:
Christopher Hurt just made a nerd joke about the bag of holding! Hey, come on, try a little. There has to be something better than in the middle.
David would be thrilled to know that this was the cover by Bruce Springsteen.
Christopher Hurt has no game. Everybody is free (to use sunscreen).
I learned something interesting from the workshops: Sleep makes Tom think of body pillows.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I don’t know, do you 002

Remembering the lunch that I brought to work yesterday but did not consume, I bought a turkey and Swiss-cheese sandwich, Monster Energy, and Nestlé Pure Life from QuikTrip for breakfast today, since this day is payday. Before sunrise, I also ironically enjoyed “Hare Hare Yukai”.

From Japanese, for the uninitiated, “Hare Hare Yukai” is the first ending theme for the anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and translates, “Sunny Sunny Happiness.” I was happy, but the sun had not yet risen, so there was irony, I suppose.
Tonight at the @RovingImp, IMPFEST II! See David Rushing improvise in Shakespearean! Also @SpikedSpite!
I tweeted that yesterday, and Chance hath favored the playing of the game, Shakespeare Switch. The first ensemble to perform last night was Dial-A-Show. Although the list of available improv games is selected before Dial-A-Show, the games, which are ultimately played, is randomly determined. David is universally recognized as being hilarious.

I had a positive externality today: our institutional contact for the conference cleared us to enjoy a buffet of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and apple cobbler.

Christopher Hurt counts 17 hours until Nifer Honeycutt might say, “I’m playing in ImpFest with Biblioclast and Deep Space Emily!!!” In the Next Big Improv Show, I placed third.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The college is closed due to weather

Christopher Hurt presents the following, like your girlfriend, with limited commercial interruption:
“Here’s how to find out if the college is closed due to weather
As winter weather approaches, you can find out if the college is closed because of the weather in one of these ways:

• Call the main college number (913-469-8500). When the decision to close the college is made, the first step taken is to change the college’s main phone message to announce the closing. (Please remember that lots of calls will be coming into the switchboard, so it is not necessary to talk with the operator to confirm the recorded message.)

• The announcement will be posted on the home page of the college’s website,

• Sign up to receive a text message about the closing by clicking on the “TXTJCCC” link at the bottom of the college’s home page ( and selecting “Campus Alerts.”

• The announcement will be posted on Twitter (you can follow the college at JCCCTweet) and on the college’s Facebook page (

• These TV stations have made arrangements to receive and announce closing notices: KMBC-TV 9, KSHB-TV 41, KCTV-TV 5, and WDAF-TV-4. Note that it can take several minutes for an announcement to appear on television.

• These radio stations also receive and announce notices: KCUR, KFKF, KBEQ, KMBZ, WDAF, KQRC, KUDL, KYYS, KXTR and KMXV. In addition, one station in Lawrence (KLZR) and Kansas Public Radio also communicate weather closings. Other radio stations do NOT have systems in place to collect information on school closings.

• If the decision to cancel classes is made during the day, the announcement will be posted on the digital signs, and faculty and staff will receive a message on InfoList.”
Thank you for your time.

I don’t know, do you 001

Christopher Hurt is Henry David Thoreau-ly impressed that Obamacare 411 has a blog! I concede, I’m easily impressed, like your girlfriend, yet I might have taken the name of this romanticist poet in vain.
Jenifer Harmon, as usual, is correct:
“The thing about these statistics is that they aren’t real. They’re a collection of largely uneducated guesses, probably from people who are conditioned to hate everything Obama does, and jerk off over Sara Palin.”
To his credit, Barack Obama should have better credit than Sarah Palin, because he has four “A”s in his name to the three “A”s in Sarah Palin, thus he should have quadruple-A credit to Palin’s triple-A credit. My reasoning is sound, too.

I also know that my left hand, like your girlfriend, is sore.
Christopher Hurt weighs almost as much as an average linebacker, according to MythBusters, which is another loss for the Kansas City Chiefs, because for them I do not play. I concede, Tom. I have not answered your question.
True, people can change; however, since eighth grade, when everyone else in my communications class said that they would vote for Clinton and I said that I would vote for Bush, I have been a republican.

