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Thursday, November 9, 2017

House of Cards

Young Conservative Ejects Entrenched Bully from OP City Council,”
yet as KMBZ reminds us, “Democrats Drub Republicans Across the Country,”
so I do not start every post with a colon.
Starlight Glimmer & Trixie Lulamoon by toroitimu
Starlight Glimmer & Trixie Lulamoon by toroitimu
“Tuesday night we had:
  • The first transgender state representative ever elected anywhere: Danica Roem of VA who, it should be noted, beat the dude who pushed VA’s transgender bathroom bill.
  • The nation’s first Sikh Mayor (Hoboken, NJ)
  • Former mayor of St. Petersburg unexpectedly failed in a comeback bid
  • Seattle electing an openly lesbian mayor
  • Maine expanding Medicaid via ballot initiative
  • In New Hampshire’s largest city, Joyce Craig is the first Democrat elected mayor in 14 years.
  • Fayetteville, NC electing its first black woman mayor
  • In Georgia, Democrats picked up three seats in the state legislature
  • St. Paul, MN, electing its first black mayor
  • Minneapolis electing its first transgender council member (also: black)
  • Phil Murphy, a former banker, and first-time candidate won the New Jersey governor’s race by 13 points over Chris Christie’s lieutenant governor.
  • Virginia’s General Assembly has a well-earned reputation as an old boy’s club, but the composition of the body changed big last night: All 14 of the seats that flipped are held by men. Ten of their replacements will be women.
Not bad, America ... not bad. I hate to say but maybe Donald J. Trump is making America great again ...”

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