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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wherever you will Go, Too

“Final Notice! Today is the last Word of the Day at - mundane: common; ordinary; banal; unimaginative, for text alerts. To activate our mobile alerts, get The Weather Channel app and update your settings.”
“If you are planning on leaving your job, be sure to leave it in style. Kamen Rider style.”
“35 But love your enemies, and do good,
and lend, expecting nothing in return,
and your reward will be great, (Luke 6:35-36)
and you will be sons of the Most High,
for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.
36 Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful.”
Fluttershy lives in a small cottage near the Everfree Forest and takes care of animals, the most prominent of her charges being Angel the bunny.
Mlp EqG 3 fluttershy (...) vector by luckreza8 on DeviantArt

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