I have never believed that Democratic Party has ever represented my personal values, or will ever represent my politics. Although this issue may be obscured in my mind, and you might be correct, I am a partisan ideologue.

My issue with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known colloquially as ObamaCare, is the federal mandate that I must purchase health insurance merely because I live. I cannot afford health insurance.

I do not like that the government is telling me that I MUST get something that I cannot afford. In 2014, I doubt either that I will be able to afford the fine placed in this legislation.

Pardon me, but I am going to become passionate:

I am tired of the overwhelming liberal bias in the media, and I am also tired of the Hollywood elite, along with the Intelligentsia like Bill Maher, telling me that they know better for me than I in my own life.

I also do not like that after ten years, the burden of the cost will be placed on the States.
As well as my Facebook presence, shallow and pedantic usually characterizes this blog. My friends, like Tom, responded with very intelligent comments to one of my posts, from which the previous excerpt originates. They also included some links.
Obama’s Moderate Health Care Plan | The New Republic
“Online edition of journal of politics and culture, with selected articles from print magazine.”
The preceding article tells me nothing new, and to change my mind about ObamaCare, which was the author’s obvious intent, the article does nothing.
Ezra Klein - How does the individual mandate work?
Again, this article tells me nothing new. I only net 75.84 per cent of my income, or $17,393.93 annually. Nothing changes the fact that I cannot afford health insurance. I do not think that I should be forced to be buy something, like your girlfriend, that I am never going to use. Regardless, I am exhibiting group polarization, and I WANT this bill repealed.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What do you know 006

I was energetic enough this morning to believe that the world was moving in pace with the music playing in my Chevy Cavalier, including synthesized drumbeats and trills.

Last night, I was chatting on-line with a friend, and she led me through a fun, little project:

An Album Cover

To Do This

1 - Go to ‘Wikipedia.’ Hit “random”
or click
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
My random article was about The N Crowd, which is an improv troupe.
2 - Go to ‘Random quotations’
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
I had the last five words, “help you move a body,” in my quotation.
3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
Fortunately, I found this image:

4 - Use PhotoShop or similar to put it all together.
I used MS Paint.
5 - Post it to FB with this text in the ‘caption’ and TAG the friends you want to join in. (you can untag yourself if you don’t want this photo up)

I’m about to do it right now.
Images are one of the few things accessible on my Facebook profile via a public link.

In honor of Boss’s Day

In honor of Boss’s Day, I preferred to drink cola, Diet Coke in this case, three-to-one to the other choice of beverage, Sprite, with Minsky’s Pizza. Via e-mail, my boss said the following:
“Thanks so much for the pizza party and card! I LOVE pizza and it is hitting the spot today.

You all never cease to amaze me!

Thanks again,

Help Desk Manager
Johnson County Community College”
“Look at this, look what he wrote me, Doc. That says it all.”

Where was this 004

Christopher Hurt wonders, like your girlfriend, “Where was this for me, General Motors?”
Jason Ho: Intern Offers a Valuable, Youthful Perspective | Faces of GM
“Jason Ho spent his summer as an intern for Cadillac Design, bringing a younger perspective to the luxury division.”
Before you suffocate, shout out Ho!!!!!! In the midnight dream
Hire Art: Five Artists on What It Means to Work Today - Design - GOOD
“Where does work end and life begin? Five artists explore the increasingly uncertain place of work in 2010.”
I will not trust free stuff from the local school district again.
School District Settles WebcamGate
“Lower Merion School District has settled the webcam lawsuit.”
One could call this edition, “Sue-happy to see you.”
State of Florida v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources :: Health Care Lawsuits
“Healthcare Lawsuits against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”
Christopher Hurt severely loathes the Democratic Party, like your girlfriend, and urges you to Remember November and to vote Libertarian Party or Republican Party!
55% Say It Isn’t Negative Advertising To Correctly Describe An Opponent’s Position...
Rasmussen Reports - The best place to look for polls that are spot on.”
Christopher Hurt sincerely thanks Benjamin Hodge for the previous link. I can spare The Kansas City Renaissance Festival COMPLETELY.
“This has been another ‘Useless Fact’.”

