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Monday, January 6, 2014

once for bulk and again for remainder

I’ve not been this disappointed since November, 2012.
Chiefs collapse in 45-44 loss to Colts | Wichita Eagle
“The Chiefs’ 20-year postseason drought continued on Saturday night with the most painful loss of all. Worse than Lin Elliott. Worse than Elvis Grbac. In a colossal collapse, the Chiefs fell 45-44 to the Indianapolis Colts in an AFC wild-card game ...”
Say NO to Vertical Videos, Ex-Pres. of 3rd largest US local union goal to ‘overthrow capitalism, build communism’” on YouTube
Rolling Stone’s Advice to Millennials: Embrace Communism
“A recent Rolling Stone article encouraging communist practices for millennials to ‘fight for’ in America’s economy.”
“Depending on your level of Obama love, either get out your tissue box or your vomit.”
Topic today is unfortunate lotus!
Mary, you have a handkerchief? | Kito phosphorus [pixiv]
Poll: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton ‘most admired’
“President Obama and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are once again ranked as the man and woman most admired by Americans, but their ratings in the Gallup Poll’s annual evaluation have ...”
“You had me at ‘hello’. You had me at ‘hello’.”
“OMG only January and already this guy is going for Idiot of The Year! While on standby, the male reporter makes the most insensitive remarks regarding a young woman who has gone missing, and it’s all caught LIVE on the air.”
Then hear me, friend. I will smite your ass so fast you‘ll skip right past heaven and hell and be turned straight into pus.”
“On Wednesday, NewsBusters was the first to expose NBC’s New Year’s Eve show for mocking Pearl Harbor survivors as only able to eat Spaghetti-Os.”
Comedienne whose CAREER mocks Christians got her feelings hurt!
“Sarah Silverman celebrated Christmas in her usual mode: mocking Christians, and religion in general.”
“Pus. It’s got to come from somewhere, right?”

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