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Thursday, May 12, 2016


The tempestuous Tuesday from two weeks ago meant that our phone was not working and has not really rang since the following Wednesday, which is a Word of the Day from - eldritch - eerie, so to not hear from any of my lenders is a mixed blessing.
I was completing my paperwork to start with Arby’s earlier this morning, and I will return Monday, May 23rd. In a moment, in which Charlie’s winning is applicable, I passed under the railroad bridge at Spruce, only to miss a train at Santa Fe Street, yes!
To travel to the pizza place, I was taking I-35 South to I-435 West to Kansas Highway 10 West, and then Kansas Highway 7, yet when I'm traveling I-35 South to Santa Fe Street is, as Google Maps indicates, actually a faster Word of the Day at - obviate - to anticipate and prevent or eliminate difficulties, disadvantage.
“With my whole heart I seek you; (Psalms 119:10)
let me not wander from your commandments!”
Dash by GAlekz on DeviantArt

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