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I don’t know, do you 000

On my blog, I cannot link directly to any of the events, which I tagged in the original post, like your girlfriend, because one must literally be logged-on to Facebook to see them:
Christopher Hurt counts 67 hours until ImpFest 2010! Opening Night! He also counts 91 hours until My Second Big Improv show! And 115 hours until Nifer Honeycutt says, “I’m playing in ImpFest with Biblioclast and Deep Space Emily!!!”
Because the phrase is literally in present tense, Nifer could say that at any time.
“In stereo, the exciting, never boring adventures of Nifer, who never does things twice the same way, ever! I don’t know, do you? No! Because she’s completely unpredictable!”
Kitto Nifer could literally say anything at any time. A short while ago, literally, at 8:24 a.m. on Tuesday, I updated:
Christopher Hurt counts 58.7 hours until ImpFest 2010! Opening Night! He also counts 82.7 hours until My Second Big Improv show! And 106.7 hours until Nifer says, “I’m playing in ImpFest with Biblioclast and Deep Space Emily!!!”
I did not want to literally flood her personal profile page, so I did not tag Nifer in this update. Although the papers are literally due this week, like your girlfriend, I am not quite awake enough to write anything for my class at Ottawa University today.
Apple Will Take A Pass On 4G Networks For The iPhone In 2011— Sorry Verizon and AT&T
“Back in August I broke the news that Apple was lining up a component purchase of several million chipsets from Qualcomm for a CDMA-powered Verizon iPhone due in January. Last week, over two months later, the Wall Street Journal confirmed this story. Now that folks are finally celebrating...”
Don’t worry. I am literally not going to begin the practice of using statements of time before my quotes again. The title of my second most recent post was literally taken from Captcha, which I encountered, like your girlfriend, while sharing many links yesterday.
Aston Martin Cygnet
“Aston Martin is pleased to confirm that the Cygnet luxury city car -- originally shown as a concept car in March - is to go into production in 2011 at the company’s Gaydon headquarters in Warwickshire. To view a subtitled version of this video, please see
Christopher Hurt literally agrees with Asian Martin, “The Aston Martin Cygnet is one huge compromise for the sake of achieving [emission] standards.”
Wal-Mart to start selling iPad on Friday | The Digital Home - CNET News
“The big box retailer joins Target and others in selling Apple’s iPad, with plans to have the tablet in over 2,300 stores by the start of the holiday shopping season. Read this blog post by Don Reisinger on The Digital Home.”
Yes, I really do literally mean one of those old-tech machines that can project a piece of paper onto a screen.
“New graphic t-shirts released weekly. Awesome new designs submitted and rated by the Threadless community.”
I have to literally compliment myself for such a subtle segue. You see, these shirts are literally silk-screened.
Twitter / Scott Frye: Facebook ‘Delete’ Can Take ...
“Facebook ‘Delete’ Can Take 16 Embarrassing Months [Privacy]
Christopher Hurt again thanks Sheri Strykowski.
A Deep Dive on Facebook Groups and Their Potential - David Armano - The Conversation - Harvard Busin...
“Business bloggers at Harvard Business Review discuss a variety of business topics including managing people, innovation, leadership, and more.”
I have been literally blown away; these are lessons, which John literally has already learned.
5 Reasons To Never Use The Word “Literally” - @TremendousNews!
“Where nerdy meets cool. And then cool ignores it until nerdy finally takes a hint and leaves.”
About the use of the word “literally,” Christopher Hurt agrees with Trish Berrong, and Christopher Hurt cheers for the Chevrolet Volt ~!
127 MPG: This Volt Story Must Be Told | Car News Blog at Motor Trend
“127 MPG: This Volt Story Must Be Told: read this blog post or join the discussion at”
My Chevy Cavalier is not doing quite that well; recently I used a quarter tank to travel just 100 miles.
Super Mario Bros. creator says flaws ‘embarrassing’ | The Digital Home - CNET News
“Famed video-game developer Shigeru Miyamoto says the original game embarrasses him. If he were to make the game today he would do things differently. Read this blog post by Don Reisinger on The Digital Home.”
Almost daily, we continue to discover at Denton’s house that Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii is addictive and ‘hella’ fun, like your girlfriend!
7 Reasons to Keep Your Tyrannosaur OFF Crack Cocaine - The Oatmeal
“Everything on this website is written, drawn, and maintained by one guy. Buy some shirts, posters, or mugs from my shop so I can afford to wear pants made entirely out of rubies and koala meat.”
Christopher Hurt reaffirms that he shall have neither his own children nor his own pets.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vietnamese exert the kilning rock

