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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bring the beat back 027

Saturday, I worked a closing, but not at the pizza place. Afterwards, I visited Denton and Hannah, and our friend Veasley stopped by to modify his old Navy uniforms, specifically some trousers, into cargo shorts.
In order to find where he should make a seam, he briefly wore them over his cargo shorts, and was not going to go ‘Magic Mike’ on us. A remark which reminded me about a humorous statement circulating when that film was released, ‘Right now, women want to see a movie about a stripper, and guys want to see a movie about a teddy bear.’
The movie about the teddy bear, of course, was Ted. In the preview for the sequel Ted 2, Ted (Seth MacFarlane) and Marquee Mark (Mark Wahlberg) are consulting with an attorney who says, ‘F. Scott Fitzgerald.’

Ted asks in response, ‘What did Scott Fitzgerald ever do to you? You said, “‘Eff’ Scott Fitzgerald”.’ I mentioned both of those things, and I don’t really remember the print version of The Great Gatsby or the cinematic adaptation with Leonardo DiCaprio.
During this exchange, Denton was playing ‘Fallout 3’ and made mention he had read ‘The Great Gatsby’ in sixth grade in Kansas City, Missouri, while in the Shawnee Mission district we didn’t read that until eleventh grade.
“Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, (Colossians 3:12)”
EqG Sunset and Starlight (COMMISSION)
EqG Sunset and Starlight (COMMISSION) by Osipush on DeviantArt
Later, I mentioned that Miami-Dade County, Florida had ceased all blood donations. Denton responded, ‘The media has been so distracted by the presidental conventions, they failed to recognize threat from Zika virus; it’s become a pandemic. In an emergency, like this or malaria, they could use DDT.’
Hannah made mention how Sonata Arctica had made a kick-adze cover to “The Wind beneath My Wings,” which Denton found. I was going to make a related comment, but I was told to shut up, so I left soon after.

Bottomline, I have to decided to apply to another pizza place, a different chain, since a closer corporate store is taking too long to schedule me. I continue to await word from two applications which resulted from the Job News Job Fair on Wednesday, regardless I am returning to the busing service in mid-August.

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