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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scott Malkinson

Scott Malkinson - Character Guide - South Park Studios
“He has a lisp and diabetes, and it is totally uncool to hang out with him. Find more Scott Malkinson video clips, news and more at South Park Studios.”
Scott Malkinson is a very relatable character for me, and one may guess why.
‘Candyland’ Gets ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Writers | The Fandom Post
“One of the games to movies properties that has languished alongside a number of others, some of which have started to move forward more in the last year, is Candyland. While initial reactions may be to laugh at such a premise, there is the opportunity to make a pretty good kids movie here with the ...”
The New American Magazine, a new personal hero for me is Wilford Brimley.
Obama’s Statements on Libya are Misleading
“In an address to the nation delivered from the National Defense University in Washington, on Monday, March 28, President Obama made statements regarding American military action in Libya, and declared that NATO would be taking the lead from the United States. by Raven Clabough”
In learning more about my health, I have made statements regarding my remaining Dr Pepper.
50% of Tweets Consumed Come From Only 0.05% of Twitter Users [STUDY]
“A mere 20,000 Twitter users steal almost half of the spotlight on Twitter. These tweeters - dubbed ‘elite’ users - fall into four categories: media, celebrities, organizations and bloggers.”
I told my sister Kim today that she and my other sister Pamela could have the rest.
Video: Just One More Roush RS3 Teaser -
“Just one more Roush Stage 3 Mustang post for today, we promise. This time there’s no pictures or videos of pictures. Here’s your first chance to hear the RS3 in action, and boy does it sound beautiful.”
Chrysler 300C driven full road test car review - BBC Top Gear - BBC Top Gear. Formerly on BBC America, BBC World News America is now on PBS.
Watch President Obama’s Full Speech on the U.S. Mission in Libya
“Read full transcript: In a prime-time speech Monday evening, President Obama addressed the nation on the U.S. mission in Libya and the military’s continuing role in coalition airstrikes protecting civilians from Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces. Here is the full text...”
Twitter / Chris Handy: “Learn this name, Sachin Tendulkar ...”
India races to big lead over Pakistan at cricket’s World Cup | Sports | National Post
“By Amlan Chakraborty MOHALI, India — Sachin Tendulkar’s chancy 85 powered India to 260-9 against a Pakistan side which seemed overwhelmed by the hype built around Wednesday’s World Cup semi-final and the ‘cricket diplomacy’ surrounding it. Sitting in the VIP box, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh...”
Somewhere this post has wandered from its title.
Analysis: Outlines of ‘Obama doctrine’ in sight, details fuzzy
“Embedded in Obama’s televised response to critics of his Libya policy on Monday night was an attempt to set forth his rationale for intervening militarily in some conflicts but not in others.”
Twitter / David Shepardson: “Obama defends decision to impose restrictions on off-shore drilling after Gulf spill. ‘I don’t know about you but I don’t have amnesia.’ ...”
Obama calls for deep cuts in U.S. oil imports
“WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama set an ambitious goal on Wednesday to cut U.S. oil imports by a third over 10 years, focusing on a source of anxiety for Americans as high gasoline prices threaten economic recovery.”
Kurgan Motorsports drops a 5.0 into a 5.0
“Someone has finally wised up and combined the body of the original 5.0-liter Ford Mustang with the horsepower of Ford’s 2011 Coyote 5.0-liter mill.”
Twitter / David Shepardson: “Obama also flatly rejects claim that administration is to blame for higher oil prices.”
Stop Using Social media as a Communication Crutch! | Lissa Duty
“Do you use social media as a communication crutch? Are you saying things in 140 characters that you should NOT say at all?”
Twitter / 981 KUDL: “@997ThePoint flies solo this afternoon at 2 when Tanna goes live on 99.7 and @KMBZnews takes over 98.1. Change your dials now to 99.7!”
The Point 99.7
“KGEX - The Point 99.7 FM Kansas City, MO - listen online, schedule, location, contact, song playlist and broadcast information...”
Official Google Blog: Ultra high-speed broadband is coming to Kansas City, Kansas.
The Zombie Autopsies with Steven Schlozman, MD
“The Zombie Apocalypse is Coming. Are you ready? No? Be sure to watch Steven Schlozman’s crash course on Zombie Anatomy 101 in this video sponsored by THE ZOMBIE AUTOPSIES. Want to learn more about Steven Schlozman, preeminent ‘Zombie Doctor’ and his...”
Twitter / Jason Kincaid: “As it deploys its experimental uber-fast Internet to Kansas City, Google now plans to refer to existing DSL/Cable providers as ‘wussyband’ ...”
Brain-Powered Steampunk Mouse
I’m not sure how Peter Balch’s steampunk mouse should be qualified... creepy? Sure. Awesome? Why not. Ergonomic? Absolutely not! Now how is that thing...”
Google has decided to not go with Topeka, like your girlfriend, once known as ToPikachu, or as I call it, “To... Pika!” ...

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  1. Do you remember last year when Topeka changed their name to Google so for April Fools, Google was Topeka for a day?
    Yeah, I bet that's the last time Topeka goes and changes their name for anything.