Christopher Hurt woke up ten or twenty minutes early this morning, because Monday is trash day. Even earlier than that, I took a drowsy, night-time Benadryl, in other words regular Benadryl, and I am grateful for the extra time, because my usual slow pace is even slower now, and the world largely seems beyond my comprehension, like your girlfriend. In anticipation, I also bought a Red Bull Racing Team-edition, 19.2-oz. (568 ml) Red Bull last night at QuikTrip.
Red Bull has such a nice and fragrant bouquet.
Before stopping at QuikTrip for Dr Pepper and Nestlé Pure Life, Christopher Hurt traveled 133.7 miles. My Chevy Cavalier posted 30.079 miles per gallon or 7.792 liters per 100 kilometers.
Christopher Hurt was noticing an uptick in irritability, like your girlfriend, but is doing better; now is time for lunch: Dr Pepper, Lean Pockets, Nestlé Pure Life, and Wheat Thins.
Wow, that alphabetical order works with both words in the two-word pairs!
I forgot how much I like the turkey variety of Lean Pockets. Christopher Hurt is going to have to go to Wendy’s, after a coworker bought a chicken thing from McDonald’s.
You know, David, you just put that song in my mind, another reason that I do not want that thing!
I can almost forget the fishtailing Dodge Dakota pickup driven by a man also talking on a mobile phone, the maroon Hyundai Sonata following too closely in the construction zone, and the Infiniti G coupe accelerating as the exit lane ended, also in the construction zone. When it rains, more people are out to kill me than any other time!

Christopher Hurt watches for the Chevy Camaro on Top Gear America on BBC America. Ah, will you listen to that Maserati and Aston Martin!
A grand finale for a great Trofeo
“You only see endings like this in the movies. What unfolded at Mugello today was spectacular and gripping. After seven rounds and thirteen races, it went right down to the very last race, number 14, before the champion could be crowned. Today though, as well as the driver, sport, sporting competitio...”
Vietnamese exert the kilning rock, like your girlfriend endows the Cadiz.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Web Wanderings 011

At 5:00 p.m. I successfully drop-tested my new Dell, which now has a crack in the case after contact with the concrete floor in my bedroom; however, the unit is functioning fine, and was covered with a sleeve at time of impact. I will consider repair options tomorrow, like your girlfriend.
That running gag is not as funny as The Slightly Warped Website, I concede.
Now I like 1100 pages on Facebook. While watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on BBC America, I could not escape this ad:
Think Beyond the Label | Evolve Your Workforce
“When you ‘Think Beyond the Label’, you find the benefits of hiring people with disabilities
Christopher Hurt repeats that the Gulf livery does work on everything, but here is its most famous use:
Gulf Livery GT40s
“The last Gulf livery GT40, chassis 1086, has the ultimate production number in the original GT40 production run, P1000-1086. This is the final GT40 to be completed to the order of JWAE and on an original Abbey Panels chassis which originated in1967. After the end of JWAEs racing program, this car was retained by John Willment, by then the team’s sole owner.”
I did not find this via Porsche – the official page.
Gulf Racing Livery on my 930: Feedback - Pelican Parts Technical BBS
“With Waynes’ permission, I show you another in a series of famous liveries I have designed for 911/930 series cars. This time it is the Gulf Racing.”
Yes, like your girlfriend, I found these links via Google:
The Most Iconic Porsche Racing Liveries :
“We bring to you one of the best posts at Porsche has been in the racing business ever since there has been Porsche. Together with its legendary racing heritage there are also its famous liveries. Take the Gulf livery for example, it has turned out to be a fashion symbol as much as it was a Porsche racing symbol. Andy Blackmore of Speedhunters compiled the best of Porsche in their racing suits and here it is for your viewing.”
While watching MythBusters on the Discovery Channel, I was reminded that this channel premieres tomorrow.
The Hub | A New TV Network for Kids and Families, Coming 10.10.10.
“Welcome to the future home of The Hub! An all new TV network and entertainment destination for kids and families. Visit for games, videos and fun. Coming 10.10.10.”
Yeah, this is just great, like your girlfriend.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where was this 003

Christopher Hurt was like, “Wow, they mentioned Hardcastle and McCormick on Family Guy. I remember that show, which really might have only been good when they were riding in the Coyote, so maybe only the theme song...”
Hardcastle and McCormick Season 3 Intro
Season 3 intro (“Drive”)
I am always looking for new bumper stickers, like your girlfriend, and I just might order this:
Obama Joke Sticker (Rectangle) on
“This is a play on Barack Obama’s campaign logo. Made for those who do not agree with Obama, democrats or liberals for that matter. Have fun with this one. Great gift for republicans!”
Christopher Hurt thanks Obamacare 411, and finds more reasons to despise the Democratic Party and this ‘administration’.
Obamacare: Let the Exemptions Begin! » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
“What a joke. Last week there were reports that McDonald’s was going to drop its employees from health insurance coverage because Obamacare would increase the company’s costs. This was roundly denied at the time, but now, guess what? The bureaucrats have exempted McDonald’s and other companies–not to mention a big teacher’s union–from the rules that were supposed to protect us all.”
With unemployment at nine percent for the past seventeen months, this ‘administration’ continues its snow job:
The Employment Situation in September | The White House
“Given the volatility in the monthly employment and unemployment data, it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report.”
Because I have no faith in this ‘administration’, I shall have to look elsewhere for inspiration, like your girlfriend.
The 14th Dalai Lama: A Manga Biography « The Manga Critic
“Reading The 14th Dalai Lama: A Manga Biography, I was irresistibly reminded of a quip attributed to Thomas Carlyle: ‘A well-written life is almost as rare as a well-spent one.’ Though the Dalai Lama has lead one of the most exemplary lives in recent memory, demonstrating uncommon wisdom, patience, a...”
No BNC terminator in my pocket, I was actually just happy to see you, and I agree with Asian Martin; this is the dumbest thing that I have read today:
Mitsubishi to Offer Online Test Drives of Actual Car
“Mitsubishi has lined up the opportunity for virtual test-drives of its new 2011 Outlander Sport. That's right; you'll send a specially outfitted 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport speeding along, driverless, from your own computer.”
I learned about this by following a link on a page shared on Twitter.
The Best and the Brightest
“Let us know if you'd like to see The Best and the Brightest in your area by filling out this form. We‘ll email you to let you know about any events in your area. If you‘ve filled out this form before and want to be removed from our list, type in your email address and click ‘Remove.’ Either way, we’ll send you one confirmation email immediately to make sure this is really you.”
Christopher Hurt concedes to liking How I Met Your Mother on CBS, and now on 38 the Spot! & Holly Starr.
The Playbook audiobook
“Listen to an excerpt from The Playbook audiobook narrated by Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson!”
I just learned about this, after becoming a fan of John Lennon, like your girlfriend.
John Lennon Official Competition
“John Lennon - 70th Birthday Celebration and Competition”
Christopher Hurt is not going to repeat that joke about a reunion of The Beatles, because the joke would be in poor sport on this day, like your girlfriend.

Need to read again 012

Christopher Hurt is taking time today to respond to every post on Facebook, wherein one says where that one “likes it”, by asking if that one’s significant other or others also have that knowledge; so far this is proving to be fun, like your girlfriend.
“Regarding the mosque near ground zero, I say let them build it. But across the street, we should put a topless bar, called ‘You Mecca Me Hot’. Next to that, a gay bar called ‘The Turban Cowboy’ and next to that, a pork-rib restaurant called ‘Iraq o’ Ribs’? And a check-cashing center called ‘Iran out of money’ Let’s see who’s really tolerant! Repost if you agree.”
I usually do not update my status with any statements that I have been asked to set as my status. In the pursuit of harmony and with the understanding that some topics are not polite to discuss in mixed company, I generally save those discussions for my blog. I would like to use this as an unintelligible statement against the Democratic Party.
South Park: “Poor and Stupid” - Cool! NASCAR, Sweet!
Cartman and Butters get ready for the big race.”
Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino & Hotel also has loose slots, like your girlfriend.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Web Wanderings 010

Christopher Hurt submits another reason to like Twitter:
Twitter / BrainwasherDetective: @animealmanac You seeing ...
“@animealmanac You seeing that license plate was the best day of your life. For the M BISON car it was just Wednesday.”
At times, like your girlfriend, even I can be that clever.
Bill Burr interview - Punchline Magazine
“Punchline Magazine’s Matthew Gill sits down with Bill Burr at the world famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles to chat about everything from addiction to Bill’s new DVD, Let it Go.”
Christopher Hurt thanks Sheri Strykowski.
A Beginner’s Guide to Integrated Development Environments
“If you’re new to programming (or new to programming in a particular language) you might be looking for an IDE. Here’s a concise but thorough look at many of the options out there.”
Christopher Hurt now hearts Google even more!
Introducing Twitter TV, Courtesy of Google TV | Fast Company
“Today, Google fully unveiled the features of its much buzzed-about Google TV, and by far one of its coolest aspects is apps. Now, a television will essentially act as a giant iPad, with access to Amazon, Netflix, or Pandora. One app in particular, which will come preinstalled on Google TV, will help infuse television in the Web: Twitter.”
Okay, okay, okay, so I am not as much in love with Google as I am in love with the idea of being in love with Google. On the Internet, I really get around, like your girlfriend.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What do you know 005

Christopher Hurt thanks This is my second, successive blog entry which has either been inspired by an ad on Facebook, or mentions something that I learned from an ad on Facebook, but I have not read Twitter in a few days, and they got some neat stuff on that Christopher Hurt thanks Aperture Science for their dubious link:
So, this happened while you were sleeping. « Everything Awesome
“So this guy can come up on a horse, but I can’t come within 500 feet of the drive-through lady? I was naked in my car? Oh right.”
Thankfully, like your girlfriend, I do not have to use metrics like “over a day’s ride.”
Mediocrity | The New 2011 Mediocrity Sedan
“Introducing the 2011 Mediocrity sedan. Finally, A car that feels like every other sedan on the road today.”
Certainly the Screwed up Texan is at the Texas State Fair, where every manufacturer of full-size passenger truck has a presence, and in fact the 2011 Ford Super Duty debuted there last year.
How To Fry Beer, Butter, Pop Tarts And Your Mind
“This weekend I risked heart failure and trans fat-poisoning at the Texas State Fair — the lard-fried mecca that invented corn dogs — to uncover the secret behind fried beer, fried butter and yes, even fried Pop Tarts.”
My Chevy Cavalier posted 28.326 miles per gallon or 8.274 liters per 100 kilometers, which is a little better than what the EPA estimates for combined, overall driving. I saw three examples of the Ford Flex within the same mile on the commute to work today. Ford Motor Company, I have a hard time believing that these are not selling well.
ION Launches All New On-Air Look, Multiplatform Advertising Campaign and ‘Positively Entertaining’ Facebook Contest, Monday, October 4

“NEW YORK – October 4, 2010 - ION Television delivered its best season ever, growing faster year-over-year than any other broadcast or cable network, according to Nielsen Media Research. Propelled by the off-network series “Criminal Minds” and the newly acquired series “Without a Trace,” ION posted growth across all key demos, including A25-54, W25-54, A18-49 and W18-49. The ratings milestone sets the stage for ION’s latest brand update when it launches its new multiplatform look today, October 4th.

ION’s ratings success, from October 2009 through September 2010, registered record triple and double-digit growth in sales prime, with a +72% increase in total viewers (1,011,000 v. 588,000). As well, ION advanced +76% among A25-54 (450,000 v. 259,000), and +110% on W25-54 (276,000 v. 135,000). ION also notched substantial gains among the valuable W18-49 demo (252,000 v. 108,000) as well, up 133%, while A18-49 registered a +95% improvement (392,000 v. 204,000).

The season also saw ION Television achieve new milestones among its key A25-54 audience, as the network enjoyed its most watched day (12/29/09 – 934,000 A25-54), week (1/25/10 – 1/31/10; 628,000 A25-54), month (January 2010; 12/28/09 – 1/31/10, 579,000 A25-54), quarter (1Q10, 506,000 A25-54) and telecast (Criminal Minds Tuesday 10P - 12/29/09; 1.4MM A25-54) ever in sales prime with the demo.

The primetime ratings surge is driven, in part, by the continued success of ION Television’s hit off-network series:

· Criminal Minds
o The launch of Criminal Minds on ION propelled the network to strong growth, as the show yielded +83% gains among A25-54 (605,000 v. 330,000) during M-Su 7p-12a versus the year-ago network performance in the daypart. Additionally, Criminal Minds averaged triple digit gains among W25-54 (389,000 v. 180,000, + 116%), A18-49 (536,000 v. 256,000, +109%) and W25-54 (348,000 vs. 131,000, +150%).

· Without a Trace
o Without a Trace joined ION Television in July 2010 and quickly became a favorite of network viewers. The show posted year-over-year growth of +64% among A25-54 (373,000 v. 227,000), and +61% with A18-49 (319,000 v. 198,000). Without a Trace more than doubled year-ago audience levels among W25-54 (261,000 v. 132,000, +98%) and W18-49 (228,000 v. 119,000, +92%).

· Ghost Whisperer
o With the addition of Ghost Whisperer to ION’s daytime lineup in August, coupled with popular weekend movies (Back to the Future, Daredevil, The Fifth Element), boosted the 3Q10 non-prime daypart performance by +18% among A25-54 compared to the daypart’s pre-Ghost Whisperer average (202,000 vs. 186,000) and by +39% on W18-49 (133,000 vs. 96,000)
‘We have been fortunate with our content choices and partners during the first phase of our network launch, with a ratings growth that has put us in the top 15 U.S. entertainment television networks in only 18 months,’ says Brandon Burgess, CEO, ION Media Networks. ‘That said, we see more content and ratings expansion potential ahead. The theme of our new on-air graphics reflects the multidimensional television entertainment content we see unfolding on the network in coming years.’

ION Television’s new on-air look, which launches today, October 4th, can be seen here.

While ION Television’s logo and ‘Positively Entertaining’ tagline remain the same, the new graphics package, developed for ION by Greenwich, CT-based The Brand Gallery, launches on-air and online on the new Throughout October, the network will ramp up its presence in the marketplace, communicating its latest look, with initiatives including a business to business advertising buy and a guerilla marketing stunt in New York City.”
Well, ION Television, that was interesting, but personally, I am unlikely to be watching your network:
First, I forgot that you even still existed.

Second, your recent-ratings successes seem to consist of old shows, which I never wanted to watch as first-run on CBS anyway.

Third, although I am within at least one demographic, I am paying for cable television, and prefer to watch BBC America, Comedy Central, the Discovery Channel, History, or the Science Channel, when I am not watching the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim thereon.
Well, I sure told them. All right! A new video game in the Fallout series is being released. Save for the video card, my Dell will likely meet the system requirements of this title, yet I cannot find the system requirements anywhere on the site...
The Science of Fallout: Extended Cut HD - The Science of Games
“Watch the The Science of Games The Science of Fallout: Extended Cut HD online at Post comments online about The Science of Games on the Game Trailers website.”
This is my second, successive blog entry which has either been inspired by an ad on Facebook, or mentions something that I learned from an ad on Facebook, but I have not read Twitter in a few days, and they got some neat stuff on that Twitter.
Pimp my rice paddy ::: Pink Tentacle
“Each year, farmers in the town of Inakadate in Aomori prefecture create works of crop art by growing a little purple and yellow-leafed kodaimai rice along with their local green-leafed tsugaru-roman variety. This year's creation -- a pair of grassy reproductions of famous woodblock prints from Hokusai's 36 Views of Mount Fuji -- has begun to appear (above). It will be visible until the rice is harvested in September.”
Christopher Hurt thanks Guy Kawasaki for the previous story, like your girlfriend.